The golden stages of child height development should be known by parents

The growth in height of children takes place continuously from the fetal stage to puberty. In it, there is a number golden period of child’s height development If you don’t miss it, it will give you the opportunity to own the dream height in the future.

The article is advised by Prof. TS.BS Le Bach Mai, Former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition; Northern Medical Director of Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System.

Most parents believe that genetic factors will determine the height of their children in the future. But many studies have confirmed that genetic factors account for only 20% of a child’s height development, while scientific nutrition, reasonable exercise, and living environment decide 80%.

Golden stages of height development

Fortification of nutrition in the golden period of child’s height development will help children have outstanding height.

Assoc.Prof.TS.BS Le Bach Mai said, there are three stages which are considered as golden period of child’s height development. If children are well cared for in terms of nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep during these periods, they will have outstanding height in the future.

The golden stage of height growth in children

Fetal stage

Starting from the 4th month of pregnancy, the baby’s skeletal system has been formed and developed rapidly. At this time, children need to be provided with adequate nutrients, especially calcium, for bones to grow taller. Therefore, during pregnancy, especially after the 4th month, pregnant mothers need to eat a lot of calcium-rich foods to meet the body’s necessary calcium needs as well as help the child reach the maximum height when born, creating a premise. for children’s growth Future.

Accordingly, if pregnant women have a balanced diet, good spirit, reasonable rest, weight gain from 10-12kg as recommended by the Ministry of Health, the baby will be born with a standard height > 50cm.

Stage 0 – 2 years old

If the mother does not know the height of the child is shaped right in the fetal period to supplement the necessary nutrients for the baby children’s growth Don’t worry too much. Take good care of children at the age of 0 – 2 years old. At this stage, if well-nourished, children will grow by 25cm in the first 12 months and 10cm/year in the following year. Thus, in the first 2 years of life, children can increase up to 35cm in height.

To achieve the above results, parents should take good care of their children about:

  • Nutrition: The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life. Because breast milk contains enough nutrients to help children develop comprehensively, while strengthening the immune system and preventing gastrointestinal diseases. After 6 months, babies transition to solid foods, mothers need to pay attention to add foods to help develop height from soybeans, salmon, oats, seafood… in their daily diet. young.
  • Health care: Children need to be vaccinated on time, with enough doses to prevent the risk of diseases that can easily lead to weight loss, anorexia, malnutrition, rickets, etc. At the same time, children should be exposed to the sun from 15 to 20 years. minutes/day for the body to synthesize vitamin D, supporting the development of bones and joints. Sleeping before 10 o’clock at night is also one of the factors affecting height growth in children Mom should take note.

Stage 0 - 2 years old, height development

Puberty period

This period is called the “last chance” to promote the child’s height growth. This period is different in terms of age of height development in boys and girls. Specifically, 10-16 years old for girls and 12-18 years old for men.

LIVE golden period of child’s height development In this case, if properly cared for, the child’s height will increase from 8 to 12cm per year, until the age of 20 it will stop.

Some notes for children in golden stage of height growth

Even though mom already knows the child growth stage But remember, without the timely support “actions” below, children may not reach their dream height.

Nutritional supplements for children

Nutrition accounts for 32% of human height growth. Therefore, mothers need to pay attention to building a scientific and reasonable diet to ensure adequate supply of necessary nutrients for children. children’s growth such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin D3, vitamin K… especially in height development age.

Help children choose the right sport

In addition to nutrition, exercise accounts for 20% of human height growth. Depending on the ability and interest of the child, parents should create conditions for their children to participate in some good sports children’s growth such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, running, cycling, jumping rope….

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Remind children to sleep on time and get enough sleep

Adequate production of growth hormone is essential for children to grow taller. However, growth hormone is secreted most during the deepest sleep at night. Remind children to go to bed early, preferably before 10pm, to ensure good health as well as help secrete the most growth hormone.

Pay attention to children’s mental health

A team of scientists at Linkoping University in Sweden conducted a study on the harmful effects of stress in children and concluded that prolonged stress adversely affects the immune system and blood circulation of children. , disrupting thyroid hormone levels, reducing height growth and harming the nervous system. Therefore, parents should also pay attention to this issue.

Stress affects height

Stress can affect children’s growth

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