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Sarah Loera is a singer, model, actress and social media phenomenon. She is known for her songs with a large number of followers on social media and millions of followers she. After her video went viral on social media. he became famous

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Who is Sara Loera?

Sarah Loera was born in Anaheim. She attended high school and college in Anaheim, california she. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach in 2007 with a psychology degree.

She then began modeling and auditioning for live music performances. Sarah Loera is now 29 years old. Sarah was born and raised in Anaheim. California

Sarah Loera Career

In Orange County California He is a Christian and has a large following. She is known for her songs and is also known as Sara Loera Makeup & Beauty because of her makeup. Many people follow his work.

Sarah Loera Age

Sarah Loera is a famous singer and actress born between the ages of 30 and 40 in Los Angeles, California.

The exact date of his birth is not yet known. She had never mentioned it before. Sarah Loera’s eyes are brown and her hair color is black.

Sara Loera is a Mexican actress, singer and model. She was born on November 8, 1992 in Mexico City. Her full name is Sara Meriables de Loera.

Sarah Loera’s height, weight and measurements

She has medium brown eyes and dark brown hair that she has dyed blonde. He will soon be 30 years old (in 2022) His height is 5 feet 6 inches.

Sara Loera Wiki Biography

real name Sarah Loera
age 30 years (as of 2021)
birthday November 8, 1992
ethnic to mix up
height 5 feet 6 inches
weight 55 kg.
measurement 36-26-40 inches
bra cup size 33.EE
expensive Just
net worth $1-5 million by 2021

Sarah Loera in her youth

Sarah Loera was born in Anaheim, California and is a famous singer and dancer. She also plays the piano and flute, she. Keep reading this article to find out all the personal details.

He was born in Anaheim. California celebrates its birthday every year. At that time, the names of his parents were not called.

Sara Loera Professional Life

Sarah is a famous artist, model and actress. and also has a successful YouTube channel. She is best known for her playlist. You can continue reading as we discuss it on the page.

He has a huge fan base and millions of followers on social media.

Sara Loera reveals net worth

Sarah Loera has a total net worth of between $1 million and $5 million (USD).

Sarah Loera’s main source of income comes from music, performances and corporate sponsorships. Sarah Loera’s annual income is yet to be determined. But it is likely that he will increase his salary similarly to 2020.

Sarah Laura’s boyfriend

According to the information obtained, the name of Sarah Loera’s friend as a source has not been confirmed for now.

We provide the latest information.

Facts about Sarah Lauer

He started an Instagram music business with over 7,000 followers.

Her mother and family are very important to her. She loves to travel, dance and meet new people.

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