Who is Terry Uttley? Smokie confirms bassist’s death

Smokie fans mourn the death of original member Terry Uttley, who passed away this week in tribute to a “musician, gentleman and friend.”

On 16 December 2021, Mr Uttley was confirmed to have passed away. He died at the age of 70.

Who is Terry Uttley?

Terence “Terry” David Uttley is the bassist of the popular British band Smokie. He was born on June 9, 1951. Terry began his musical career at the age of 14 as the bassist for The Yen Ron Kelly, Chris. Original Smokie members Norman and Alan Silson have been with The Yen since 1963 and are looking for a bass player. In 1965, Terry created Heatwave Sphynx, Essence, The Four Corners, etc. He joined The Yen, also known as The Yen. Come on, Elizabeth, they’re all changing the band’s name. Group. In the end, they decided to prefer Smokey over the others.

Terry Uttley has been a regular member of the group as its formats have changed in the seven decades since the group’s founding. He plays bass guitar and sings in a band.

Smokey confirms Terry Uttley’s death

A short message about Terry’s death appeared on the Smokie website, praising his former bandmates:

“We announce with deep sadness and tears that our dear friend and bandmate Terry passed away shortly after his illness. He left suddenly and unexpectedly. Terry was a dear friend, beloved father, an incredible person and musician.”

“We are all very lucky to share such a long life and performances with him. Greetings and love to everyone who knew and touched Terry. We will miss him very much,” he said.

As a result, I asked my fans, friends and colleagues. “Currently, Worldwide respects the privacy of family members and group members.”

More on Terry’s time with Smokey.

Terry has released 21 studio albums under the Smokie name, beginning with Pass It Around in 1975 and ending with Take a Minute in 2010. Their success in the music business has also seen the band collaborate with Agnetha Fältkog with their opening song “Once Burned Twice Shy”. English solo album Wrap Your Arms Around Me

The group is still going strong after seventy years of working together. Praising the late bassist, many said they had watched Smokey’s performance over the past few months and said he was “in good shape”.

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