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Yoon Chang Yong is a South Korean actor. She started her career as a child actress and is widely known for her role in the Netflix series 2022 We All Die. He was born on April 25, 2001 in Seoul, South Korea.

He is 20 years old as of 2022. Korean and multiethnic. learn more about Yoon Chan YoungFROM Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Occupation and more real about her.

Yoon Chang-yong’s profile

  • Name: Yoon Chan Young
  • Hangul:
  • Born: April 25, 2001
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • height:
  • Blood group:
  • yooncy1

Yoon Chang Yong’s height and weight

How tall is Yoon Chang Yong? About 168 cm or 1.68 meters or 5 feet 6 inches tall. The player’s weight is about 75 kg or 165 pounds. In addition, the details of the player’s other body measurements such as chest, waist-hip circumference, suit size, biceps are also under examination. Also, the British actor has dark brown eyes and hair of the same color.

Movie about Yoon Chang-yong

Not Your Fault | Eoje Ileun Mode Gwaenchanha (2019) – Jun Young / Ji Geun

birthday | Seng-gil (2019) – Suho

mother | Dangchinui Butak (2018) – Jung-Wook

Funeral Tomb | Sonyeogoedam (2014) – Insu (young)

Sewer | Luke (2014) – Suchul (young)

heritage | Ibbeun Geotdeuli Doeeora (2014) – Han Jung Do (child)

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Drama Yoon Chang-young

youth breaking the law | Sonyeonbihaeng (Olleh TV-Sezn / 2022) – Gong Yun Tak

we all died | Jigeum Woori Hakkyeun (Netflix / 2022) – Lee Chung Sang

Do you like Brahms? Beuramseureul Joahaseyo (SBS / 2020) – Seung Jimin

Nobody Knows | In Amoodo Purple (SBS/2020) – Ju Dong Myung

John | Wisa Johan (SBS/2019) – Lee Ki Suk

17 more | Seoreunijiman Yeolilgobibmida (SBS/2018) – Gong Woo Jin (young)

Oh Mystery | Uimoonui Ilseung (SBS / 2017-2018) – Kim Jong Sam (young)

king in love | Wangyn Saranganda (MBC/2017) – Wang Rin (young)

Romance Doctor | Nangmandakteo Kimsabu (SBS / 2016-2017) – Kang Dong-joo (young)

The wind is blowing | Buleora Mipunga (MBC/2016-2017) – Lee Chang-Go (young)

Gum | Pung Seung Eom (tvN / 2015) – Park Ri-hwan (young)

Throne Roots | Yukryeonggi Naresh (SBS / 2015-2016) – Ddang-se (young)

Hwajeong (MBC/2015) – Hong Joo Won (young)

Mother (MBC / 2014) – Han Gee-ru

Thap Dong, Memoirs of a Murderer | Gapdongi (tvN/2014) – Ryoo Tae-Oh (boy)

Monster (Mnet-tvN / 2013) as Jung Sung-woo (young)

When do men love | Namjaga Saranghal Ddae (MBC/2013) – Lee Jae Hee (young)

Drama Yoon Chang-young

Seventeen Statuses | 17 Seui Jogeon (SBS / 2019) – Go Min Jae


Best Actor and Actress (“Dr. John”) – 2019 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2019

Best Child Actor (“Mom”) – 2014 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2014

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