Who is Burberry Eric: his age and career revealed

Burberry skateboarder Erri performing with Playboi Carti at Ye’s Donda 2 party. Here’s what we know about fashionistas. Donda 2’s audition party will take place on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, at LoanDepot Park in Miami, where Ye made the sequel for the first time. The show was broadcast live via the rapper’s Stem Player and featured artists such as Future, Migos, and Souljia Boy who are expected to appear on the album.

Playboi Carti and Fivio Foreign join West on the Off The Grid stage, where figure skater Burberry Erie makes a surprise appearance.

Burberry Ery in Donda

A white-haired human figure was found on the scene. But many people don’t know who is who. because the stage was covered with fog and there was no light

However, it’s clear from the performance that figure skater Burberry Erie is passionate about Off The Grid. Who has such a special hairstyle?

He has several followers. But it has gained popularity among major pop culture influencers. He is a skateboarder and social media celebrity from Southern California known as Bam Margiela (real name: Eric Arteaga) and is about 24 years old.

Explore a career at Burberry Berry

The name Bam Margiela is a combination of her love for luxury fashion house Maison Margiela and childhood skateboarding icon Bam Margera.

However, he did not come up with the nickname. Rapper Reese Lafleur calls herself Yeezy Busta on the Legit Check podcast.

According to her grandmother, she was “obsessed with the Viva La Bam show” she had admired on MTV as a child. “Punk rock image and fun character”

Arteaga is a big fan of skateboarding and fashion as she can often be seen showing him off in unique outfits made from the latest designer brands and sneakers worth thousands of dollars on Instagram.

At the end of a perfect day, things only get better when it comes to Brandon Bill and his beautiful family. They’re just getting started. He revealed that he is not even rich in 2019.

She loves high fashion, so this celebrity combines her love of skateboarding, which started at the age of 12.

The skater, who grew up with her mother and sister after her parents divorced at the age of 14, described it as fashion that attracted her.

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He is friends with Playboi Carti and Virgil Abloh.

It’s unclear how Erri met Playboi Carti, but she appeared in a Sky video in 2021 and fans speculate that she was hanging out with Carti’s opium camp members.

Apparently, Erri was close enough to invite Yeezy to the Donda stage, especially when the designer sent him Yeezy Sulfur Knit Runners last year.

The same thing happened to Off-White designer Virgil Abloh after he saw a video of him skateboarding on Instagram. Erri was also popular before anyone else in Off-White X Nike and Air Jordan.

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