Top 10 effective height increasing milk for children over 1 year old

According to a nutritionist, choose height increase milk Appropriate for age, interests and feeding children properly will help children achieve outstanding height. So, which type should parents choose for their children between the “matrix” height increase milk” on the market and how should children drink?

Before finding out what are the new types height increase milk To help children effectively, parents should work with Nutrihome to learn the “golden” stages of children’s height development to make the right choice of milk.

The article was consulted by experts of Prof. TS.BS Le Bach Mai – former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition; Medical Director of the North, Nutrihome System of Nutrition and Exercise Medicine Clinics.

Milk to increase height

Choose right and use right height increase milk will help children achieve optimal height in the future.

Stages of outstanding height growth of children

According to WHO (World Health Organization), the fetal stage, the period from 0 to 2 years old and the period of pre-puberty – puberty are 3 golden milestones where a child’s height will have a “speedy” growth. “. Therefore, in order to help children reach the optimal height, parents absolutely must not ignore these 3 golden stages, by increasing nutritional supplements for children (including foods good for height such as: height increase milk for example) and encourage children to increase scientific movement. Reason:

Fetal phase (starting from the 4th month of pregnancy)

At this stage, the fetal skeletal system is formed and develops very quickly. Therefore, if the pregnant mother implements a good pregnancy nutrition regimen, the baby will be born with a standard height of about 50cm (for boys) and 48cm (for girls).

– Child stage from 0 to 2 years old

This is considered the second golden stage in the child’s height development scale, and is also a decisive stage (accounting for about 60%) of a child’s future height. Accordingly, with adequate and proper nutrition, a child can grow 25cm taller in the first year and about 10cm taller in the next 2 years.

Pre-puberty (8-11 years old) & puberty (9-14 years old)

At this stage, the height of girls increases about 6-12cm/year and boys about 7-15cm/year. And through puberty – at the age of 18, children’s height tends to slow down, increasing only about 3cm/year.

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Top 8 categories height increase milk For children 1 year old and up

For many parents with young children, what to eat and drink? height increase milk How to help my child grow taller is always a concern.

According to the People’s Doctor, Assoc. Prof. TS.BS Le Bach Mai, a healthy, scientific diet needs to ensure all 4 groups of substances (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins & minerals). And especially, each meal is always a variety of foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, zinc, potassium, iron as well as many other nutrients.

The extra addition height increase milk It will be the solution to support children to increase their height if they ensure that they contain enough important nutrients for height development.

Milk contains a lot of important nutrients such as calcium, protein, phosphorus, vitamin D… good for children’s height development, because it both helps promote bone development and strengthens the bone system. In particular, the types height increase milk The quality also stimulates IGF-1 – a protein produced naturally by the body – helping to “activate” the comprehensive growth of cells in bone, tissue, blood cells…

Here are some types height increase milk Clinically tested, proven to help children develop optimal height, good for the brain and prevent constipation… that parents can refer to for children to use:

Etomil 3X Grow Vanilla height increase milk

In addition to the beneficial content for bones such as Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin D3, in Etomil 3x Grow also specially added MenaQ7 content. This is considered a natural form of vitamin K2 found in natto (traditional Japanese fermented tofu) that has the function of transporting calcium to create bones to support maximum height growth.

Etomil 3X Grow Vanilla

Dr.Luxia Grow Height Milk

With the advanced formula Procare Grow meets the essential and balanced nutrient system for optimal height growth, helps to gain weight safely, supports intelligence development and enhances resistance including: Nano calcium, Group vitamins B, D3, A, E, C, FOS/ Inulin, Lysin, DHA, Taurine, Choline…

Formilac Grow height milk

With specially formulated H-Boost+ to support efficient metabolism. Provides essential nutrients and important vitamins and minerals for strong bones and teeth such as: Calcium, Vitamin D3, DHA, Vitamin K2 to help the bone system grow stronger and taller.

Formilac Grow

Allcares Hi-Grow+ Height Increase Milk

The ingredients in Allcares Hi-Grow+ milk supplement Calcium, DHA… and essential vitamins and minerals to help children gain weight, increase height, develop brain, vision, prevent constipation and enhance resistance to prevent constipation. healthy growth. The product is certified by the quality management system of the US ABS-QE factory.

Allcares Hi-Grow+

Pediasure THREE height increase milk Vanilla flavor

PediaSure BA milk powder is scientifically formulated to provide optimal nutrition for children 1-10 years old. Uniquely formulated with Synbiotics and Probiotics, FOS/Fiber prebiotics help strengthen children’s natural immunity by adding beneficial microorganisms to inhibit the growth of microflora. harmful organisms in the gastrointestinal tract.

As a result, nutrients will be better absorbed, helping children quickly catch up and continue the optimal growth momentum both physically and intellectually.

Pediasure THREE Vanilla Flavors

France Lait height increase milk 3

France Lait 3 milk belonging to REGILAIT group is a product line imported in full cans directly in France. France Lait 3 uses Carbohydrate in the form of Maltodextrin with the assimilation of Lactose to help the child’s digestive system absorb easily. It also provides beneficial bacteria FOS and Inositol to help limit constipation.

In particular, France Lait 3 height increase milk contains a golden ratio of Iron/Phosphorus of 1.9 along with Vitamin D to help better absorb calcium, helping children to increase their outstanding height.

France Lait 3

Formilac Opti Pro 3 height increase milk

In the composition of Formilac Opti Pro 3 milk, there are additional 2′-FL HMOs (Human milk oligosaccharides) and Synbiotics system (bifidobacterium Lactis and FOS/ Inulin) to help promote digestive health of children and prevent constipation. effective. At the same time, children’s bones and teeth are always healthy and well developed thanks to the calcium and phosphorus composition, along with vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc, etc. found in milk.

Formilac Opti Pro 3

Peptamen Junior Height Increase Milk

Nutren Junior Infant Formula helps provide a complete and complete supply of important vitamins and minerals to your baby. In particular, Nestle Nutren Junior milk powder uses a quality source of Whey protein that is not overloaded but extremely gentle, suitable for the baby’s immature digestive system.

Synbiotics beneficial bacteria system includes Probiotics (beneficial microorganisms) and Prebiotics (fiber) to help maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria, improve digestive tract health and the body’s immune system.

Peptamen Junior

Formilac Colostrum height increase milk 1+

Formilac Colostrum 1+ milk is well absorbed, increases resistance, especially is supplemented with IgG 1100mg antibody from bovine colostrum to help increase resistance and 2-Fl HMO is a prebiotic with a similar structure to nutrients found in breast milk. Along with ingredients such as calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc to help develop strong bones and teeth, and help children grow taller.

Formilac Colostrum 1+

Allcares IQ Plus height increase milk 3

Essential vitamins and minerals in Allcares IQ Plus 3 milk help children strengthen their resistance, improve weight and maximize height. Among them, highlights such as:

  • DHA content helps to meet WHO/FAO recommendations (2010), along with taurine, Folic Acid, Iodine to help children develop brain and vision.
  • Vitamin A, Zinc, and calcium combined with phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin D3 support the body’s metabolism, stimulate appetite, thereby helping children gain healthy weight; At the same time, it helps the body form and maintain strong bones and teeth.
  • Soluble fiber FOS / Inulin supports the functioning of the digestive system, helping to prevent constipation

Allcares IQ Plus 3

How to give children to drink height increase milk Maximize effect

Assoc.Prof.TS.BS Le Bach Mai said, although parents choose the right type height increase milk for children, but if they do not drink properly, children still do not achieve the expected height. Accordingly, parents should:

  • Give children milk to support height increase according to the recommended needs. Specifically: children from 2 to 6 years old should drink from 400-600ml of milk/day, and children from 7-10 years old should drink about 400-500ml/day.
  • Children should not drink height increase milk everytime everywhere. It should be understood that milk is only a “tool” to support children to increase height, so it is not advisable to abuse milk for children to drink instead of eating. Should give children to drink every morning (providing energy to help children learn and play) or at night (about 2 hours before going to bed, both increasing calcium absorption and helping children sleep better and deeper).
  • Besides, to height increase milk To maximize the effect, in addition to giving children the right drink, parents should encourage children to be active, practice sports (playing basketball, swimming, cycling …) regularly and get enough sleep for about 10 hours. /day (sleep before 22 hours – this is the golden time when the pituitary gland secretes the most growth hormone).

Finally, if parents still have questions about How to increase height For children as well as for more advice on food choices, menus or specific exercises in general, please schedule a consultation with a nutritionist and advocate at a system of 7 nutrition clinics. – Nutrihome’s movement medicine nationwide.

Here, children will be weighed to determine height and weight indicators as well as perform diagnostic tests (if any). Based on that result, experts will design a nutritional menu, guide parents on how to choose, prepare food, exercises and advise on different types of food. height increase milk most suitable to help children healthy and tall in the future.

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