What can I do to help my child grow tall and healthy?

Healthy children, comprehensive development is the dream of all parents, they apply the tips and tricks passed on to the advice of experts.

There are general principles that, if understood and used, parents can completely help their children develop in all aspects, from grow in height to physical endurance.

Seize the golden opportunity

In each person’s life, it is necessary to pay attention to 3 stages to develop height.

  • First, when the baby is still in the mother’s womb.
  • The second is from birth until the age of 3 (especially in the first 2 years)
  • The third stage is pre-puberty (girls from 10-16 years old), boys (from 12-18 years old) – This is the final stage for children to accelerate their height development, and after puberty is complete. In general, children grow very slowly, even keeping the same height.

Help children grow tall, increase endurance thanks to important nutrients

Top nutritionists like BS. Nguyen Thi Hai – Former director of the National Center for Nutrition Examination affirmed: There are many factors affecting a child’s height, but the most important factor is nutrition. To grow tall, the child must have enough energy. , enough nutrients, the second is the genetic factor, the third is the child’s sleep and movement.

To ensure optimal growth in height as an adult, the pre-puberty period is very important in preparing all the necessary nutrients and creating the resilience for the child to enter the period of great growth. Because nutrition is the most important factor to increase height (accounting for 31%) Therefore, it is necessary to have a scientific and complete diet, and at the same time add supporting products such as functional foods. effectively help to increase the maximum height. Used correctly and appropriately, on a regular basis this remedy can help increase the height add from 4.9 to 7.3cm.

The essential nutrients that need to be provided every day to help increase height and increase body strength are:

+ Calcium: It is the main component of bones and teeth. However, for the most part, mothers when it comes to height development are only thinking about calcium supplements for their children, but not every child takes as much calcium as they can absorb, but calcium wants to be absorbed into the body. The body needs vitamin D3 first to absorb calcium from the intestines into the bloodstream.

+ Vitamin D3: Helps increase calcium absorption through the intestinal wall, and significantly reduces the rate of bone loss, helps to increase calcium absorption.

+ MK7: Helps transport calcium from the blood to the bones, preventing calcium from being deposited in the walls of blood vessels and soft tissues. Simultaneously increasing collagen, so MK7 has the dual effect of helping bones develop, strong and supple bones, at the same time limit the risk of atherosclerosis, constipation, kidney stones, soft tissue calcification.

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+ In addition, it is also necessary to have DHA: An essential unsaturated fatty acid, belonging to the group of Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA is essential in supporting brain development, vision and overall health throughout a person’s life. DHA helps maintain and increase bone mass, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. DHA helps balance calcium levels, affecting the production and activity of osteoblasts.

+ Chondroitin sulfate: Is a structural component of cartilage, tendons, skin, eyes, nerves. Has the effect of increasing cartilage tissue regeneration, increasing joint synovial fluid. Thanks to that, it helps to stimulate the children’s cartilage to grow faster and more, so that the bones grow out faster.

+ Other minerals: Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, Silicon are minerals involved in bone structure

Does the daily diet provide enough nutrients for bones?

However, it is very difficult to supplement the diet with adequate and balanced nutrients to help children develop well, especially when children still have to go to school, parents work all day., I don’t have much time with my children. The optimal solution now is to use functional foods containing nutrients that are closely related to height growth such as: Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Manganese, Boron, Silicon, chondroitin, DHA, the most important is Vitamin D and MK7 Helps absorb and metabolize minerals into the bones, so that bones and cartilage will be long, strong, and supple. Choosing such supplements and height-increasing pills will create convenience and simplicity, making it easier for your child to fully supplement nutrients to help increase height every day, right from the age of 6 months. until after the age of 18.

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