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Kimokazi is an American rapper and bedroom hip hop artist. He is best known for several viral singles such as “Stranger”, “Feel” and “Philosophy”. His songs are supported by many blog sites. He also became a famous artist on the platform. And it has more than 3 million subscribers. An Instagram account is known for jokingly impersonating social media stars. Check out Kimokazi’s biography and find out more about Kimokazi’s height, weight, age, profession, career, romance, girlfriends, net worth and more.

Kimokazi’s height and weight

How high is the chemoase level? Handsome and handsome. Chemokazi is 5 ft 8 in (178 cm/1.78 m) tall, while Kimokazi weighs about 65 kg (154 lb). He has brown eyes and brown hair. Kimokazi has not yet been announced.

Kimokazi Wiki Biography and age

How many years of chemotherapy? He was born on November 29, 2002 in California. He is 18 years old. He is very close to his father and mother. He also shared TikTok with his five sisters Sophie, Sarah, Seren, Sabi and Seema in May 2020.

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real name of the drug

What is Kimokazi’s real name? Her real name is Karim Hesri, her mother Nina Hazem has a famous Instagram account on ninahazem.

Kimokazi real name

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Vicky Kimokazi

chemicalase Wiki / Biography
real name Karim Katri
Nickname chemical box
net worth $2 million by 2021
Business rapper
age 18 years
birthday November 29, 2002
known as Viral single including “Overseas”
“Emotion” and “Philosophy”
Place of birth United States of America
zodiac sagittarius
ethnic to mix up
Nationality American
sex long
religion Islam
height 5 feet 8 inches tall
(178cm / 1.78m)
weight 65 kg (154 lb)
body size I do not know
shoe size 10.5 (US)
eye color Brown
hair colour Brown
familiar Just
couple not married not married
child Number

Kimokazi rapper career

Kimokazi is also an American singer and social media personality. She is known as the cover artist she. She is known for her collaborations with singers and celebrities on social media. She was featured in the video of the famous American singer she. Social media personalities and actors, music videos didn’t just help Keemokazi become popular on the internet. but it also activates the relationship status. The cover version is available on the Instagram page. His work has earned him an impressive fan base.


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Kimokazi net worth 2021

What is Kimokazi’s net worth? He started his career by spreading it on SoundCloud and later created TikTok, which has over 17 million followers sharing funny videos. His net worth is estimated to be $2 million in 2021.

Kimokazi history and romance

About his girlfriend Kimokazi: When it comes to relationships. Dating or Cheating Kimokazi stays single and doesn’t date anyone. He did not show a photo with his girlfriend. It could mean he’s single. In fact, he is more focused on his career than romantic relationships like he is now. There is no information about her past relationships either. He may already be single.



  1. Kimokazi has shown his skills by playing in various matches.
  2. Kimokazi are also known for their talents and skills.
  3. He did not participate in any rumors and discussions.
  4. In this way, Kimokazi continued his personal and professional life.
  5. His work has earned him an impressive fan base.
  6. Social media and discussion seem inextricably linked.
  7. Because social networks have reached their peak and this leads to strange events that happen quite often these days. But blaming these platforms is still wrong for our convenience. But some wise people cause trouble to others.
  8. Among other platforms, Tik Tok is considered one of the controversial social media apps.
  9. Many teens even got into a heated argument while filming a test video, recently one of the Tik Toker Keemokazi was arrested this morning.
  10. More info on Kimokazi, living a luxurious life with his tick account, he is also a rapper.
  11. He has more than 20.8 million followers on his Tik Tok account and is currently one of the most followed Tik Toker.
  12. He mainly posts videos of singing, dancing and lip syncing.
  13. He also posted a video of the draw on his official account. His latest song “Sing of My City” was well received by the audience.
  14. Apart from Tik Tok, he also has a YouTube channel with 609,000 subscribers.
  15. Video of his arrest went viral on the internet like wildfire. And everyone was interested in this event.
  16. Little is known about his arrest and his Instagram account has not been updated with additional information other than that of 18-year-old Kimokazi.
  17. His real name is Karim Hisri, born in 2002. He has five sisters.
  18. Her mother’s name is Nina Hazem and little is known about her career.
  19. He started his career at Sound Cloud and has grown in popularity throughout the year.
  20. For more on Kimokazi’s arrest, stay tuned on Social Telecast.

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