Nutritional measures to help children improve height

In the process of development, in order for children to have the maximum height, many measures must be taken synchronously, specifically:

1. Ensure a nutritious diet rich in calcium and essential nutrients throughout life, right from the time you are in the womb.

2. Sports, physical activities, and outdoor activities are very important for strengthening the quality of the skeleton, helping to increase height development. Children need to exercise regularly, persevere at least 30 minutes a day, this will help stimulate the body to produce more natural growth hormone.

3. Work, study, rest reasonably, should not work hard, sleep at least 8 hours a day. Limit factors that affect health such as alcohol, stimulants, tobacco, etc.

In which, nutrition is the most important factor to increase height (accounting for 33%). Through this measure, it is possible to help children increase their height from 4.9 cm to 7.3 cm.

Nutritional measures to help children improve height

Children need a reasonable diet, the energy provided must be adequate and appropriate for their age. Children’s meals must always be full of 4 groups: protein, fat, sugar, and vitamins. Children should eat a variety of foods without abstinence, not eating biased.

The essential nutrients that need to be provided each day to help increase height are:

Calcium: is the main component of bones and teeth

– Vitamin D: Helps increase calcium absorption through the intestinal wall, and significantly reduces the rate of bone loss, helps increase calcium absorption.

– MK7: Helps transport calcium from blood to bones, prevents calcium from being deposited in blood vessel walls and soft tissues. Simultaneously increases collagen, so MK7 has a dual effect of helping bones develop, strong and flexible bones while limiting the risk of atherosclerosis, constipation, kidney stones, soft tissue calcification.

DHA: plays an essential role in supporting brain development, vision and overall health throughout a person’s life. DHA helps maintain and increase bone mass, reducing the risk of osteoporosis

– Other minerals: Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Silicon are minerals involved in bone structure.

– Chondroitin sulfate: Is a structural component of cartilage, tendons, skin, eyes, nerves. Has the effect of increasing cartilage tissue regeneration, increasing joint synovial fluid. Thanks to that, it helps to stimulate the children’s cartilage to grow faster and more, so that the bones grow out faster.

However, the diet is very difficult to provide adequate and balanced nutrients to help children develop well, especially when children still have to go to school, parents work all day, do not have much time near their children. The optimal solution now is to use functional foods containing nutrients that are closely related to height growth such as: Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Boron, Silicon, chondroitin, DHAthe most important is Vitamin D and MK7 Helps absorb and metabolize minerals into the bones, so that bones and cartilage will be long, strong and supple. Choosing to use supplements and height-increasing pills will create convenience and simplicity, making it easier for your child to get enough nutrients and grow taller every day, right from the age of 6 months to later. 18 years old.

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