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Infancy is one of the three golden stages to increase height for children. However, not all parents know how to effectively and properly increase the height of their babies. Parents, please refer to the sharing of Dr. Le Thi Hai in the following article to find the most suitable way to increase height for babies.

According to scientific studies, there are 4 factors that affect a child’s height:

– Genetic factors (23%)

– Nutritional factors (32%)

– Mode of movement, exercise (20%)

– The rest are other factors such as sleep, environment, pathology, etc.

Thus, the best way to increase height for babies is to provide them with the necessary amount of nutrition, and at the same time maintain a scientific exercise regimen. What is the way to increase height in babies, let’s find out!

1. How to increase height for babies

1.1 How to increase height for breastfed babies

Mother's nutritional supplement is a way to increase height for babies

Mothers supplementing with enough nutrition is a way to increase height for babies

For the first 6 months, babies should be exclusively breastfed and do not need other drinks. Therefore, breast milk must ensure adequate nutrition to provide children, including:

Protein: Protein is a valuable source of nutrients that help children form and develop muscle cells. Protein-rich foods that mothers should add are soybeans, fish, eggs, milk…

– Iodine: Helps ensure the functioning of the thyroid gland, which secretes growth hormones that help children grow. Supplementing with enough iodine is also good for the brain and helps children to be more intelligent. Iodine is naturally found in seafood such as sea snails, sea crabs, clams…

– Iron: Iron has the effect of supplementing blood for the body, enhancing the activity of red blood cells. Iron is abundant in animal liver, lean meat, pumpkin, beetroot….

– Folic acid: has the effect of preventing cancer, enhancing the production of new cells, avoiding anemia. Folic acid is abundant in ripe papaya, cabbage, avocado, cauliflower, whole grains…

– Unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, ARA)… Are substances that strengthen the brain, helping children to be intelligent and develop more outstandingly. They are found in many types of fish.

1.2 Body massage for babies

Regular massage is a way to increase height for babies

Regular massage helps children’s blood circulation better, promoting height growth

Gentle massage movements will make your baby feel comfortable and relaxed.

– The massage process will help blood circulation better, muscles and bones will be flexible and strong.

– Massage also works to help the baby eat better, sleep more deeply, less fussy. If massaged regularly and properly, the circulatory system will be improved and good for the brain.

– Mothers should perform gentle massage movements such as stroking hands, stroking children’s feet, rubbing back, gently squeezing the chest…

1.3 Types of milk to help increase height for babies

how to increase height for babies with milk

Supplementation of milk and dairy products is How to increase height for babies extremely effective

– In the first 6 months, infants should be exclusively breastfed, about every 3 hours. If the mother has little milk or through the first 12 months, the mother can give the child more fresh milk or pasteurized milk to ensure safety and not cause harm to the child’s stomach.

– Children from 1 year old can use more yogurt, butter, cheese, … because they have a very large calcium content to help children’s bones become stronger. In addition, the mother can give the baby soy milk, milk from cereals such as almond milk, rice milk ….

1.4 How to increase height for babies with solid foods

Feeding babies with enough nutrition is a way to increase height for babies

Don’t forget to give your baby solid foods with full of nutrients

When your baby starts to eat solid foods, you should provide more nutrients through food. The important groups of substances that mothers need to supplement for children every day are:

– Protein:

The amount of protein your baby needs depends on his age. Children aged 6-12 months need 23-25g of protein/day, children from 1-2 years old need 28-10g of protein/day.

Eggs are a very protein rich food. Mothers can let babies use 1-2 eggs/week in the weaning menu.

+ In addition, other protein-rich foods such as green beans, cashews, fish… provide protein to help the baby’s body develop and perfect cells and muscle system.

– Fat:

+ Fat helps maintain body temperature and helps the body dissolve fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, C, D, K. Fat also makes children crave more, eat more.

+ Every day, children eat solids need about 20-25g of fat.

+ Foods rich in fat are: salmon, olive oil, peanuts… You can also use separate cooking oil for your baby to add to the weaning powder.

– Starch:

+ Provides starch to help children have active energy to run, jump and play.

+ Starch when put into the body will be converted into Glucose to support the functioning of the nervous system and red blood cells.

+ Each meal, children can eat 3 spoons of rice flour.

– Vitamin A: Helps bright eyes, found in carrots, gac fruit, green vegetables…

– Zinc:

+ Helps to prevent oxidation and increase cell regeneration.

+ Zinc is abundant in animal liver, lean meat…

Newborns need about 5mg of zinc per day.

Vitamin D:

+ Helps the body to increase the absorption of calcium, found in mushrooms, chicken, kale…

In particular, Vitamin D3 is an extremely important mineral to bring calcium from the intestinal wall into the blood and stimulate the body to secrete Osteocalcin (a form of bone-building protein).

– MK7:

+ Is a type of vitamin K and plays an important role in helping to transport calcium from the blood to the bones, attaching calcium in bones to make bones stronger.

+ MK7 also stimulates the bones to produce Collagen – the substance that makes bones more supple.

Nano calcium: Calcium is prepared in a microscopic form with the ability to quickly absorb and help the body absorb calcium to the maximum.

1.5 Help children have enough and good sleep

how to increase height for babies with sleep

Getting enough sleep is a very effective way to increase height for babies

Sleep time is the time when the body has time to regenerate energy and produce hormones to increase height. A baby who has a deep and good sleep will help the bone system develop more every day.

Newborns should sleep 16-18 hours a day. This number will decrease as the baby gets older.

When the baby sleeps, the mother needs:

– Create a comfortable and easy-to-sleep environment for your baby.

– Avoid light and noise.

– Maintain a suitable bedroom temperature, not too hot or cold.

– Adjust the baby to sleep in the correct sleeping position.

1.6 Encourage the infant to be active regularly

Movement is a way to increase height for babies

Let your child be active from an early age to stimulate growth hormone

When children are active, growth hormone will be secreted 300 times higher than normal, creating conditions for the maximum height of the child.

– When you are still an infant, please encourage your child to be active a lot by waving his arms, kicking his feet, rolling, crawling, learning to walk, … so that the cells in the body are active.

– When children grow up, mothers should choose appropriate exercises or sports for their children such as jogging, swimming,

– Besides, mothers should let their children exercise outdoors to expose themselves to sunlight and absorb Vitamin D. Note that you should avoid when it’s sunny and cold.

1.7 Preventing diseases that affect the growth of children’s height

Vaccination is the way to increase height for babies

Give your children regular vaccinations to ensure their comprehensive development

Besides the above factors, parents need to have their children vaccinated regularly and on schedule to prevent possible diseases.

When sick, the body’s immune system is attacked, causing the affected organs to function and reducing the strength and growth of the bone system. Children who are often sick will find it difficult to grow to the desired height.

2. Standard height chart for babies

measure the standard height of the newborn

What is the standard height of an infant?

Standard height table of newborns for mothers’ reference:

standard height chart for babies

During the first year of life, the growth rate of a child’s height is as follows:

– First 3 months: 3-4cm/month

– 3-6 months old: 2.5cm/month

– 6-9 months old: 1.5-2cm/month

– 9-12 months old: 1-1.5cm/month

The formula for calculating the height of a child is based on genetic factors (calculated from the height of father and mother):

– Boy: Height = [(Chiều cao của bố+Chiều cao của mẹ) +13cm] /2

– Girl: Height = [(Chiều cao của bố+Chiều cao của mẹ) -13cm] /2

Based on the above formula, if a family has a father 170cm tall and mother 160cm tall, the son will be 171.5cm tall and the daughter will be 158.5cm tall.

With how to increase height for babies For maximum efficiency, with the standard height measurement table of babies above, hopefully, it has helped mothers gain more knowledge to help their children reach the desired height. If you have any concerns or questions, please leave the contact information below for the doctor to answer and advise.

>> See more: Excellent doctor, Dr. Le Thi Hai, former director of Nutrition Examination Center, National Institute of Nutrition will advise on how to increase height for children safely and effectively HERE.

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