How to grow your baby’s height and fitness

All-round development of children is what every parent wants.

In particular, to reach the height requires a long time according to the process and with a suitable and synchronous method. There are many factors that affect the growth of height, including nutrition 32%, exercise 20%, psychosocial environment 26%, the rest is genetic. The combination of these factors will be an expensive solution for the development of children’s bones and teeth. So how to develop children’s height and physical strength?
Do stretching exercises

Early, regular and correct stretching exercises will help increase height by 7.2cm. Specialized exercises to improve the skeletal system, the spine in addition to muscle development are applied by many parents, in which yoga style is prominent.
Besides sports that help increase height such as swimming, athletics (high jump, barbell training, volleyball, cycling, etc.) Sports help stimulate and lengthen height naturally. Children should be encouraged to practice at least 30 days a day, which will bring unexpected effects to their height and health.
How to help children grow taller effectively?
Use height support products

Because nutrition accounts for 32% of a person’s height, taking advantage of a full scientific diet is crucial. Using in combination with height development products will help your child grow from 4.9 to 7.3cm taller.
To achieve the best effect, you should choose products with a variety of essential minerals for bones such as calcium, zinc plus Vitamin D3 to help absorb calcium better. Using nano calcium to help absorb as well as prevent constipation. At the same time, supplementing with MK7 (Vitamin K2) helps bring calcium to where it is needed, which is blood and bones, and removes calcium from dangerous places, which are blood vessel walls and soft tissues. Choose supplements in the form of nuggets or tablets with appropriate ages to help children increase their maximum height.
Stimulates natural growth hormone

Human growth hormone helps to develop maximum height. This is a safe and effective measure. This growth hormone is secreted when children achieve good and deep sleep, especially between 9pm and 10pm. In addition, mental comfort and joy also help stimulate growth hormone, thereby helping children develop both physically and mentally.

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