Increase children’s height from 2 years old to 4 years old

2-4 years old is one of the three “golden stages” for children to grow in height. Invite parents and Nutrihome to learn how to increase the height of 2-year-old children and How to increase height 4 year old children through the article below.

What nutrients do 2-4 year olds need to supplement?

According to experts, the brain of 2-4 year old children has developed 80% of that of adults. In addition, children’s physical and digestive systems also have strong growth and development. Therefore, parents should pay attention to nutrition so that it is suitable to be able increase the height of children 2 – 4 years old effective.

increase height Children 2-4 years old

Children 2-4 years old need a reasonable and scientific diet for outstanding development

Food groups or nutrients that need to be supplemented for 2-4 years old children include:

Milk and dairy products

Milk is rich in vitamins, calcium, fat and cholesterol. These are all essential substances to promote the growth and development of children.


Protein is a component of growth hormone, helping to regenerate cartilage, develop bone and muscle cells. In addition, this nutrient is involved in every activity of the body. Therefore, protein greatly affects the height growth. Lean protein, also known as fat-free protein, found in foods like soybeans and nuts, helps promote muscle growth and healthy bones, creating a strong foundation for muscle growth. increase height for kids .


Many parents still mistakenly believe that fat is not good for children’s health, however, fat provides high energy, increases appetite, and helps children absorb and use fat-soluble vitamins well. vitamins A, D, K, E.


Minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc … play an important role in the process of bone formation, bone formation, blood formation and physiological functions of the body, therefore indispensable in the menu. for baby.

Calcium helps to increase the height of 2-4 years old children

Calcium is one of the micronutrients needed to increase height 2 years old and increase height 4 years old

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Nutrition menu increase height 2 years old and increase height 4 years old

Below is a sample menu that parents can refer to increase height for 2-4 years old baby:

Meal Menu
  • Vermicelli, 1 glass of fresh milk, fruit
  • Tomato meat vermicelli, 1 glass of fresh milk, fruit
  • Beef noodle soup, 1 cup of soy milk, fruit
  • Porridge with carrot meat, 1 glass of fresh milk, fruit
  • Half an egg sandwich, 1 glass of soy milk, fruit
  • Chicken porridge, 1 glass of fresh milk, fruit
  • Mixed fried eggs, cabbage soup cooked with minced meat
  • Braised meat with quail eggs, yam soup cooked with fresh shrimp
  • Meatballs with tomato sauce, hot vegetable soup cooked with lean meat
  • Braised fish, bok choy cooked with fresh shrimp
  • Tofu stuffed with meat with tomato sauce, crab soup with amaranth and spinach
  • Chicken with sweet and sour sauce, minced meat hotpot soup
  • Mixed stir-fried beef, vegetable soup with minced meat
  • Mackerel with tomato sauce, water spinach soup cooked with fresh shrimp

Way increase height 2 years old & 4 years old effective

In addition to providing adequate nutrition for children, parents should also pay attention to daily living habits that have an impact on development. child’s height. Here are some ways to help increase height 2 years old and increase height 4 years old Effectiveness that parents need to know:

  • Scientific activity mode: The most important thing to teach children between the ages of 2-4 years is the habit of sleeping on time, getting enough sleep and ensuring optimal sleep quality. The ideal time for a baby’s sleep is 10pm to 6am, sleeping 8 hours/day. Sleeping on time is an ideal condition for the child’s body to produce growth hormone GH, stimulating the child’s height to grow.
  • Sports activities: Practicing sports is an important step for children to develop height at 2-4 years old. Regular exercise will help the joints and muscles be stretched, and also stimulate the body to secrete more growth hormone GH. increase height for children 2-4 years old effective. Children can participate in clubs, instruction centers and sports training. In addition, parents should encourage children to participate in outdoor activities to enhance vitamin D synthesis for the body.
  • Limit exposure to technology items: In fact, if children use phones, watch TV or play video games for too long, it not only affects eyesight but also creates bad posture that hinders bone development. Therefore, parents need to limit their children’s exposure to technology too early.
  • Divide children’s meals: Instead of forcing children to eat full for 3 main meals, thereby making children feel afraid to eat, parents should feed children in moderation and add 2-3 extra meals a day to activate. metabolism ability of the body, enhancing the ability to absorb and add more energy for children to have an effective day.
  • Maintain the correct posture for children: Forging the posture of walking, standing and sitting for children is also an important measure to increase the height of children. If you do not maintain the correct posture, the spine will be distorted or weakened, making the baby not only face height problems but also risk “bad shape” in the future.
  • Create the best living environment for children: According to nutrition experts, children living in underdeveloped socio-economic conditions, polluted environment, lack of clean water… are at high risk of malnutrition and stunting. Therefore, parents should create conditions for children to live in a healthy environment with sufficient conditions for their comprehensive development.

Exercises to increase height for children 2 years old and 4 years old

Exercise is an important step to increase height 2 years old and 4 years old

In Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic Systemthe process of examining, consulting and designing menus to increase height for children 2-4 years old is scientifically built, personalized by day/week/month and suitable to the needs, health, and interests of each individual. young.

The leading nutritionists – advocates at Nutrihome will advise parents on how to choose and prepare dishes, as well as guide children in appropriate, easy-to-follow exercises at home, and provide support. increase height 2 years old and increase height 4 years old effectively.

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