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AJ Bunker is a British reality TV star appearing in season 7 of the 2021 dating drama Love Island, also known as AJ.

In season 7, she enters Love Island like a bombshell, but fails to attract the love of any man in the mansion.

And now former hairdresser AJ Bunker has revealed that he spends £1,000 on fillers four times a month. Before joining the ITV dating show.

The 28-year-old reality TV star also admitted that she understands why internet trolls are looking for her. and agreeing with their comments, “I don’t look the same as usual!”

AJ Bunker’s height, weight and parameters

How tall is AJ Bunker? He has a charming appearance and a great character. The talented meteorologist is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a total weight of 64 kg. numbers are in the range; Chest 36 inches, waist 22 inches, hips 34 inches, hair color is dark brown. And he has brown eyes.

Who is AJ Bunker?

AJ’s full name is Andrea-Jane and he spent over £1,000 on fillers. Paying £250 for a 0.5ml and 1ml injection in the cheeks and saying “I didn’t know it ruined my face”.

The beauty queen was constantly ridiculed for looking older than the other contestants on the show and admitted it was “really sad”.

But AJ insists “I don’t look normal” while admitting to some of the negative comments.

“I can understand why people are making fun of me because I agree with what you’re saying. When I looked at the promo photos and video interviews (after leaving the show) I thought, ‘My face looks bad, I look old.’ I think I will now be known as ‘Grandma AJ’ forever.

AJ was initially paired with 24-year-old gym teacher Hugo Hammond during the show. However, she later admitted that she regretted giving him so much attention because she never showed love.

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AJ Bunker Wiki / Biography

real name AJ Bunker
age 28 years old (as of 2021)
birthday December 9, 1992
ethnic to mix up
height 5 feet 4 inches
weight 64 kg.
measurement 36-22-34 inches
bra cup size 33.EE
expensive Just
net worth $3 million by 2021

AJ Bunker Age

AJ Bunker was born on December 9, 1992 in England.

As of 2021, he is 28 years old. He holds British citizenship and is of mixed race.

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Some facts about AJ Bunker

In September, AJ said he would love it if the ‘Love Island’ producers ‘corrected’ their age after being teased for being an ‘old woman’.

The blonde insists that she doesn’t think she hasn’t been given the right opportunity to find love. Because the men were much younger than him, and the mansions were filled with islanders in their twenties.

AJ told the Daily Star: “I was teased for being an old grandmother. What I don’t understand at 28. Sure, he’s 28, but men are 21 and 22. Only Teddy is over 26, so they’re very small.

“Is a 21-year-old looking for something permanent in my head too? Because at 21, I’m not old at all.

“Yeah, I think they definitely need to fix that. Because especially when you know you’re sending an old woman. women of all ages.

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