Exercises to increase height in 1 week (5cm taller)

Exercise and sports are methods of physical exercise to help improve health and support bones and joints. Children and adolescents of physically developing age participate in daily exercise to promote rapid height gain. Here are the top exercises to help you grow quickly, soon achieve the desired physique results.

How does regular exercise affect height?

Regular exercise routine helps ensure 20% of the height growth of each person. Physical activity affects the development and health of the entire musculoskeletal system. The human body in a normal state is compressed, movement helps the ends of the bones to be pulled away, creating space for the bones to stretch, which means an increase in bone length.

On the other hand, exercise and sports will strengthen the solid bone structure and increase bone strength. Healthy bones will have better growth conditions. The scientific exercise plan also helps you lose weight, so that your body becomes balanced, creating favorable conditions for height growth.

What exercises help to increase height quickly?
What exercises help to increase height quickly?

Best workout time to improve height

Usually, the most popular time to exercise is in the morning after waking up and late in the afternoon. After a long night’s sleep, the bones in a static state need to be “awakened” with exercise. Afternoon after tiring study, exercise also helps you relax, easily achieve high performance to improve height. Sometimes, noon and evening, especially the time before going to bed, are also used to practice exercises suitable for this time.

List of the best height increase exercises today


In a complete cycling cycle, the foot must do all the movements: Pull, push, lift, pedal. The shin bones, hamstrings, hip muscles, thighs … are strongly affected in each cycling movement. Cycling is considered an ideal exercise to strengthen the leg bones, you can apply to have long legs. Cycling outdoors or exercising on a treadmill at home both provide similar height-increasing effects.

Note, if cycling outdoors, choose a fresh area with limited noise. A small tip to increase the difficulty of the exercise, stimulate the bones to grow faster is to adjust the saddle. After a while getting used to the exercise and bike, you raise the saddle about 0.6 – 1.2cm, requiring your legs to stretch more to pedal down.

Cycling every day to have long legs
Cycling every day to have long legs


The body in a normal state is compressed, skipping rope helps to release muscles, pulling away from the ends of bones to enhance development. Jumping rope is also an ideal calorie-burning exercise with about 150 calories burned in 10 minutes of jumping rope. You increase the difficulty of the exercise by changing the state of your legs when jumping, such as bending your legs, crossing your legs, etc., depending on each person’s ability to endure the force.


Running is a familiar form of exercise in many families, simple exercise should be popular. Running every day, especially the sprint style, has the effect of creating cracks in the bones. Through a nutritionally complete diet, nutrients are added to the cracks, which means lengthening the bones. Jogging also helps you lose weight, keep your weight stable to increase your height.

File menu bar

The movements when practicing the barbell will lengthen the body and release the skeletal muscles. The barbell exercise also helps to tone muscles, which is very suitable for men who are in the development stage. You prepare the bar with the appropriate height for the current height, grasp the bar firmly and hang freely on the bar. You put strength into your shoulders and hands to push yourself up until your chin exceeds the bar, hold the position for about 5 seconds, then release your body to the prepared state. Each training session can be performed 10-20 times depending on the ability to practice.

Cobra pose

This is a typical yoga exercise for young people who want to increase height. How to practice is simple, you can follow these steps:

  • Lie face down on the exercise mat, legs straight, arms bent, next to the chest.

  • Put your hands on the floor as a fulcrum to lift your upper body up.

  • Try to tilt your neck back and bend over, keeping in mind that the area from your butt to your feet remains on the floor while lifting.

  • Hold the pose for about 10-15 seconds and then relax back to the original state, relax for about 30 seconds and then continue to repeat the movement for about 5-10 more times in each training session.

Stretching with yoga exercises to increase height
Stretching with yoga exercises to increase height

Baby Pose

This exercise is often applied before bedtime to relax bones and joints, help you sleep better, and still have the effect of growing taller. In a kneeling position on your legs, you slowly bend forward until your long arms reach down to the mat. You try to hold the pose for as long as possible (about 15-20 seconds), then relax and continue to repeat 3-5 more times.

High jump

Jumping exercise helps the body to release musculoskeletal muscles, promoting the growth of the ends of the bones to lengthen the bones. This exercise can be practiced in many different forms such as jumping combined with squats, raising knees, landing with knees bent… to improve the effectiveness of height gain for practitioners. You should wear shoes when exercising to limit direct contact of your feet on the floor, causing foot damage.


Plank helps you keep balance, correct posture, strengthen bones. Plank helps to reduce belly fat very well, so it is chosen as a weight-adjusting exercise. To practice plank properly, in the prone position on the exercise mat, you support the hand from the wrist to the elbow down, the toe to the ground. You try to keep your body straight in the plank position for as long as possible, at first you can practice for 30 – 45 seconds, then you gradually increase the time according to your ability.

Bend exercises

Bend over helps keep legs straight, exerts force on legs, stretches back muscles. This exercise helps to lengthen the bones and strengthen the body’s flexibility. How to practice as follows:

  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands placed along the body.

  • Slowly bend over, arms extend as far as possible and touch objects within reach such as toes, shins…

  • Hold the pose for as long as you can, then relax, relax your body for about 1 minute and repeat the movement 3-5 more times.

Pelvic Lifting Pose

The pelvis, along with the spine, is responsible for supporting the body. This is an important bone position to support the height development process. You can do the pelvic lifting exercises at home by yourself through the following steps:

  • Lie on your back on an exercise mat, legs straight, hands placed along the body.

  • Put your palms down, put strength into your hands, bring your legs close to your butt to raise your hips up.

  • Hold the position for about 10 seconds, then lower your body, relax, and continue to repeat the movement about 10-15 times in each training session.

Men can do the pelvic lift to increase height
Men can do the pelvic lift to increase height

Shallow swimming exercise

If you cannot swim underwater, you can also practice the same movements on land. The shallow swimming exercise has the same limb postures as swimming, helping to lengthen bones, stretch muscles of the whole body, creating motivation to accelerate height growth. In a prone position on an exercise mat, legs straight behind, arms stretched forward. You raise your left leg and right arm at the same time to an angle of 20 – 30 degrees for about 5 – 10 seconds and then switch arms and legs.

Bow Pose

The exercise helps you to stretch the bones of the whole body slowly, and at the same time train the body to be more supple and flexible. Practicing bow pose helps you both lose weight and grow taller easily. The steps are as follows:

  • Prepare by lying on your stomach on an exercise mat, breathing evenly.

  • Slowly tilt your head back, legs bent, this time you try to reach your hands behind you to grab your legs.

  • Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds, then relax and continue to repeat about 10 times in each training session.

Triangle pose

The exercise both exerts force on joints and helps you train your balance through the following steps:

  • Prepare with an upright position, relax your arms and legs, and breathe evenly.

  • Raise your arms to the side, your left leg gently rotates to the right, and your knee is fully stretched.

  • Bend your body to the right, touching your fingertips to your toes.

  • Extend your left arm straight up so that your hands form a straight line.

  • Hold the pose for about 20-30 seconds, then relax back to the prepared state and continue the movement by switching sides and hands.

Flexible body, well-balanced body with triangle pose
Flexible body, well-balanced body with triangle pose

Warrior Pose

Simple exercises suitable for all subjects from children to teenagers. The training steps are respectively:

  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart.

  • Take a step to the left to create space between your legs, raise your arms across, and your head and left foot turn to the left.

  • Hold the pose for 10 seconds, then release your body back to the starting position.

  • Continue to repeat the movement with the right leg, doing 5-10 times on each leg is reasonable.

Tree pose

  • Stand up straight, hands placed along the body, legs close together.

  • Raise your arms high and clasp them above your head.

  • Bend one leg so that the sole of the foot touches the thigh or knee of the other leg.

  • Hold the pose for about 5-10 seconds, then return to the original state, continue to repeat with the other leg, changing legs continuously about 10 times.

Sports that help improve height effectively


Swimming is an ideal height-promoting sport thanks to its ability to exert force on all muscle groups of the body. Water resistance requires swimmers to work with full force to move and move forward. Thereby, the spine is fixed, the bones of the limbs are lengthened, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are improved in function. Swimming is also a way to burn calories to help you stabilize your weight, facilitating height growth.


Basketball is a competitive sport, requiring you to move continuously on the court, wriggle past your opponent and perform the following movements: Jump high, throw the ball into the basket, run, dribble… Not just push the ball. promote bone and joint training, increase muscle strength but also stimulate the body to produce growth hormone. These are excellent conditions for optimal height growth, you can consider training.

Continuous high bounce helps to lengthen bones easily
Continuous high bounce helps to lengthen bones easily


Similar to basketball, volleyball helps to tone muscles, strengthen bones and joints, and stimulate bone growth. Volleyball also supports you to exercise endurance, improve your respiratory system, and enhance mobility. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can still try to practice and play volleyball during the height development phase to soon achieve the desired shape.


Playing badminton helps train your reflexes because you have to guess the direction of the shuttle to fall in the right direction. The movements of running, hitting the shuttlecock, reaching out … in badminton impact on bones to help bones quickly grow in both length and strength. This subject has a simple play, both children and teenagers can practice easily.


Football requires players to run continuously on the field, including endurance running, sprinting, fast running … Playing football regularly will enhance flexibility, exercise musculoskeletal muscles in the legs. This “king” sport helps the joints in the back, neck and legs be stronger, creating conditions for better height development.

Tennis (tennis)

Tennis requires players to move constantly on the court. The force of the tennis ball is strong, so the body must also create strong forces, promoting bone elongation. Children as young as 7 years old can already learn to play tennis at a moderate intensity. You pay attention to choose a racket that is suitable for your appearance and grip to ensure performance.

Learning to play tennis from an early age helps children develop a favorable height
Learning to play tennis from an early age helps children develop a favorable height

Climb the mountain

The subject of artificial climbing is very popular today, helping to train endurance for practitioners. Through climbing movements, legs and arms will reach longer, creating impact on the spine. At the same time, the practitioner also needs to exercise his brain to choose the right plaque for each climbing step. You should practice climbing under the guidance of a coach to ensure correct technique.

Martial Arts

Martial arts such as Karatedo, Taekwondo, Wushu, Vovinam… are quite familiar in Vietnam. Practicing martial arts at the age of children and teenagers not only helps to exercise their strength and increase self-defense ability, but also promotes bone health and helps the growth process take place more smoothly. Depending on the interests and abilities of each person, you choose the right martial art.

Sepak Takraw

Playing cloud bridge requires you to constantly move your legs through running, kicking movements… Thereby, the leg bones are trained to develop better, the leg muscles are also firmer. You can play rattan indoors or outdoors, both of which have similar health effects. Choose a quality bridge, choose a pair of shoes that fit your feet comfortably during exercise.


Aerobic exercise makes life more fun, people relax, and relax mentally. Aerobic exercises help train bones and joints, increase flexibility in hand-limb coordination. Aerobic exercise is suitable for women who want to increase their height but are afraid of vigorous exercise.

Fun aerobic exercise, optimal fitness training
Fun aerobic exercise, optimal fitness training

Note when performing exercises to increase height

Always start

Warm-up helps “unlock” muscle groups, bones and joints to easily receive the movements of the exercise later. A thorough warm-up helps you to avoid injuries that occur during exercise such as cramps, muscle tension, fatigue… In addition, after each exercise, you should gently stretch your muscles to bring your body back to its normal state. .

Clear plan

To improve performance, you need to have a clear and appropriate exercise plan for each time. The specific exercise plan will outline the ideal growth path, effectively increasing height quickly.

Reasonable intensity

Depending on the strength of each person, you practice with a reasonable intensity. Usually, the ideal time to practice is 45-60 minutes/day. If you do not have much time to practice at one time, you can divide it into 2 training sessions with the above duration. Moderate exercise helps to moderate movement of joints and muscles, preserving health and making it easier to grow.

Do not exercise when hungry

You should have a snack 45-60 minutes before exercise so that your body has enough energy for a workout session. Do not let your stomach go hungry when exercising, it will make the body tired, easy to cramp or get injured. You can snack with bread, bananas, nut milk, cereals… to add a moderate amount of energy for the training session.

Add enough water

Exercise makes the body lose strength, sweat a lot, need to replenish energy immediately with filtered water. Water lubricates joint cartilage, making movement more flexible. After exercise, you should also drink water in moderation to recover quickly.

Replenish energy with water during and after exercise
Replenish energy with water during and after exercise

Exercise and sports habits determine a part of each person’s height growth. Therefore, take advantage of the time you are still in the process of natural height growth (under the age of 20), pay attention to the exercise regimen to accelerate growth. With the home exercises and sports that we have just shared, we hope you will quickly choose the right form of exercise for your body condition to reach your full potential soon.

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