6 ways to increase height at the age of 13 at home: Menu and exercises

Genes do influence a person’s height development, however, this is not the only factor. How to increase height at the age of 13 It is also based on many external factors such as living conditions, diet, and exercise. Therefore, parents can completely improve their child’s height through simple methods at home. Together Nutrihome Take a look at the effective methods below.

Average height of 13 year olds

Most parents like their child to be tall and strong, as this is a sign of a healthy body. By the age of 13, most teenagers have hit puberty and are in the midst of a massive growth spurt in weight and height. Therefore, this is a great time for parents to support their children’s development in the best way.

Average height and weight of a 13 year old girl

According to the Centers for Disease Control in the UK, the average height of a 13-year-old girl is 1.57m, and ranges from 1.5m to 1.67m. The average weight of girls at that age was 46.3kg, ranging from 37.2kg to 62.1kg.

Average height and weight of boys

Also based on UK databases, the average height of a 13-year-old boy is 1.57m, which can range from 1.5m to 1.67m. The average weight of boys at that age was 46.3kg, ranging from 36.3kg to 61.2kg.

The reason why the height is not standard at the age of 13

1. Inherited from parents

Genetics is one of the prominent factors that contribute to determining a person’s height. As a general rule, a child’s height can be predicted based on the parents’ height and is said to be roughly equal to the average height between the parents.

Genes are not the only predictor of a person’s height. In some cases, a child may be much taller than parents and other relatives or the child may also be shorter than other family members.

Such a major difference could be explained by factors other than a person’s genes that contribute to the ability increase the height.

2. Nutrition

Adequate nutrition during the growing years is very important in human development, including height.

A nutritious whole food-based diet can ensure the height growth that genes are conditioned on. On the contrary, if the body is undernourished, the possibility that the child will be shorter than the parents is possible.

Eating healthy is not easy for all families. Children with poor socioeconomic status may be at risk of lack of access to nutrition, along with poor access to adequate health care. This can contribute to the lower height.

3. Gender

Boys initially develop more slowly than girls, due to differences in puberty milestones. Overall, however, adult males tend to be on average 14cm taller than adult females.

how to increase height at the age of 13, causes

Boys are usually taller than girls after puberty

4. Hormones

During puberty, hormones are essential to regulate body growth, including thyroid hormone, human growth hormone, and sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen.

Any abnormality in these hormones can alter a child’s overall growth and height. If children have hypothyroidism or pituitary disorders, they may be shorter than the average height of their parents.

In rare cases, hormonal disorders can contribute to a child’s height. For example, gigantism is caused by too much growth hormone produced by pituitary tumors.

5. Congenital disorders

Certain conditions present at birth can dictate a person’s height. For example, achondroplasia is a rare bone growth disorder that runs in families and causes short stature.

Another congenital disorder that can cause short stature is called Turner syndrome. This rare condition causes children to delay puberty. Unlike achondroplasia, Turner syndrome does not run in families.

Other congenital disorders that make babies taller than normal include Marfan and Klinefelter syndromes. Marfan syndrome is caused by an enlargement of connective tissue, while Klinefelter syndrome occurs when males are born with an extra copy of the X chromosome.

How to increase height at the age of 13

Talk about how to increase height at the age of 13, in addition to the potential for growth based on genes inherited from parents, there are many different ways to support the child’s height to develop in the best way. (first)

1. Eat right

If you want your child to grow up quickly, a balanced diet containing a wide range of the right nutrients is an integral part of the plan. increase baby’s height.

Add calcium to your child’s diet because calcium is an important element for the development of taller muscles and bones. Types foods to increase height Other effects like lean protein like white poultry, soy products, dairy and fish are also helpful for muscle growth. (2)

In addition, parents also need to pay attention to getting enough vitamin D and zinc because these are ingredients that nourish stronger bones as well as promote muscle growth in children.

How to increase height at the age of 13 at home, Eat science

Together choosing foods and cooking nutritious dishes will help children receive a variety of nutrients necessary for height growth.

2. Pay attention to correct posture

Proper standing and sitting posture plays an important role in height, especially when children sit to study. Correct posture helps to increase height quickly as well as keep the child’s spine in balance, free from hunchback and injury. (3)

Parents need to observe and help children treat standing and sitting posture on a regular basis. In addition to helping to increase height, the straight back posture helps reduce pain and fatigue when sitting and standing for a long time.

3. Play sports

Sports are indispensable in the period of great development of children and at all ages because they stimulate the musculoskeletal system to develop and become stronger.

Parents can guide or accompany their children to do some Exercises to increase height for kids.

Exercises to increase height for men and women 13 years old

Sports will help stimulate bones and muscles to develop well

4. Drink enough water

In order for the body to function properly and grow taller, water needs to be replenished adequately and regularly, because most of a person’s body is made up of water. Children should drink from 1.8 to 2 liters of water, about 8 glasses of water per day.

5. Good night’s sleep

Good sleep is also one of the factors that contribute to the ability to grow taller. Children should sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day. When sleeping, the baby’s body produces growth hormone and regulates the growth process, stimulates muscle growth, height growth.

6. Stay away from factors that inhibit height growth

Besides the beneficial factors, many other harmful factors slow down and limit the height growth that parents need to pay attention to to help children avoid such as:

  • Drink alcohol
  • Smoking or inhaling secondhand smoke (passive smoking)
  • Steroid use
  • Weight training at a very young age limits bone growth in height
  • Drink lots of caffeinated beverages

How to grow taller at the age of 13, Stay away from factors that inhibit height growth

Alcohol not only limits height growth but also harms the psychological development of children

In short, height is not only affected by genetic factors, but parents can also apply many different ways to support their children’s best development. Hope the article has helped parents understand more about the how to increase height at the age of 13 to apply to children in the family.

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