Secret personality and ability to make money through height

Confident, optimistic and attractive…and earn more money are the strengths of possessing superior height.

Most of us always think that a person’s height is determined by factors such as genetics. However, this is a very wrong misconception.

There are many scientists who have proven that only 20-25% of height is determined by genetics. The rest is completely determined by factors such as nutrition, living environment as well as exercise regime. In other words, even though there is no genetic factor, we can completely achieve the desired height if we know how to eat and take care of good health.

Why do we need to do that? Because height affects your entire future life whether you like it or not….?

1. Good height is a sign of a confident person

Few people know, height greatly affects human personality. According to behavioral studies professor Daniel Cable of the London Business Scholl School, we tend to react to every behavior we do.

In simple terms, if you are respected by others, you will also appreciate and love yourself more. When you have a good height, you will get more positive reviews from around. As a result, self-esteem will form very high self-esteem and confidence.

2. Good height creates a premise for a successful career

Researchers have shown that people tend to notice and like people of good height. In cognition, the brain is always “default” high, which means intelligence and ability to work is relatively good.

This is especially true for men. There is a statistic that shows that the taller a man is, the easier it is to succeed and be promoted in his career. This conclusion has been clearly verified in height standards with today’s hottest careers such as actors, models and aviation….

Specifically, the height standard when applying for the position of a pilot or a flight attendant is a minimum height of 1.68m for a male and a minimum of 1.6m for a female.

In addition, famous model training centers in Vietnam such as B-Beauties, PL Model and Elle all require the average height of models when participating in recruitment for women to be 1.65m or more and men to be 1.65m or more. 1.75m or more.

The above requirements have shown that, in today’s increasingly competitive job market, having a good-looking appearance and ideal height is not a small advantage.

3. Good height they show an optimist who loves life

The personality of a person is not born at birth, but it is formed during the life of each individual. According to the Well-Being Index Gallup-Healthways study, tall people show a very good level of life satisfaction.

They often have more positive emotions and trust in life than short and light people. This helps them stay optimistic and calmly face all challenges in life.

4. Good height makes you more attractive

Evolutionary research proves that, in most of society, people with good height, especially long legs, are always considered the standard of beauty.

Meanwhile, legs that are too short or too long are always considered unattractive. According to scientists, these are manifestations of genetic problems, diseases or influences from a bad environment.

5. Good height makes more money

A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology showed that for every 2.54cm taller than the average height, an individual can earn more than 789 USD/year, about 16.6 million VND.

Another researcher of economists from the Australian National University and the University of Sydney makes similar comments. After comparing the salary of 20,000 adults in Austraila, they draw the following conclusion: Height is directly proportional to people’s income and does not discriminate between men and women.

Specifically, if the average annual income of a guy who is 1m75 tall is 43,867 USD, about 921 million VND, then they can earn nearly 14 million VND more if he is 5 cm taller.

6. Good height makes people feel healthier

This is the conclusion drawn from statistics of the British Ministry of Health in 2003. Accordingly, scientists asked 14,416 people to respond to a health quality assessment. The results showed that people with short height, 162 cm shorter for men and 151 cm shorter for women, self-assessed the quality of their physical and mental health significantly lower than those of average height.

For these people, a increase the height children will also greatly affect their health and quality of life. Specifically, the level of self-confidence about their own health will increase by 6.1% if the height is improved by 7cm for men and 6cm for women.

7. Good height is easy to succeed in love

According to an article published in the prestigious journal Nature in 2000, men are more fertile than shorter men.

In love, they are also the ones who have more chances to find their other half more easily. The reason is that in the evolutionary process, women tend to choose partners with good height with the expectation that their children will be like that.

8. Improved height is better for the heart

A study published in the European Heart journal found that being of average and above average height reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Currently, the average height of Vietnamese youth is only 1.64m, the lowest ranking in Asia.

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