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Kim Tae Hee is the lead actor in Korea. She acted in multi-year TV series such as “Stairway to Heaven”, “Love Story at Harvard” and “My Princess”. Kim Tae Hee has a brother named Lee Wan. He is also an actor. Kim Tae Hee is known for her beauty. But she grew up to be a strong young woman.

Kim Tae Hee said she hasn’t spoken much since she was a kid. but she will fight with her brother and other men in her area.Kim Tae Hee also revealed that she broke several mirrors and beat her brother Ivan when she was younger. Find out more about Kim Tae Hee Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Girlfriend, Body Measurements, Net worth, Family, Career and more about her.

Kim Tae Hee height, weight and size

How tall is Kim Tae Hee? He is 5 feet 3 or 1.62 m or 162 cm. He weighs about 55 kg or 121 pounds. He has beautiful dark brown eyes and blond hair. What are the parameters of the Kim Tae Hee figure? They are more than happy to share an image of their model on Instagram and seem to want to express their appreciation for her brief update, her body size is 34-28-40 inches. Inner layer size 34 AA

Kim Tae Hee profile

Kim Tae Hee
Born: March 29, 1980
Birthplace: Ulsan, South Korea
Height: 162 cm or 5 feet 3 inches.
blood group O
Family: Rain (husband), Li Wan (younger brother)

Kim Tae Hee's Biography

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kim tae hee movie

Grand Prix | Geurang Peuri (2010) – Seo Joo Hee

Movie Iris | Ahiriseu (2010) – Choi Seung-hee

Venus and Mars | fight | Ssaum (2007) – Jin Ah

restless | Jungcheon (2006) – Seohwa / Yonghwa

Last gift | Sun Mool (2001) – Young Jeong-young

Kim Tae Hee's Biography

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drama kim tae hee

Hello Goodbye Mom (tvN / 2020) – Cha Yuri
Yongpal | Yongpalyi (SBS/2015) – Han Yeo Jin
Chang Ok-jong Love Story | Jang Ok-jong, Saranj on Sal (SBS/2013) – Jang Ok-jong
99 days with a superstar | Boku, Star no 99 to Nichi]](Fuji TV / 2011) – Han Yuna
My Princess (MBC/2011) – Lee-Sul
IRIS (KBS2/2009) – Choi Seung Hee
Harvard Love Story | Rubeusutori in Habeodeu (SBS / 2004-2005) – Lee Soo In
The Nine-Tailed Fox, Forbidden Love | Kumiho woejeon (KBS2/2004) – Siyeon
Problem with Pi’s house | Hongbune Baktejeotne (SBS/2003) – Park Soo Jin
Stairway to Heaven | Chonggui Gedan (SBS/2003-2004) – Han Yu-ri
Monitor (SBS/2003)

Kim Tae Hee Award

2015 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2015
Best Actress (Miniseries) (“Yong-Pal”)
Ten Star Award (Yong Pal)
Best Couple Award (“Yong-Pal”)
2015 (8) Korean Drama Award – October 9, 2015
Best Actress (“Yong Pal”)

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