12 Bad posture affects height

Besides genetics, nutrition, training… posture is also an important factor affecting height growth. So which bad postures affect height increase that you need to avoid immediately if you want to improve your physique.

Anyone who wants to have a good height often spends a lot of time researching and investing in a nutritional menu, exercising regularly. However, unknowingly many people forget the important issue of sitting and lying in the correct posture. This has had a significant impact on the growth and improvement of height, especially in young children. Please refer to 12 bad postures that affect height to avoid immediately.

W sitting posture

The W-shaped sitting position is a very common position in young children. This position is not good for the height development of children. Because researchers believe that when the baby sits on his buttocks and bends his legs in the letter W, it has a direct impact on the leg muscles.


Besides, the bones of young children are relatively soft, so when sitting with the legs bent, it is easy to put great pressure on the cartilage, causing the bones to not develop optimally. Not only that, the W-shaped sitting position is also one of the causes of crooked or misaligned leg bones.

If children sit in this position for a long time, it will lead to deformed skeletal muscles, poor walking posture and severely affected height. If you find that your child has a habit of sitting in the W-shape, remind and guide the child to have a correct and more appropriate sitting posture.

The style of sitting on the ground, leaning back and straight arms on the floor

If you sit flat on the ground, leaning back and keeping your arms straight on the floor will cause your pelvis to pull back, out of alignment with the natural curve of your spine. Therefore, you need to “goodbye” immediately to this sitting position if you want to improve your current height. You can choose to increase your height by kneeling with your feet on the ground, keeping your back straight, toes touching the ground. Because this way of sitting helps to lengthen the foot parts, effectively stretching the leg muscles, which can stimulate height increase.

Back bent forward

When sitting hunched forward, the pelvis will tilt back to help balance the body and avoid leaning forward. This is the cause of the spine being bent into a C shape. Therefore, you will experience pain and tension in the spine and limit your height growth even during puberty. then.


Sit back and lean back

Sitting back is a position that is only suitable for some situations such as sitting in cars and airplanes. Because this position helps the body resist the push forward without support from the back. Still in other cases, having a recline means your body is sitting on an unsuitable surface. This posture will also put a lot of pressure on the spine, creating painful and uncomfortable pain.

Cross-legged sitting position

Sitting cross-legged is also the wrong sitting posture that affects height increase. When sitting in this position, your hips will be tilted upwards, thereby straining the spine. If you sit cross-legged, you need to adjust your sitting position to increase height by keeping your knees perpendicular to your hips so that other parts are not affected.


Sitting in a chair that is too low compared to the table

When the chair is too low, the body will also be lower than the table. This leads to a shortened pelvis and a crooked spine. Therefore, you need to keep your body at a 90-degree angle to the thighs to avoid adversely affecting the spine and height development.

Sitting in a chair that is too high for my current height

If you use chairs that are too high, gravity will be on your feet. To balance the body, the pelvis will tilt back, creating uncomfortable pain.

Sitting on a chair, soft pillow, mattress

When you sit on a chair, soft pillow or mattress, your buttocks will sink into the pillow and your pelvis will tilt back. The body will have to work harder to keep balance and you will not be able to focus on work or study. To avoid this situation, you need to sit on flat surfaces such as hard chairs, benches.

Sit swinging your legs or curling your legs up on a chair

Sitting swinging legs and bending legs on the chair are also wrong postures that limit the process of height development in children. The way to increase height for men and women is simply that you should get used to sitting with your thighs parallel to the ground, placing your feet on the footrest.


Sit with your hands on the arm of the chair

Currently, there are many types of chairs with armrests to support users. However, in the process of sitting, studying and working, you need to avoid sitting with your hands on the armrests of the chair. Because the armrest is usually not compatible with the length of the human arm. Put on the arm of the chair, your hands will fall into a state of contraction, the shoulders shrink, affecting the height of the body.

prone position

This is a bad posture that puts a lot of pressure on the spine. Not only that, but sleeping on the stomach puts a strain on the lower back as well as other joints and muscles, leading to a restriction in height growth.

In particular, if you lie on your stomach, your head will be tilted to one side or lying on the pillow will strain your neck, restrict breathing and blood circulation inside the body.

Curved back position

This pose is curling up, arching your back to the left or right, like the image of a baby in the womb. This sleeping position puts a lot of direct stress on the neck and back parts. This is also the main cause of sciatic nerve pain and limits the process of height growth, especially in children at puberty.

Hopefully with the above list of 12 bad postures that affect height growth, you can timely detect and adjust the appropriate posture to help children develop better height. At the same time, you will also avoid the pain related to bones and joints in general and the spine in particular caused by sitting and lying in the wrong position.

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