14 ways to increase height at 16 quickly

Many parents fall into a state of stress, even depression because after a stressful day at work, they come home “troubled” because their children are stunted and short. How to improve height for children at the age of 16 most effectively? The following article of growtallerstrategy.com will be a great suggestion to help children increase optimal height, parents should apply as soon as possible.

Complete nutritional supplement

It can be said that nutrition is one of the most important factors for the physical and mental growth of children. Therefore, a reasonable diet is considered to have enough energy, enough groups of substances according to the recommended nutritional needs.

However, the supply of nutrients and the balance of the child’s diet needs to be appropriately divided according to the sex and age of the child.

The balance in the diet of children at the age of 16 includes:

– Balance between 3 substances providing energy in the diet, the ratio of energy provided from protein, fat, and carbohydrates must be appropriate.

– Balance the amount of protein, the ratio of animal protein to total protein.

– Balance in fat, ratio of animal fat to total fat, content of essential unsaturated fatty acids.

– Balance in carbohydrates, not too much refined sugar.

– Balance of vitamins and minerals.

In order for children to be fully supplemented with nutrients, it is necessary to ensure the diversity of their diets (with at least 5 out of 8 food groups), and properly prepare their meals so that their meals are diverse and retain many nutrients. matter.

When children ensure a reasonable meal, the body will have enough energy and nutrients needed for physical growth, brain development and health improvement. When children do not supplement with enough nutrients every day, children easily fall into a state of fatigue, poor performance, affecting the development of height and brain.

Food groups necessary for height

Here are 4 food groups that are more precious than gold to help children improve their height effectively that wise mothers need to understand to be good for their children.

Protein-rich foods: help children improve height and weight. Protein is extremely necessary to help children grow in height effectively. Especially, animal protein contains a lot of iron, which not only effectively prevents anemia but also helps to build cell structure and strengthen the immune system. Therefore, mothers can supplement protein for children from meat, fish, dairy products, soy …

Foods rich in calcium: help keep bones strong and long. Doctor Tran Thi Minh Nguyet, who specializes in I, said that calcium plays an important role in the process of creating bones, teeth and development of the body. When children are provided with enough calcium , bones will be stronger, grow taller and even prevent osteoporosis.

The recommended daily calcium requirement at the age of 16 is about 1000mg of calcium. Mothers can supplement calcium for children from milk, beans, shrimp, crabs, mussels, clams, dark green vegetables …

Foods rich in fat: provide energy, increase the absorption of vitamin D. Fat is considered a solvent to help dissolve vitamin D – a vitamin synthesized from sunlight to help children prevent rickets. , growth retardation, moreover also help children improve height effectively. Every day, children need to get enough 40-70g of fat. You can add saturated fat from meat, animal fat… Unsaturated fat from fish, vegetable oil…

Foods containing Collagen Type II help create new cartilage: Collagen Type II is likened to a pulling substance capable of connecting parts of the body together. If there is a lack of collagen, the body parts will become fragmented and cannot form a complete block.

Collagen Type II plays the role of providing the necessary substances to help build, nourish and maintain the health of joint cartilage, thereby significantly improving the height of children. When there is a deficiency of Collagen Type II, the child’s body has many problems with bones, cartilage, and joints, which seriously affect the child’s later height. Mothers can supplement Collagen Type II for children from chicken breast meat.


Improve eating habits that are beneficial to height

Drink milk every day

Fresh milk, yogurt, cheese … are famous foods rich in protein, calcium and vitamins A, B, D, E to help children grow up. Yogurt has the ability to support the digestive system and help children increase height effectively. The source of protein and vitamins and minerals in yogurt are essential for bone growth, contributing to strong bones and effective “stretching” of bones.

Don’t eat too late

Parents feeding children too late will cause the child’s stomach to work harder to digest food. When the stomach is working continuously, it will make the body unable to rest completely, the child will fall into a state of difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep.

If parents regularly feed their children at night, it will disturb the biological clock, causing the child to lose sleep in the middle, inhibit the secretion of growth hormone, and slow down the child’s height growth.

Eating late at night is a habit that is not recommended by experts because it greatly affects the height of the child in particular and the health of the child in general. Therefore, parents should arrange the most reasonable time for children’s meals so as not to affect the child’s development!

Limit a lot of beef

Beef is rich in acidic elements, mainly phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine – this is what causes the blood to be acidic. When the blood is acidic, the body must use calcium in food and calcium in bones to neutralize it, thereby increasing calcium evaporation and reducing calcium absorption in the body. Therefore, if the child is lacking in calcium, the mother should give the child a sufficient amount of beef and add other seafood and white meat.

Play sports regularly to increase height

Benefits of playing sports on height. There are many ways to increase height, in addition to applying the above-mentioned nutrition regimen, hard work and sports also play a very important role.

Movement accounts for 20% of children’s height growth journey, it would be remiss if parents limit their children’s physical activities to conserve energy. Because in fact, regular exercise will help children develop healthy, fight obesity and stimulate muscle growth.

In addition, physical activities also help children’s spine lengthen, improve posture, help children stand more upright and taller.

The sport that helps increase height at the age of 16

Basketball: When watching the competitions of professional basketball players, we easily see that they have a superior height than ordinary people. And basketball is the tool to help players conquer that height. When children practice basketball, which requires them to dance for the ball, jump to throw the ball, pass the ball and fight for the ball, it will help the child’s body develop stronger.

Swimming: This is known as the “king” sport that helps children develop comprehensively. Swimming helps children to have a flexible body, well-developed lungs, and blood circulation when children swim. In particular, when children perform continuous forward-stretching movements when swimming, they also help children increase their spine length, chest, shoulders, and height as a result.

Badminton: This is a gentle sport, so it is suitable for most children because of its simplicity but high efficiency. Coming to this sport, children are familiar with movements such as serving and receiving the ball, thereby understanding more about discipline and calm. Due to the need to pick up and hit the shuttlecock, move and jump, the child’s endurance and height are also greatly improved.

Jogging: This subject is very simple, does not require much in terms of equipment, but it requires a child’s perseverance. Parents should let their children exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to help them grow stronger and taller.


Note when playing sports to increase height

Start carefully and properly

Many parents underestimate the warm-up period before letting their children exercise without realizing that this is a very important activity. Before practicing, let your child warm up for about 15 minutes with movements to rotate the tense joints…

This process is essential to help the muscles relax, so that the child can adapt to the increased training intensity afterwards, in order to minimize the injury encountered when the child exercises. When the muscles relax, become flexible and flexible, children will feel easier when performing difficult motor movements. If you do not warm up, the body has not been warmed up, when exercising, muscle, tendon and bone injuries are easy to happen.

Work hard, don’t follow the movement

The process of sports movement requires slowness, care and precision in every detail. Therefore, in order to effectively improve height by exercising children, it is necessary to have patience and perseverance.

If a child is practicing or planning to practice sports to increase height, it is necessary to remember and pay attention that sport is not a temporary trend, much less can you do it according to your whims or desires. the will of others. It is necessary to exercise regularly, daily, in accordance with the procedure and follow the principles to achieve the desired effect.

Choose the best time to practice

To achieve optimal results, parents should consider the reasonable amount of time for children to be active. Each timeframe offers certain advantages.

When practicing early in the morning, the child’s body will sweat a lot, making the child more excited and feeling more awake. But if you can’t arrange the time, you can also let your child exercise at 4pm. Because this is considered the best time of day to help children achieve good exercise performance, good oxygen exchange and less exhaustion.

Pay attention to go to bed early to improve height at the age of 16

Most parents know that the quality of sleep is extremely important, greatly affecting the growth and development of children.

However, modern life makes parents very busy, going to bed late because of work and dragging children along with this schedule. This is really serious, in the long run it will affect the physical and intellectual development, especially the later height of the child.

Because a child’s height is not only related to genetics, nutrition, and exercise, but also related to sleep. In the process of development, the quality of sleep, the duration of sleep are the factors affecting the height of the child. If the child sleeps late for a long time, it will greatly affect the secretion of growth hormone, directly affecting the height development of the child.

Therefore, parents should put their children to bed before 9 pm because growth hormone is secreted most when the child falls into a deep sleep, which peaks around 10 pm to 1 am the next morning.

Sun exposure

Sunlight is very effective in synthesizing vitamin D, increasing the ability to absorb and transport calcium. In particular, for children, regular sunbathing will help develop bones, increase height, and prevent jaundice.

Health experts also say that less exposure to the sun is the leading cause of osteoporosis . Therefore, scientists recommend that we spend 20 minutes in the sun every day to have a strong bone system.

More specifically, regular sunbathing also helps children sleep better, because when exposed to sunlight, the optic nerve will transmit signals to the brain to produce melatonin – this is a sleep-inducing hormone. Therefore, when exposed to sunlight during the day, it will increase the production of melatonin at night, thereby helping children sleep better and grow taller.

Limit eating sweets

When you ask children what they like to eat the most, most of the answers they get are that they like to eat sweets. And almost a lot of parents also choose sweets as a reward to encourage their children to do something, without knowing that these sweets are the cause of their children’s height.

To metabolize as well as consume sugar from sweets, the body must consume a large amount of essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, sodium … and especially calcium. Therefore, if children consume too many sweets, calcium instead of growing taller will have to be spent on sugar metabolism.

If children regularly eat sweets, the body will not have enough calcium to develop bones. Therefore, in order for children to grow up, parents should limit their children to eating sweets and carbonated soft drinks!

Body weight control

With an overweight or obese body, children will become more inactive and sluggish, which is also a major cause of the child’s height increase. The fact that the body weight is too high compared to the tolerance of the musculoskeletal system makes children not dare to move and prefer to sit in one place.

This pressure also prevents the elongated growth at the top of the cartilage to increase height, so parents should build a balanced diet for their children to control the child’s body weight appropriately.

Provide enough water for the body

If you want joint cartilage to work smoothly and effectively, you need to pay attention to drinking enough water for your body. Besides, adding enough water to the body also brings many benefits to health, improving the digestive system.

Therefore, do not forget to drink a lot of water as recommended to be able to support rapid and effective height growth.

Limit eating too salty

The concept of salty food for deliciousness is only true for adults, but for children it is extremely salty and at the expense of health and height. Because when children eat too much salt, the amount of calcium that the body excretes through the kidneys will increase, causing bone deficiency and osteoporosis in children.

Therefore, parents should not let their children eat too salty, in the diet should reduce salt to create a balance for calcium, ie reduce calcium loss to the lowest level.

Choose the right outfit

The style, color, and texture of clothing can affect each person’s physique. For example, a long coat will be very suitable for children of relative height. However, for children of short height, this is the culprit that makes your child look like a “dwarf mushroom”.

Therefore, before choosing clothes for children, you need to know what design the child’s body shape is suitable for. Once you understand the child’s physical characteristics, choosing clothes for the child will be easier.

The purpose of coordinating outfits and bodies is through tricking the eye to achieve the impression of perfect appearance. Through changing appearance, choosing styles, colors, and materials, children will be taller and more perfect.


Strengthen resistance

In order for height to grow effectively, an important factor is also improving resistance. It is very difficult for a child with frequent illnesses to grow in height as quickly as other normally growing young people. That’s why you need to strengthen your child’s resistance

Limit prolonged stress

In the minds of many parents, stress is the prerogative of adults, and at the age of 16, “not enough to eat, not to worry”, there is nothing to stress to the point of stress. It is incorrect thinking that inadvertently hinders the height development of children without parents knowing.

For children who are constantly under pressure to do well in school, stressed with many assignments, they have to stay up late to study and, as a result, struggle to get enough sleep. Children’s anxiety, not getting enough sleep for a long time not only affects their height but also their health significantly.

Therefore, when children make mistakes or are pressured about their academic rankings, parents should not scold and punish children, but instead should pay attention, talk to children more to avoid the case of children falling down. into a state of severe stress and other more unpredictable consequences.

Improve body posture

If you want your child’s height to grow quickly and effectively, remember to pay attention to the child’s standing and sitting posture, and avoid letting the child stoop for a long time so as not to adversely affect the development of the spine. of children. If children have diseases related to scoliosis, their height will be difficult to grow effectively. Therefore, mothers need to pay more attention to improving body posture if children want to increase height effectively

Use support products

In fact, the daily meals of Vietnamese children do not provide enough micronutrients to help children increase their height, not to mention the unscientific ways of preparing food by the mother inadvertently reducing the nutrients significantly. nutrients found in food. Therefore, parents often tend to add these micronutrients from support products to help children develop the best height.

The advantage of using height growth support products is that they are non-toxic, safe and children can drink continuously for a long time without causing any side effects. However, to choose a reputable and quality product, parents should note the following points:

Should choose products of clear origin, priority should be given to products that have been granted a certificate of free circulation throughout the United States by the US FDA .

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to products with ingredients extracted entirely from nature such as Nano Calcium, Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II, precious herbs with 5-HTP and Ginkgo biloba, this is a group of nutrients that not only help children effectively improve height, but also help improve brain, increase resistance, help children sleep well…

Above are simple effective methods to increase height for children that anyone can do. Wishing parents success in improving their children’s height and helping them have the best body shape!

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