How to calculate the height of boys and girls as adults

The height of children is always a matter of special concern for parents. So how to calculate height (predict) How are boys and girls when they grow up, let’s find out with Nutrihome through the article below.

How to calculate your child’s height?

There are different methods by which you can predict your child’s height. Usually, a child’s actual height will differ from the predicted height by a certain number. Here are the how to calculate height for children that parents can refer to:

how to calculate max height

How to calculate your child’s height? It’s always a matter of concern for many parents

1. Bone age method

In this method, bone age is used to predict the child’s future height. Bone age is a measure that can be used to assess development, maturation, and diagnose various diseases and disorders. The Greulich-Pyle method uses radiographs of the left wrist and hand to measure bone age, and then compares the radiographs with complete data (radiography) for different bone ages. Based on bone age, doctors will know how long a child’s development will last, at what age children begin puberty and what their future height will be. This study is also used to measure any growth deficiency that may be caused by various factors which can be hormonal, orthopedic and genetic in nature. The bone age method is quite accurate because it requires X-rays to predict a child’s future height. (first)

2. Khamis-Roche . method

This is one of the how to calculate height most accurate to predict the adult height of the child without determining the skeletal age. This method usually considers the age, sex, weight of the child, the height of the child with the height of both parents. This method is most suitable for children from 4 to 9 years old. (2)

3. Use growth charts to predict your child’s height

Most countries have established growth charts of how to calculate height through different decades. These charts serve as valuable information hubs for this strategy. The percentage curves show different details of the upper body parts of the child. There can be many charts comparing different growth rates of those body parts. We can take into account a variety of measurements such as a child’s height, weight, and even head circumference. These values ​​can then be entered into growth charts and compared with the mean of expected measurements in children of the same sex and age. Since the growth curves of most children are generally constant, these charts are considered a good enough way to predict a child’s future height.

How to calculate your child

Growth chart is an effective way to calculate height for children

Other methods to predict children’s height

Simpler and less accurate ways to predict your child’s future adult height are:

1. How to calculate your child’s height according to the average height method

A child’s genetics plays a huge role in determining their future height. The reality will still have some error, but this method can be accurate to 95% of the actual height.

Methods include:

  • Get the height of both father and mother of the child.
  • Add them together and find the mean (divide by 2).
  • Subtract 7.6 centimeters or 2.5 inches from the average you get if the child is a girl and add exactly that amount to the mean if the child is a boy.

2. How to calculate height by exponential method

One of the how to calculate average height for children is the multiplier method. This is a very easy way to determine your child’s height. While no formal research has been done to support this, it has proven to be quite accurate. The calculation is as follows:

  • Measure the height of boys when they are 2 years old and girls when they are 1.5 years old.
  • Multiply those heights by a factor of two.

The formula to calculate the maximum height of the child when grown up according to the parents

To estimate the maximum height of a child when reaching adulthood, it is completely possible to rely on the height of the parents. How to calculate child’s height according to parents highly appreciated by experts because of the fact that generations of genetics have a certain influence on the height of children.

  • How to calculate boy’s height?: Your height = [(Chiều cao của bố + Chiều cao của mẹ) + 13 cm]/2
  • How to calculate a girl’s height?: Your height = [(Chiều cao của bố + Chiều cao của mẹ) – 13 cm]/2

Factors contributing to a child’s height

It is said that genes determine 60-80% of your child’s height. However, the rest depends on various factors such as gender, nutrition, surroundings, balanced diet, physical activity, emotional stress and weight of the child. These factors play a bigger role in your child’s height than others.

1. Heredity

Genetics is the most influential factor in determining height and How to calculate your child’s height? you because it controls almost 60-80% of your child’s height. Genetics is very important for a child to determine their height. However, to what extent those genes can be altered by optimizing the child’s environment and nutrition.

2. Nutrition

Ensure that your child has a healthy and balanced diet as nutrition is necessary to maintain healthy growth of tissues and cells, both of which are necessary to maintain healthy height growth. determined. Malnutrition or an unbalanced diet can cause stunting in children, which is why it is most important to keep a child’s diet adjusted for better growth.

3. Gender

Boys tend to be slightly taller than girls under similar circumstances. Their growth curves differ because girls mature much faster during adolescence while boys usually mature after adolescence. These physical differences are responsible for the difference in height in boys and girls.

4. Physical activity

The amount of physical activity a boy or girl participates in also contributes to their development. Children who were more physically active had better growth rates than those who were not physically active, under the same baseline. Physical activity keeps your child healthy and fit and helps them grow steadily.

Factors contributing to a child

Physical activity has a positive effect on children’s height

Factors affecting the calculation of children’s height

According to medical experts, genetics and gender are the two factors that affect 70% of children’s height in the future (the height of parents is inherited to their children), the remaining 30% comes from other factors. External factors include:

  • Nutritional factors: Although children with obesity may grow taller earlier than other children of the same age, they are at high risk of slowing down as they get older. In addition, children with malnutrition are often underweight and shorter than normal, which is caused by not eating enough or having an inadequate diet.
  • Endocrine factors: Endocrine is considered a factor that affects how to calculate height of children. Endocrine problems can cause growth disorders in children. Children with endocrine diseases, such as hypothyroidism, the body will not produce enough hormones to help bones grow, thereby leading to a delay in height growth.
  • Effects of the drug: Some drugs containing corticosteroids used to fight inflammation, itching, allergies, etc. can reduce calcium absorption in the intestines, causing bone tissue not to gather enough nutrients to last and grow. develop. Therefore, apart from how to calculate height of the child, the mother should consider and consider whether this is really the cause of the child not being able to grow taller.
  • Health status: children with chronic diseases such as arthritis, intestinal diseases … have difficulty in growing up to the standard height.
  • Genetic diseases: Children with Down syndrome are usually shorter than normal children. In contrast, Marfan syndrome causes children to increase in height in an “oversized” way.
  • Some other factors: In addition to the factors mentioned above, diet, living environment, living habits, and exercise also affect the growth and development process. how to calculate height of children.

How to help your child grow taller

While a child’s height is largely determined by genetics, there are other ways to help children reach their maximum height.

Here are some how to increase height for kidstall children that parents can refer to:

  • Building a reasonable diet: Add to the child’s menu the foods necessary for the development of the right age. Feed your child a balanced diet with nutritious foods, especially calcium-rich foods, to ensure adequate hydration.
  • Get enough sleep: The organs are most energized and developed during sleep, so it is important to ensure that children get enough sleep. Toddlers should get 10-13 hours of sleep each night, school-age children and infants need 10-12 hours of sleep, teenagers should get 8-9 hours of sleep. It is necessary to teach children the habit of maintaining a regular sleep schedule, even on weekends to create the best conditions for bone development.
  • Regular activity: Exercise not only helps children prevent obesity but also helps children grow taller. Young children should exercise for at least 60 minutes a day.
  • Consult with experts: If you notice that your child’s development is showing signs of slowing down, consult a doctor because this may be a problem related to the health of the child. The examination will help you timely detect abnormalities in the child’s body and from there have effective treatment regimens.

Here is some useful information about how to calculate height for the kids Nutrihome want to offer to you readers. At Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System, the process of examination, consultation and menu design is scientifically built, personalized by day/week/month and suitable for each person’s needs, health, and preferences. .

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