Steve Howey (Actor) Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Age, Net worth, Wife, Facts

Steve Howey is an American film and television actor best known for his role as Van in the comedy series Reba. He also played the wildly supportive Gallagher family neighbors on Shameless. He appeared in TV shows ER and Pacific Blue, appeared in 2009. romantic comedy Bride Wars.

Steve Howey’s height and weight

How tall is Steve Howey? The actor is 1.88 m tall, weighs 200 pounds (90 kg), Steve Howey 39/99 cm bust, 32″/81 cm waist, 15″ biceps, 38 cm.

Steve Howey’s wealth:

Steve Howey is best known for his role as Kevin. Shameless Ball will be a television adaptation of James Cameron’s 1994 action comedy True Lies starring Arnold. It stars Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The series is currently running on CBS. The pilot script was written by Matt Nix, and Anthony Hemingway, who directed American Crime Story and The Purge, will direct the first episode.

The pilot’s plan is to follow a suburban wife who discovers that her nerdy husband, played by Howie, is living a double life as an international spy. A discovery that will put your life in danger and adventure. The two work together to rekindle their fading relationship.


It is not yet clear who will replace Jamie Lee. Curtis Nix and Hemingway will also serve as executive producers. He is worth an estimated $3 million in 2021.

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Steve Howey Wiki

real name Steve Howey
age 44 years (as of 2021)
birthday July 12, 1977
ethnic to mix up
height 6 feet 2 inches
weight 90 kg.
measurement 39-32-38 inches
biceps size 21 inch
wife Sarah Shahi
child William Wolf Howey
net worth $3 million by 2021

Steve Howey’s wife

He married actress and model Sarah Shahi in 2007, had their first child, William Wolf Howey, in 2009, and twins in 2015.

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Facts about Steve Howey

Steve Howey loves to travel. His passion is to get to know a new culture. Visit a wildlife sanctuary and immerse yourself in local traditions that rival any seasoned traveler in the world.

He likes to read books and novels about distant lands and legends.

He claims to be a historian who isn’t afraid to visit places with a gruesome past, like Chernobyl or the killing fields of Cambodia.

In short, he is an adventurer who has just returned from a trip to Scandinavia with stops in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

As you might expect, he uses his last journey as inspiration for his new comic series Scandinavia and the World, available in comics stores today.

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