Nicola Bellavia dies in plane crash in Iceland: discovery of death and career

Nicola Bellavia is also a famous character: four people died in a plane crash in Iceland, according to Sky News.

Belgian Nicola Bellavia, known to her beloved followers as “Spirits of Light” and “Discoverers”, we go over everything we know.

Nicola Bellavia died in a plane crash in Iceland.

Four people died in plane crash in Iceland Excerpt from Sky News Iceland Transport Authority confirmed 22-year-old American skateboarder Josh Neumann, 27-year-old suspect Antwerp support manager Tim Alings and 32-year-old social media phenomenon Nicola Bellavia. were killed in the incident.

According to the BBC, Neumann was on his way to work for Belgian fashion brand Suspicious Antwerp when he disappeared from the radar. The Cessna 172 disappeared from radar last Monday, according to ABC News. More than 1,000 rescuers searched the plane.

The plane was later found in Thingvallavatn Lake. According to ABC News, four people died due to bad weather conditions, divers were unable to retrieve the bodies immediately. Police Commissioner Oddur Arnason said, “For divers’ safety, we must wait until the weather clears.”

Discover Nicola Bellavia’s career

Instagram star Nicola Bellavia, known for her “free” personality and “adventurous” spirit, died in an early morning accident. skydiving.

Bellavia wants to see the world around the world and, judging by her Instagram highlights, she has traveled to Mexico, Egypt, Brazil and Shanghai. The Belgian influencer also has a YouTube channel where he documents his travels. His last message appeared 6 months ago. Bellavia started working in the field of event organization. 2008 Belgian media and video production as creative director.

Fans delayed paying pollsters.

Fans and friends of the famous traveler Nicola Bellavia posted a message of condolence on social media: “Nicola… one of the kindest and smartest people I’ve met during my travels.”

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