Children in the highest areas in Vietnam?

The average height of Vietnamese people is currently classified as the shortest group in Asia. In the past 10 years, the average height of Vietnamese people has only increased by 1cm

Vietnam is among the 34 countries in the world that bear the highest burden of stunting, especially in densely populated areas with ethnic minorities such as the Central Highlands (33%). to the North Central and mountainous areas. Meanwhile, children in the Southeast have the highest physical development in Vietnam.
Stunting is caused by prolonged malnutrition and frequent infections caused by poor hygiene. This condition occurs during the first 1000 days of a child’s life and the consequences are often difficult to overcome, including motor retardation and cognitive dysfunction, leading to poor academic performance, lasting effects on economic and social development.

vietnam children's height chart
The average height of Vietnamese people is currently classified as the shortest group in Asia. In the past 10 years, the average height of Vietnamese people has only increased by 1cm.

When assessing a person’s appearance, the first thing is height. According to statistics, the average height of a 17-year-old boy at puberty is 1m75. But the average male height also varies from region to region, from region to region and from country to country. The height of Vietnamese people is quite low compared to other countries.

In Asia, Vietnam is only about the same height as Indonesia, but it is 7 to 10cm shorter than the average height of Japan and Korea. Singapore and Thailand about 5 to 6cm. This is the average height of boys and girls in puberty, in fact, the height of many people is much lower than the average height that has been reported. This is due to the influence of many factors.

The height of a person has 3 important stages which are the period of pregnancy, the first 5 years of life and the period of puberty. Especially during puberty, the height will have a great growth, you can increase 8 to 10cm/year if you have a reasonable plan to increase your height. Going through puberty, each year the height only increases by 1cm or not at all. But don’t worry too much, height is determined by many factors such as nutrition, genetics, exercise, living environment and disease….

In which, genetic factors account for 23%, the highest is nutrition accounting for 32%, exercise is 20%, the rest depends on other factors such as living environment and lifestyle… Therefore, you can improve the height based on this factor.

Diet plays a very important role in improving height. It is necessary to supplement enough groups of nutrients that are: protein, fat, starch and sugar… for the body to develop comprehensively. Referring to height, we immediately think of bones, but the most essential nutrients for bones are Calcium, Vitamin D3 and MK7, zinc, magnesium, copper, silicon, boron… to help develop and protect strong bones.

In Vietnam, the rate of stunting children is largely due to nutrition. Children right from birth need to be supplemented with adequate nutrients, not only to increase resistance, intelligence and body to develop outstandingly. The government and the state need to have policies to improve stunting in children in Vietnam by organizing knowledge support programs for parents, providing more information to children in highland and mountainous areas. look at how important height height is for a country or nation. Children are the future owners of the country, need to be invested and developed both intellectually and spiritually.


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