Who is Lior Bitton? It’s all about her husband Jenna Jameson’s age and status.

Lior Bitton is known as a diamond dealer. And he is nationally recognized as an entrepreneur. He is married to Jenna Jameson and we are here today due to his current internet popularity. We read this blog to know more about Jenna. Jameson and Lior’s husband Bitton

Let’s start by looking at the personality of Jenna Jameson Lyor Bitton and her character as her husband.

Who is Lior Bitton?

Lior Bitton is another celebrity with a Wikipedia page. He seems to be an introvert since he appears in very few video clips from media sources. This makes it difficult for us to extract information about him from the internet and the media.

But we can gather some interesting facts about Liora Bitton due to the celebrity status of the Jenna Jameson duo. They got engaged in 2015. Lior posted a photo together on social media. The couple currently has a son. According to The Sun, his name is Batel Lou Bitton, who was born in 2017 and is now five years old.

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Lior Bitton’s height and weight

How tall is Lior Bitton? He is very handsome and has a good personality. The businessman is about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 75 kg, he has black eyes and black hair.

Jenna Jameson, Lior Bitton’s husband

Titi Ortiz had an affair with Lior and they had two children. Before Jenna Jameson got involved with Titi Ortiz, Lior had three children from that relationship while Titi Ortiz was in a relationship with another man, and she also has two children from her previous relationship. Lior is said to have served in the Israeli army before becoming a businessman.

Jenna, I Dream of Jenna, Porncopy, Zombie Strippers etc. He has appeared in many popular shows such as Jenna was married twice before getting engaged to Lior, Brad Armstrong, and Jay Grdina as her ex-husband.

Lior Bitton: age and condition

Lior Bitton is an Israeli business owner from Herzliya, Israel. Users can find her on Instagram by searching for @liorbitt, and her account has 18.5k likes, but Jenna’s name is now on Wikipedia, but Lior Bitton isn’t.

Lior Bitton is a 48-year-old man from Israel. He is born on December 23 every year as it is not a personal matter so his net worth is not estimated but his fiancee Jenna has a net worth of $5 million and they are living a luxurious life together.

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