What is the average height of American?

It is a fact that Americans have a very ideal height. Once upon a time, the United States was ranked first in the ranking of the tallest countries in the world. Achieving this height is thanks to their extremely scientific lifestyle.

What is the average American height?

According to the updated Wikipedia list of countries/regions by average height in 2019, the average American height is 170.1cm (5ft 7 in). In there:

– The average American male height is 176.9cm (5ft 9½ in).

– The average height of American women is 163.3cm (5ft 4½ in)


What is the average height of Americans in the world?

Also based on the updated list on Wikipedia, the average height of 170.1cm (~5ft 7in) of Americans is ranked 52nd out of 201 countries/regions in the world. This may be what countries in Asia, including Vietnam, wish, but for Americans, this is not a happy thing.

In fact, Americans used to be at the top of the world height rankings for a period of time. According to experts, the average height of Americans today is only equal to the height of Americans 45 years ago.

In the following time periods, unequal access to nutrition and medical care in the US gradually led to a height gap, Americans gradually dropped in rank and, as of today, ranked 52 out of 201 countries in the world. family.

How to increase American height effectively?

At the present time, Americans are still constantly investing in the health and height development of future generations. The height of Americans is increasing day by day after the period of “regression”. So what effective ways are Americans applying to increase height?

Adjust the diet more scientifically

The difference in nutritional needs is one factor that contributes to the height difference. Therefore, to improve height, we need to pay much attention to the adjustment of scientific diets.

Nutrients that you need to pay special attention to include:

Calcium: Milk, sardines, brussels sprouts, soybeans, green leafy vegetables, orange juice, etc.

Protein: Eggs, meat, fish, milk and dairy products, legumes, etc.

Vitamin D: Fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel), cereals, cow’s milk, eggs or animal organs, etc.

Zinc: Asparagus, chocolate, eggs, peanuts, etc.

Establishing the habit of eating right and enough meals is also important. Americans have 5 meals a day (2 snacks and 3 main meals). If 3 main meals provide enough nutrients, there is no need for 2 snacks.

In addition, do not forget to minimize fast foods, oily foods, sweets, carbonated and alcoholic drinks. These foods can cause nutritional imbalance, obesity and some diseases that can affect height.

Being physically active, especially playing basketball

Being physically active is one way for Americans to maintain a healthy body weight, especially as they live in a fast-food paradise with favorites like fried chicken, fries, hamburgers, and sodas. …

Americans love to play basketball, this is considered the “king sport” of this country. Therefore, playing basketball is a way to increase the height of Americans.

Movements such as running, reaching, stooping, jumping will have a strong impact on bones and promote height growth. When running continuously, the nerves in the feet are activated, thereby increasing the activity of the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone.

Meanwhile, with the contraction – stretching operation when jumping to throw the ball, the joints in the legs are affected, promoting the proliferation and accretion of cartilage. These effects will help your height increase.

In addition to basketball, you can also choose other sports such as swimming, volleyball, badminton, running or performing exercises to increase height (will be revealed in the next section).

Sleep is the most important thing

To increase height effectively like Americans, do not take sleep lightly. Young Americans are very aware of the importance of sleep and understand that more than 90% of the height increase process takes place at this time.

The National Sleep Foundation’s recommended amount of sleep by age:

Age 35 years old 6-13 years old 14 – 17 years old 18-25 years old
Time 10 – 13 hours 9 – 11 o’clock 8-10 hours 7-9 o’clock

It is important that you have good habits before going to bed to sleep easier and sleep more deeply such as drinking 1 cup of warm milk, eating nuts, bathing or soaking your feet in warm water, doing stretching exercises. .

Keep the spirit happy and optimistic

Poor mental health can keep you from reaching the ideal height as Americans. Good spirits will positively affect the endocrine glands, promoting them to work more efficiently.

Some of the ways Americans often do to stay happy and optimistic:

– Always do the work according to the set timetable.

– Enhance sports club activities, meet friends.

– Share with family and friends when facing difficulties and needing support.

Use supporting products

Americans are very fond of using support products to improve height and this has become a trend in other countries. Through supporting products, the body will be met with the maximum amount of nutrition needed to improve height.

American height increasing products are researched by leading experts in the country, manufactured on modern production line technology, using natural materials, safe for health.


Effective American height increase exercise


Swing is an exercise to increase height that Americans do regularly. They will practice in the early morning or late afternoon. Manipulating the body to help loosen the spine, facilitate the growth of bone length.


Push-ups require the whole body to work. When performing this exercise, the spine is released from the weight pressure. Meanwhile, the muscles in the abdomen, back, and legs are stretched to the fullest extent. These movements promote and stimulate the musculoskeletal system to work efficiently.

High jump

If you want to improve your height as effectively as Americans, don’t skip the high jump exercises. Continuous stretching and stretching will create conditions for the joints to work continuously. This stimulates the proliferation of bone cartilage to help you grow taller.

Leg weight training

Do not skip the leg weight exercises if you want to increase height effectively like Americans. When lifting the leg high, wear weights to create weight in the leg, thereby lengthening the bone. This exercise also strengthens the leg strength.

Foods that increase height that Americans add

The foods that increase height that Americans commonly use today to improve height:

– NuBest Tall: Supplement with Calcium (Nano form), Collagen type 2 (hydrolyzed form), 5-HTP, Ginkgo biloba and 7 herbs (Do Trong, Ngoc Truc, Xuyen Khuong, Ich Mau, Phuc Linh Mushroom, Velvet). Deer, Hai Sam is for people from 5 to 20 years old.

– Doctor Taller: Supplement Calcium (nano form), Zinc, vitamin D3, vitamin K2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and 3 amino acids including L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Lysine to promote bone growth for children 8 years and older.

– Doctor Plus: Supplement important ingredients for bones including Calcium (nano form), Collagen type 2 (hydrolyzed), Magnesium, Phosphorus, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and Eucommia ulmoides for subjects 10 years and older.

– Bio Island: The main ingredient of this product is Lysine – One of 12 important amino acids in the body. Lysine helps absorb calcium for the body, improves digestion and immune system.

PeakRise: Supplementing with Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D3 to support height growth and comprehensive development of the body.

– Height Growth: Supplement with Calcium, zinc, creatine, vitamin D3, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, 5-HTP and GABA to support maximum height growth.

Surprisingly, Americans only use products that have been tested and certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is also a genuine US buying tip that you should know.

What factors do Americans increase in height about the most?

To increase height effectively, Americans pay equal attention to all 3 factors: nutrition, exercise and sleep. Maybe in the present, Americans in the present are paying a lot of attention to nutrition and bringing it back to its original trajectory.

Because along with the “proliferation” of fast food restaurants, the eating habits of young Americans are also changing rapidly, leading to about a quarter of the population being obese. This is also a reason why the average height of Americans has dropped.

The ways to increase height of Americans such as nutritious meals, limiting fast food, exercising the body by swing exercises, wearing weights, basketball, … take care of sleep or use support products Support are all good ways that you can apply in practice. Selecting and combining these methods will partly help you achieve your ideal height.

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