What is the average height of an NBA basketball player?

The average height of an NBA basketball player is 6.63 feet, about 198.8cm, an impressive figure in the sports industry; This statistic is from 4,504 basketball players who have played in the NBA during 69 seasons, the above figures after analyzing have brought 6 interesting things, let’s find out with the article below.

Findings on the average height of NBA basketball players

1. The average height of basketball players playing in the NBA is 6.63 feet (198.8cm) and has never been lower than this in 39 seasons.

2. Point Guard is the team with the highest average height in the league.

3. 72% of athletes in 2021 are under 6.9 feet or 210cm, the most in the past 40 seasons.

4. A total of 40% of the points scored in 2021 will come from dunks, an increase of about 20% compared to previous years.

5. The big men in the NBA have a small number of big baskets, but they have the most 3-pointers and PERs in the tournament.

6. 53% of the best height players come from foreign players.

NBA basketball player’s height shows signs of going down

In the past 41 years, the height of NBA basketball players is showing signs of decline, the players in the midfield position, passing the ball have a height of about 6.24 feet about 1.89m.


The weight of the players reached a high level, but it is also showing signs of decreasing since 2010/11; The average weight of a basketball player is 217 lbs (pounds) about 98.5 kg.


What causes height to go down?

The role of the basketball players is undisputed, but the fact that the players are smaller, but possessing speed, technique and shooting ability are being given more importance, they can make a difference. difference beyond the 3-point line.

Height is proportional to weight, slowness also makes tall players lose value, in addition, the competition rules in the NBA are completely different; Performance in this country is at the forefront, players with good technique will bring better effects.

The tallest NBA basketball players

1. Manute Bol

2. Gheorghe Muresan

3. Shawn Bradley

4. Tacko Fall

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