Promotion on Children’s Day 1/6 of the Vipteen height increase product – PreVipteen

From May 25 to June 5, 2018, DP Vinh Gia’s height increasing product set for children from 6 months -18 years old has a special promotion on International Children’s Day, for all direct buyers.

Every June 1st Children’s Day, the demand for gifts for children increases. What parents care about is how to give their children the most meaningful gifts.

Understanding that, and at the same time wishing to give children – the future owners of the country special practical gifts, the height increase product set of DP Vinh Gia has been specified with a special promotion program. forever big.

1/6 promotion

Accordingly, when buying any product in the height increase product set for children, customers will have the opportunity to receive additional gifts such as porcelain cups, raincoats, PreVipteen or Vipteen backpacks for children.

The height increase set for children currently has 3 products, Vipteen height increasing pills for children at puberty from 10-18 years old, Pre-Vipteen 3 nuggets to increase height and develop brain, protect children’s eyes From 5-9 years old, Pre-Vipteen 2 nuggets increase height and reduce minor illnesses for children from 6 months to 4 years old.

Parents can CHOOSE the right product HERE or call hotline 1900 1259 for fastest purchase support and Free shipping anywhere.

This promotion is only for consumers who buy directly at the company, not for customers who buy directly at the pharmacy. At the same time, when participating in this promotion, consumers still have the opportunity to receive a next purchase card and participate in programs to accumulate points to exchange gifts or redeem gift bags of DP Vinh Gia Company.

The special promotion on Children’s Day 1/6 is the gratitude that DP Vinh Gia’s children’s brands want to send to consumers who have trusted, supported and loved the baby care products. bone health care during the past time. Any questions for medical advice Parents please call 19001259 (office hours) – Buy goods call 0896 509 509.

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