Some signs of stopping height growth that you need to know

Height typically undergoes continuous growth from the time of birth until around 18 to 20 years old, making it important to work on improving height before it becomes too late. However, the age at which height growth stops can vary among individuals due to various objective and subjective factors. Here are some indicators to be aware of regarding the cessation of height growth.

At what age does height stop growing?

After birth, our height undergoes continuous growth, with two notable stages: the first three years of life and puberty. During puberty, there is a significant growth spurt. Following puberty, there is a slower growth phase that lasts for approximately 2-3 years before eventually coming to a halt.

The age at which growth stops can vary between individuals and is influenced by factors such as gender. In the case of males, puberty tends to progress at a slower pace, resulting in a later cessation of growth, typically around the age of 20. However, some boys may continue to grow until the age of 22 if they follow appropriate methods for height improvement or due to factors such as delayed puberty or poor living conditions.

On the other hand, females experience early puberty, reaching their growth peak earlier and thus ceasing to grow at a faster rate. Normally, women stop growing around 18 years old. In some cases, if the growth plates are still open, there may be a minor increase of a few millimeters until around 20 years old.

Signs of stopping height growth in men

  • The hair system is almost complete, including the thighs, abdomen, arms, legs, and genitals.

  • Beard, mustache formed, voice broken.

  • Shoe size remains unchanged.

  • The genitals are fully developed, reaching adult size.

  • Height did not increase for about 6 months.

Signs of stopping height growth in women

  • Menstruation occurs regularly every month.

  • Breasts develop firmness, breast size expands.

  • The hair system such as fluff, genital hair, underarm hair… fully developed.

  • Height did not increase for about 6 months.

  • Other organs have grown to adult size.

  • Shoe size remains unchanged.

Reasons why height stops growing prematurely

Early puberty

According to medical experts, children with precocious puberty often have a fixed adult height that is shorter than those of the same age. When puberty occurs earlier than usual, the body will secrete a significant amount of hormones that make bones grow rapidly. However, bone age also ends prematurely, which means that bones cannot be stretched any longer to increase height. Therefore, children with early puberty will be shorter than their peers.

Unscientific nutrition

Nutrition accounts for 32% of a person’s height. The daily diet lacks science, does not ensure the content of groups of substances, especially those involved in the process of height development, making it difficult for normal bones to grow. This diet for a long time makes your body weak, gradually, bones will stop growing in length.

Lazy to exercise

Modern life makes you attracted to video games, computers, televisions… Over time, you are inactive, even potentially leading to inactivity. Laziness makes limbs less flexible, bones and joints are not moved much, reducing the health of these organs. Over time, the bone will fix, which means stop growing.

Sleep disorders

Most bones grow when you sleep, especially at night. If you don’t sleep well, sleep too late, or lose sleep, your bones don’t have the conditions to grow. On the other hand, growth hormone is also secreted most during the day when the body reaches a deep sleep state. Sleep disturbance causes the body to lack growth hormone, poor metabolism, and weakened ability to eliminate toxins… gradually, you will stop growing in height because you do not guarantee your health conditions.

Lack of sun exposure

Sunlight has the ability to help the skin synthesize a significant amount of vitamin D through the mechanism of ultraviolet radiation. People who are less exposed to the sun do not get enough of this vitamin, affecting the body’s calcium absorption process, leading to an early stop.

Prolonged stress

Stress and fatigue affect the nervous system. This symptom inhibits mobility, nutrient absorption, negatively affects sleep. People who are constantly stressed often have poor health, their body is unstable, making the height growth process adversely affected, and they are likely to have to stop growing early.


How do I know if I am still growing?

In addition to the ability to recognize by the high stop signs we shared above, you can also use medical methods to confirm this. X-rays of the bones of the wrist, knee, etc. allow you to determine the working status of the growth cartilage. If this cartilage is still open/active, you can still grow taller. On the contrary, if the growth cartilage has closed/stopped working, i.e. the bone has ossified, the height stops increasing completely.

Ways to improve height before it’s too late

Healthy eating

Nutritional investment in daily meals helps you ensure the content of nutrients according to the recommended needs to increase height. Bones need a number of substances involved in the development process such as calcium, collagen type 2, vitamin K, vitamin D , zinc, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium… These substances should be properly distributed in 3 main meals and 2 meals. snacks every day.

Exercise often

Spend 45 – 60 minutes/day, at least 3-5 days/week for exercise and sports. This habit helps to exercise the body, stimulates the production of growth hormone and promotes bone growth. You can choose reasonable exercises and exercises such as cycling, running, swimming, badminton, basketball, volleyball, jumping rope, swinging barbell, yoga…

Get enough sleep

A quality sleep will help the body easily metabolize, convert energy as well as eliminate toxins. To ensure the conditions for height growth, you need to go to bed before 10pm, sleep for 8-10 hours a day. Note that, to have a good night’s sleep, limit eating in the evening, do not use phones or computers before bedtime…

Sunbathe every day

5 – 10 minutes of sunbathing every day between 10am – 3pm helps you meet part of the recommended vitamin D needs. In addition, you can use more sunscreen products to limit the harmful effects of direct sunlight on the skin.

Limit unhealthy eating habits

Processed foods, fast foods, carbonated soft drinks… contain a lot of unhealthy fats, and are not recommended for consumption if they are in the growth period. A diet that is too sweet or too salty also adversely affects the kidneys, bones, and heart. Limit these eating habits to make the height growth process more favorable.

Do not use stimulants

In tobacco, alcohol, beer … contain many toxic substances, causing changes in the body. Toxic substances also inhibit bone cells, hinder bone growth and enhance bone resorption cells. Therefore, if you want a favorable and optimal height growth, you need to say no to these types of stimulants.

Posture adjustment

The posture of walking, standing, lying down, sitting… is very important because it affects the spine and pelvis. Always keep the correct posture, keep your back straight when walking, standing, sitting, lying upright and lying on your side. Thus, your bones are always strong, limiting crookedness and damage in daily activities.

Drink enough water

Water is considered an ideal carrier to help transport nutrients throughout the body. Drink enough 1.5 – 2.5 liters of water/day for the body to have enough energy to work, lubricate joint cartilage to help joints work flexibly. Note that you can calculate your own daily water needs based on the formula: Weight (kg) x 0.03 liters of water.

Using food to protect health (TPBVSK)

Currently, Vietnamese people tend to protect their health by using supporting products, including TPBVSK to increase height. These are products that add a certain amount of nutrients, mainly nutrients that are good for bones and participate in the growth process. However, on the market today, there are many types of TPBVSK, causing difficulties for users. Some tips for choosing a reputable TPBVSK you can refer to:

  • Origin, clear origin, can check information.

  • Optimal ingredients, easy to absorb form, right height increase.

  • Certified for safety and quality from reputable organizations.

  • If it is a foreign product, it is advisable to choose the type that is officially distributed in the country to ensure genuine imports.

Growing taller takes place in a certain time, so you need to take advantage of this time to apply scientific health care to be able to achieve the ideal physique. At the same time, save the signs that it is time for your body to stop high so that you can promptly take appropriate action.

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