Top 10 pilates exercises to increase height

The series of pilates exercises to increase height below that shares not only help you own an outstanding height, but also support effective exercise and stress reduction.

What are Pilates Exercises?

Pilates is a form of low-intensity exercise that works to strengthen muscles, correct posture and increase flexibility for the body. This is also an effective exercise to reduce belly fat and improve height.

Pilates was born around the 1920s, named after its founder, Mr. Joseph Pilates – a German who lived in England, then the US. This method was developed to create a new approach to physical training and body regulation.


Since its inception, Pilates has been very popular and has wide coverage in the US and many Western countries. Many famous dancers and actors at that time actively practiced this exercise.

The core of the Pilates exercise is to improve and protect the lower back of the body. Strength is concentrated in the lower abdomen, which includes the abs, spine, and flanks. Actively exercising, your muscles will be stretched, changing shape and whole posture.

Do pilates exercises help increase height?

The purpose of Pilates is not to increase height, but to focus on improving posture so that the body stands upright and looks taller. However, after practicing for a while, some people find that their height grows much faster. Currently, many people choose to practice Pilates to quickly own the desired height.

Pilates includes movements and poses that affect muscles, bones and many other tissues, including ligaments and tendons, stimulate chest expansion, increase flexibility and stretch calf muscles, and help legs. firmer and longer, thereby effectively improving height.

Besides, the body will get better strength and flexibility after a period of Pilates practice. As a result, the symptoms of pain in the neck and back are significantly reduced, muscle strength is increased, the body is more supple and slender.

If you want to increase height quickly and own a strong and attractive body, Pilates is the right choice for you.

What pilates exercises help increase height effectively?

Half Roll Back – Half Roll Back

This is one of the simple Pilates exercises, suitable for beginners.


  • Prepare in a sitting position on the mat, knees bent, feet on the mat

  • Interlace your hands and gradually lean back until 1/2 of your back touches the floor

  • Squeeze your abs and then reach back to the starting position

  • Repeat the exercise 3-5 times

Pilates exercise 100

This Pilates 100 exercise is one of the great options to improve height. Pilates 100 workout helps legs longer and slimmer.


  • Prepare in a supine position

  • Raise your knees up toward your chest. Head, neck and shoulders lifted off the floor

  • Arms straight, pressed close to the hips, legs stretched and raised high, eyes following the legs

  • Two arms raised above the head and then lowered continuously, combined with breath control

  • Repeat the hand movement 100 times

  • Do 2-3 sets per training session


Pilates full body roll exercise

This exercise helps to reduce body fat, especially the abdomen and legs. The curvature of the spine is very beneficial for the natural growth of height.


  • Prepare to lie on your back on the mat, straightening your arms and legs

  • Lift your legs up, bend forward, around your head so that your toes can touch the floor. Hands still pressed to the floor.

  • Hold the pose for 15-30 seconds depending on your strength, then return to the original position

  • Do the exercise 3-5 times per training session


Pilates – Swimming

Pilates swimming exercises stretch the abdominal muscles, straightening limbs will support correcting posture and stimulate effective height development.


  • Body lying on the stomach, arms and legs stretched out comfortably on the floor, head raised

  • Raise your left arm and right leg off the mat, trying to stretch your body. Hold for 10 seconds then lower

  • Raise right arm and left leg off the mat, hold for 10 seconds

  • Repeat 3-5 times with each arm and leg. Try to control your breathing steadily during exercise

Cycling Pilates exercise

With hand exercises, the right leg should stretch continuously, both to support the reduction of excess fat in the leg area, and to promote the lengthening of the leg bones, increasing the height effectively.


  • Prepare in a supine position, arms and legs comfortably placed

  • Hands clasped together, placed under the head, raising the head high

  • Raise your legs up high, perform an aerial cycling movement. Do the pose as you can, the longer the better

  • Repeat the exercise 3-5 times each training session

Pilates Bird Dog Exercise – Birds of the Dog

This exercise requires us to constantly kick our feet back. Regular exercise will make your legs longer and slimmer.


  • Prepare in a kneeling position with your knees, toes, and hands

  • Reach your right arm forward, and at the same time extend your left leg back by kicking hard, then bring your leg back.

  • Continue kicking your left foot back, repeat about 20 times.

  • Do the same with the other arm and leg 20 times

  • Repeat the exercise 3 times with each arm and leg


Pilates leg rotation exercise

Rotating the upper leg does not affect the hip and leg joints, helping the leg to be more flexible and grow in length.


  • Prepare in a supine position, arms stretched along the body, palms facing down, legs extended

  • Raise your left leg so that your foot and floor form a right angle

  • Rotate your right leg in the air clockwise for about 10 seconds, your back still on the floor

  • Reverse the rotation of the leg for another 10 seconds and then lower the right leg. Do the same with the left leg

  • Repeat the exercise 3 times with each leg

Pilates exercises to raise legs

This exercise is relatively easy, but if you practice it regularly, not only will your height increase, but the fat in your thighs will also be significantly improved.


  • Prepare in a lying position on the mat, one hand supporting the head, the other hand resting on the chest. The legs are slightly bent at the knees, close together.

  • Spread your feet wide but your feet still touch each other

  • Perform the leg movement about 20 times, then proceed to switch hands on the head, turn to the other side.

Pilates exercises lying on the stomach

With the Pilates exercise lying on the stomach, the thigh muscles will receive a strong impact, not only helping the thighs become slimmer but also burning fat in the abdomen effectively.


  • Prepare in a prone position on the floor, hands clasped together in front of you, back straight, legs relaxed.

  • Raise your legs up and then spread them shoulder width apart, then close them

  • Repeat this movement 20 times

Pilates exercises to lift thighs

This exercise helps to reduce thigh fat, reshape the thigh shape and increase the size of the round 3. Besides, it also helps the spine to be straightened and relaxed, which is beneficial to your height growth.


  • Prepare in a prone position, hands clasped under the face, thighs spread wide, palms pressed together.

  • Bend knees, calves and thighs form a right angle

  • Squeeze your stomach, lift your thighs up and then lower them 

  • Repeat the exercise about 30 times per session

Above are 10 Pilates exercises to help increase height effectively, simply, and easily. Try it at home to exercise and promote maximum height growth.

In addition to daily exercise, do not forget to maintain a scientific diet, sleep early and get enough sleep, and stay away from stimulants. This will help you have outstanding height and good health foundation, work and study more effectively.

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