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Hyun Jae is an American singer. She is best known as a member of a South Korean boy group created and operated by IST Entertainment. The group debuted on December 6, 2017 with the lead single “Boy” from their debut EP The First. The group consisted of Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyoung, Kevin, New, Q, Joo Haknyeon, Seongwoo, and the like. . Until Eric and before that Hwall left the group in October 2019.

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Who is Hyun Jae?

Nicknamed Hyunjae, he is a South Korean singer and member of Cre.ker Entertainment The Boyz.

Boyz released their first single “I’m Your Boy” in 2017. Other members of The Boyz include Lee Joo Young and Kim Sun Wu. He is from Korea.

Hyunjae height and weight

How tall is Hyun Jae? He stands tall with height 5 feet 7 inches and weight Around 59 kg, he is also a fitness freak. She has blonde hair and light brown eyes. Shoe size is 265~270mm.

Hyun Jae net worth:

What is Hyun Jae’s Net Worth? Hyunjae debuted as an actress in the web drama “I See Your MBTI” (2021) and placed high in a kindergarten speaking contest. His net worth is around $100-300k in 2021.

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Oh HyunJae

His English name is Jerry Lee.

hates insects

His hobbies include watching superhero movies and playing sports.

His specialty is sports.

Hyunjae’s favorite food is fried chicken (from “Open the Boyz”).

Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor favorite “My mom is an alien” (dark and white chocolate)

Hyunjae likes sports like tennis, table tennis.

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