Explaining the outstanding height of the top contestants in the North of Miss Vietnam 2016

Possessing outstanding physique, 9/19 contestants in the Northern region with a height of over 1m71 entered the final round of Miss Vietnam 2016 nationwide.

The beauties with outstanding height in the Northern region: Thanh Thanh Tu, Huong Ly, Cat Nhien, Thuy Tien, To Nhu

The beauties possessing outstanding height in the Northern region: Thanh Thanh Tu, Huong Ly, Cat Nhien, Thuy Tien, To Nhu

The fact that there are 19 contestants over 1m71 tall out of a total of 32 beauties participating in the Northern finals of this year’s Miss Universe contest, shows that in addition to the appearance factor, height and intelligence are the two standards that help every girl. closer to victory.

The influence of height

Among the 19/32 contestants with a height of over 1m71 in the final round of the North of Miss Vietnam this year, up to 9 candidates reached the national final round with outstanding height and unique beauty. In particular, among these, there are 3 candidates with outstanding height, namely Nguyen Huong My Linh – 1m75, Pham Thuy Tien – 1m79 and the most notable contestant is Ngo Thanh Thanh Tu with a height of 1m80.

To get a “terrible” height requires candidates to be invested from a young age. Because of all the factors that affect height, except for genetic factors, which cannot be changed, parents can actively help their children increase their height through nutrition and exercise. . Choosing the right method and stage not only helps children increase their height, but also helps them to have a balanced body, flexible physical strength and comprehensive intellectual development.

“Golden key” for puberty

In the past, we often think that genetics is the determining factor for height, but with recent studies, it has been shown that the most important factor for height development is: Nutrition (accounting for 32 people). %), and this is a factor that we can completely intervene with the effects of nutrition and sports training. Specifically, supplementing nutrients necessary for bone development and height such as Nano Calcium, Vitamin D3, MK7.

According to the principle, height will develop to the maximum when children have a healthy body, are well cared for, have a reasonable diet, exercise properly and know how to invest in the right period. Choosing the right time to supplement nutrients is extremely important, especially during a period of rapid growth in height such as puberty. Therefore, in order to achieve the ideal stature when growing up, it is required that the parents of the candidates pay special attention to their nutrition, increase outdoor activities for their children so that their bodies can develop best at their age. puberty.

Advantages of Tablets to help develop height contain a trio of Nano Calcium, Vitamin D3 and MK7

The height growth pill contains nano calcium, Vitamin D3 and especially MK7 extracted from fermented soybeans according to the Japanese “natto” method with a variety of minerals necessary for bones, increasing maximum height. multi. In which D3 helps absorb and transport calcium from the blood to the bones, forming the skeleton and MK7 Helps maximize calcium and mineral absorption into bones. MK7 (vitamin K2) helps transport calcium from the blood to the bones, preventing excess calcium from circulating in the blood (excess calcium in the blood can cause atherosclerosis). MK7 also helps increase collagen production so that bones are not only strong but also flexible. In which Nano Calcium and Zinc help the body absorb maximum and safe for users.

With a variety of essential minerals and nutrients, this product provides maximum support for the process of building lean tissue, promoting the growth of skeletal muscle, bringing the most optimal benefits to people of short height. . Provide the body with the necessary nutrients to develop a full height without causing any side effects such as constipation, blood vessel blockage (due to improper calcium supplementation)… Especially, This product also contains DHA to promote brain development and protect eyes.

With this height increase pill, it will help the height of Vietnamese children become more and more outstanding. Not only has the main role of height growth, this product also helps children have a balanced body, flexible physical strength and intelligence to help them be more confident in communication and work. That not only helps them confidently express themselves, but also has many opportunities to develop themselves, especially for those who want to participate in beauty contests.

Along with Miss Vietnam 2016, the pill helps to grow taller of pharmaceuticals Vinh Gia have ingredients nano calcium, Vitamin D3 and especially MK7 With a variety of essential minerals and nutrients, if you know how to invest in the future, especially in height, physical strength and intelligence, the chance to win is always within reach.

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