TPBVSK Vipteen Vinh Gia helps 10-18 year olds grow tall and smart

Uses of TPBVSK Vipteen Vinh Gia for children’s height and intelligence. In particular, helping children in the period of puberty grow tall – smart – increase height!

Bone always takes place at the same time two processes are bone formation and bone destruction. After birth, bones develop rapidly in the period before puberty, the process of bone formation will be greater than the process of bone destruction, helping children increase the height.

By adulthood, 23 for women and 25 for men, the child stops gaining height, the bone mass reaches the maximum value (peak bone mass) and remains until the age of 30 due to the process of bone formation and bone resorption. plain.

Bones consist of 30% organic substrates (mostly Collagen, Chondroitin ..) to make bones flexible and 70% inorganic substances (mostly calcium salts) to help strengthen bones. Calcium attaches to organic matter… helps bones to be both strong and flexible.

In order to help the synovial cartilage layer to develop continuously to create bone, to help bones grow faster, it is necessary to supplement for puberty with ingredients that stimulate the creation of organic substrates Collagen, Chondroitin,….

The ends of the bones have artificial bone, also known as synaptic cartilage. Human height growth is due to the development of synaptic cartilage. This layer of cartilage grows continuously, making the bones longer. This cartilage area, especially near the knee, will thrive when there is mechanical stimulation, that is, running and movement. At the same time, providing adequate nutrition such as Calcium, Collagen-forming ingredients, Chondroitin, Vitamin D3 and MK7, etc. will make this cartilage area develop well and be the basis for increasing height. When growing to a certain age, this cartilage area will no longer exist, the height growth will also stop.

It is necessary to supplement bone-building minerals in a balanced and easily absorbed ratio, to bring maximum effect to help strengthen bones and limit adverse effects….

Minerals such as Si, Mg, Mn, Cu, and nutrients folic acid, Chondroitin, DHA help to increase the production of organic substrates such as: Collagen, Chondroitin, etc. supple, prevent fractures and help broken bones heal quickly

– Calcium Minerals are the main minerals for bone formation, but the body cannot synthesize them and needs to be supplied from outside. Calcium and essential minerals (Zn, Mn, Cu, Mg, Bo, Si) are the source of materials for the synthesis of new bone cells, helping to strengthen bones with the function of supporting and protecting the body.

– Should supplement calcium nano form, Nano zinc, (Mn, Cu, Mg) organic salts, Boron combined with amino acids, herbal Si… make it easy to be absorbed and completely absorbed, so there is no need to use high doses and reduce adverse effects such as: heat, constipation, kidney stones, urinary stones…

Helps healthy bones create standard shape and ideal height.

– When lacking vitamins D and MK7, calcium and mineral salts are difficult to absorb in the intestinal wall and reach the bones, so the degree of bone calcification decreases. Bones still develop enough organic substrates such as Collagen, Chondroitin…but low in calcium, so they are easily bent (bow legs) and deformed in rickets (catfish-shaped head or distorted on one side, flat chest like chicken breast, back). hunchback, bow-legged, protruding teeth, bowl-shaped, short).

– Provides a full range of bone-forming ingredients (Si, Mg, Mn, Cu, folic acid, chondroitin, DHA) to help the synovial cartilage layer to develop continuously to create new bones, helping the bones to grow to the maximum. At the same time, full of easily absorbed minerals to help strengthen bones to create a standard shape. Especially when combined with Vitamins D3 and MK7, it helps to optimize the absorption and transport of Calcium to the place where it is needed as a bone and cartilage substrate, to help bones develop balanced and comprehensive, to create a standard shape and ideal height. thought as an adult.

DHA helps brain development, increases intelligence and protects eyes.

DHA is a fatty acid that helps nourish and promote the development of brain cells, increasing the sensitivity of neurons. Adequate supply of DHA will help the brain process information, better remember, help children be smart, learn better, protect and increase eyesight.

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Healthy food VIPTEEN pills
TPBVSK VIPTEEN oral tablet with outstanding advantages:

In particular, contains Vitamins D3 and MK7, along with a variety of essential nutrients to help long and strong bones, which are: Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, zinc, copper, Boron, Silicon (in horsetail), chondrotin, folic acid and DHA. In there:

– Calcium, Zinc in nano form, for better absorption, safe for users,
– MK7 is extracted from fermented soybeans “Natto” of Japan.
By doing so: Help children (especially puberty):
– Development of height and brain,
– Prevention and support for treatment of rickets, malnutrition,
– Helps to develop strong bones and teeth.

It is recommended to use continuously for 3-6 months for best results!
Use regularly for best results

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The product is not a medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine

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