Telling mom how to help children grow taller every night

There are 3 important factors that need to be done to help children increase their height and be healthy after every day: Proper nutrition, early sleep and enough sleep.

Here is a way to help children grow taller after every night that you can apply to your baby!

Correct nutrition

Provide adequate and balanced nutritional needs for children in each stage of development. The diet needs to ensure enough energy and have enough nutrients to help increase the height of the baby, such as protein, calcium, zinc, iodine, vitamins A, D, E…
Reasonable movement

Depending on the age of the child, there are exercises and appropriate duration. Movement plays a very important role in helping children grow up, preventing overweight and obesity, but most parents do not really pay attention to this point.
Go to bed early and get enough sleep

Sleep affects a lot increase height for baby. Physiologically, growth hormone helps increase the height The brain secretes the strongest and most complete from 23 pm to 1, 2 am provided that the baby has a deep sleep. Deep sleep usually begins about 1 to 2 hours after falling asleep. Therefore, children must go to bed early before 10 pm, more than 8 hours per night. In particular, infants under 3 years of age need longer sleep, an average of 12-14 hours/day.
Secrets to help children increase maximum height

– Nutrition: Eat a variety of foods with more than 20 foods a day, ensure enough protein from meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans, etc. by age with calcium-rich foods such as fish, seafood, field crab, rice straw, small fish with bones, shelled shrimp and shrimp, soybeans, tofu. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Drink enough water daily, add milk, cheese, yogurt, soy milk…
In addition, it can be supplemented with functional foods for babies, helping grow in height a better way. Should choose products that contain all the necessary nutrients for bones such as Nano Calcium, Nano Zinc, Vitamin D3 and MK7… increase height for baby from 6 months to 10 years old. In particular, at the stage of puberty, Chondroitin should be added to help increase the development of synaptic cartilage layers, promoting maximum height. The full combination of these micronutrients not only helps your child have maximum height but also better health.
Attention: Limit eating a lot of sweets, carbonated drinks, fatty foods such as fried foods…Research shows that unbalanced, high-protein meals without fiber or too salty foods hinder absorption. Calcium intake slows the growth of children.

In addition, do not regularly use fast food, street food. Teenagers should not practice drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking coffee, and strong tea because these are unhealthy eating habits that affect their health. grow in height of the children.

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