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Eileen Gu’s fans temporarily shut down China’s largest social network on Tuesday. Tens of millions of people gathered online to celebrate the feelings of a young skier who won the country’s first gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

An American by birth, 18-year-old Gu took first place in her third run in the main women’s aero competition with 94.5 points, 1620 points and a perfect landing. This earned her a total of 188.25 points in her debut at the Winter Olympics, narrowly beating the silver medalist Tess Lede of France and the Swiss Mathilde Gremaux with a score of 187.50.

Eileen Gu’s parents.

Gu’s father is American. His mother, Chinese, grew up skiing on the slopes of Lake Tahoe. and climbed his first World Cup podium at age 15.

Although it competes with China. However, it is unclear whether he will renounce his American citizenship. This is usually a requirement for obtaining Chinese citizenship. Because the country does not allow dual citizenship, Gu has never publicly commented on his US citizenship, although he did mention “dual citizenship” in a January article on the official Olympic website.

Eileen Gu’s height and weight

How tall is Eileen Gu? She is very beautiful and has a good personality. He is about 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 68 kg. Figures range from 38″ chest, 24″ waist circumference and 36″ hip. Eye color is dark brown. and has light brown hair

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Discover Eileen Gu’s Career

Since joining the Chinese national team, Gu’s face has appeared on local magazine covers and billboards. It has received numerous sponsorship and branding deals. and she is fast becoming one of the sexiest female stars in China. However, his success in his youth was accompanied by increased attention from Western critics.

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In addition to her ski career, she is also a model and brand ambassador. and was accepted to Stanford University. plans to visit this fall.

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