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Stunna Girl is a great American rapper from California. She became a famous rapper on Tik Tok after the hit “Runway”. Stunna Girl net worth is estimated to be around $600,000. Find out more on the wiki, biography, age, career, net worth, boyfriend and other facts about him.

Stunna Girl Biography and age

Suzanne Sade was born on July 3, 1998 in Sacramento. California Unfortunately we don’t know much about his family. He has six brothers and sisters. Stunna Girl, including a sister, has been a rapper since a young age. But she took it seriously in 2018. He grew up listening to and learning from artists like Donell Jones, Sade, and others.

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confused girl Wiki / Biography
real name confused girl
Nickname staggering
known as rapper
age 23 years old
birthday July 2, 1998
Place of birth Sacramento, California
zodiac affliction
ethnic to mix up
Nationality American
sex long
religion Christianity
height Approx. 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
weight 62 kg or 146 lb.
body size 34-28-40 inches
bra cup size 34 cores
shoe size 5.5 (US)
eye color dark brown
hair colour Yellow
boyfriend / date Just
war situation not married not married
child Number
net worth $600,000 by 2021
Income rap career
favorite color Orange
brother or sister 6

Stunna Girl Height, Weight and Body Measurement

Stunna Girl is currently 5 feet 3in or 160cm tall and weighs 62kg or 146lbs. It is 34-28-40 cm tall. His natural hair color is black. But he can paint it pink, blue or red and his eyes are black depending on his mood.

Stunna-Girl-height and weight

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Rap career Stunna Girl

  • Stunna Girl started rapping seriously at the age of 19. His first music video was “Real Rap”.
  • He released the music video for his next song “Real Rap” on TF Circle Entertainment’s YouTube channel.
  • Also “I Got The Clout”, “Back In The Day”, “Boss Sh! T” and “That Piece”.
  • He released “On the Record” followed by “Tap Out” in June 2018.
  • The year concluded with the release of “Break Ya Pumps”, a track from Philthy Rich’s “Fake Love” album.
  • In February 2019, Stunna Girl’s “Sun Roof”, “You’re Neva”, “I’m Yo B.tch” and “Bo $$ sh! T. Blaatina, Lil Yi and Lil Twist were also featured on the album.
  • After going viral on Tik Tok, Stunna Girl became an instant hit.
  • Lauren Gray, Jacob Sartorius and Nikita Dragon are among the social media influencers who share their music.
  • His song entered the top 5 of the US Spotify Viral 50.
  • In May 2019, he was featured in the song Danger, a track from the BandGang album Lonnie Band KOD.
  • A month later, VVS released a new song “No Hook” with Beezy.
  • He signed a recording deal with Capitol Records in August 2019.

Stunna Girl Net Worth 2021

Stunna Girl net worth is $600,000 in 2021. As he releases his new album and continues to perform live, his earnings come from music sales, live performances and streaming platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud. His net worth will increase.

Stunna Girl on Instagram

Stunna Girl is active on Instagram, her Instagram username is stunnagirl and she has 216 followers on Instagram.

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