Drinks are not good for the process of increasing children’s height

Nutrition is the most important factor for a child’s height growth. However, not all foods and drinks are really good for the child’s height growth. Accordingly, there are drinks that are delicious but are also agents that “repress” the process of human height growth. To know which drinks are not good for height growth, let’s read the following article of Growtallerstrategy.com

Soft drink

In some scientific studies, carbonated soft drinks contain air bubbles, which can increase urinary calcium excretion. Therefore, drinking too much of these drinks for a long time can cause calcium deficiency in the body, which not only adversely affects the process of height growth in children, but also increases the risk of diseases. joints in the elderly.

Moreover, the amount of sugar and carbon dioxide in carbonated drinks also causes bloating in children and makes them feel full for a long time, leading to anorexia and nutritional deficiencies. This adversely affects the function of organs in the body as well as the health and growth of children.

On the other hand, carbonated drinks contain ingredients that are harmful to children’s health such as destroying tooth enamel, causing tooth decay, damaging the stomach lining and causing digestive disorders.


Acoholic drink

Alcoholic beverages like wine, beer and spirit are also not good for our health in general and height growth in particular. If you regularly use alcoholic beverages, they will lead to many dangerous diseases related to the cardiovascular system, liver, nervous system, blood, making physical and mental health decline. As a result, your height cannot grow to the maximum. Want to have a healthy body and have an ideal height, you should stay away from beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Caffeinated drinks

Coffee is a drink with a high caffeine content. Furthermore, caffeine is a substance that can adversely affect the body’s absorption of minerals. If the body does not have enough minerals, bones will not be able to develop and the process of height growth will be hindered. Furthermore, consuming too much caffeine will increase body temperature and cause dehydration and rashes. Therefore, in order to maintain good health and facilitate height growth, you should give up the habit of using caffeinated beverages every day.

Drinks with too much sugar

Did you know that drinks with too much sugar not only affect height growth but also increase the risk of obesity and tooth decay? Accordingly, one can of energy drink can contain up to 50 grams of sugar. This amount of sugar exceeds the maximum allowable amount of the body in a day, so it is not good for height growth.Furthermore, one can of energy drink can contain 50-400 milligrams of caffeine, which is 4-5 times higher than the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. Caffeine in energy drinks can help users stay awake, but it causes trouble sleeping, insomnia and creates a feeling of restlessness and anxiety, thereby adversely affecting height growth. Therefore, you should limit drinking drinks with too much sugar so that height growth is not adversely affected.

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