Surgical methods to increase height

Leg lengthening surgery helps to increase height unconditionally. This beauty method when it first appeared was chosen by many people, but it does not seem to be the right choice when it has too many scary complications.

1. Learn about the surgical method to increase height

The method of increasing height by surgery is very painful, because people resort to the intervention of cutlery. Doctors perform surgery to cut the bone, then attach the bone to a set of tools to make a temporary connection.

When the bone is stretched at the right rate, the nutrients pumped into the bone will regenerate gradually filling in that gap. Tendon cells, blood vessels, and nerves are also promoted to commensurate elongation. The end result is a longer leg and normal function.

When you are using surgical methods to increase height This means that you have to endure pain with nails that fix the leg bones inside the body. To lengthen your legs 7 to 10cm, you have to wear a fixed frame for 10 to 12 months. When the new bone heals, the doctors again adjust the screws on the outer frame, allowing them to relax about 1mm/day so that they gradually recover and get the expected bone length.

Leg lengthening surgery

The surgical method to increase height brings unimaginable pain

To improve height by this method, you must accept the financial cost, effort as well as a high spirit of determination because the time to receive perfect results is also very long. During the surgery to lengthen the bone, the incision will be very painful, and daily activities will be somewhat affected.

2. Surgical process, dangerous care

It is possible that during surgery and care there will be dangerous complications to the body:

  • Infection of the muscles and bones of the leg if you do not know how to clean the open wound.
  • Displaced bones cause deformities at the end of treatment if the fixation frame is loose.

When the speed of bone stretching takes place abnormally, the nerves and blood vessels cannot keep up, causing paralysis of the feet, leading to the risk of not being able to walk as usual. When complications get worse, in exchange for your life it may be necessary to have your legs amputated.

When the abnormality takes place in the legs, other organs are inevitably affected, especially the nervous system.

Although successful, after the surgery will leave a very clear scar, when walking a lot will cause leg pain or when the weather changes, you have to suffer very uncomfortable cramps.

3. Effective natural solution to increase height

Height is affected by many factors, of which nutrition accounts for 32% and exercise accounts for 22%. Therefore, to effectively develop height, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet and do exercises to increase height regularly and scientifically.

  • About nutrition: You can balance nutrients from daily food to supplementing with functional foods, ensuring adequate supply of important minerals for height growth such as: Calcium, Nano Zinc, Magnesium , Copper, Manganese, Boron, Silicon, chondroitin, DHA. In particular, it is recommended to choose functional foods containing calcium in nano form for better absorption by the body and limit constipation and kidney stones. The most important thing is not to forget Vitamin D and MK7 to help absorb and metabolize minerals into the bones, so that the bones and cartilages are long, and always strong and supple.
  • About exercise and height increasing exercises: Currently, gym and yoga to increase height are two forms of exercise that are preferred by both men and women and really bring amazing results. It is best to find yourself a personal trainer in the first time to increase height effectively and quickly!
>> See more: Excellent doctor, Dr. Le Thi Hai, former director of Nutrition Examination Center, National Institute of Nutrition will advise on how to increase height safely and effectively HERE.

The above ways to increase height are both safe and effective, combining with daily exercise will give you outstanding height without endangering your health.

Attention: When you are not satisfied with your height, beware of the oral methods of increasing height that have no scientific basis. Don’t trade your life for a desired body part!

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