What are the advantages of owning the ideal height?

Why do you need to be tall? Because in modern society, besides ability, appearance also plays an important role, determining a person’s chances of success. In which the height factor is paid the most attention. Therefore, we need to make the most of all methods to improve our height right now, increasing our chances of reaping great achievements in the future. The following article of growtallerstrategy will help you better understand this

Having a striking height offers a multitude of advantages

In the crowd, the difference in height is the most easily identifiable factor, those with impressive height will quickly attract a lot of attention, then the face factor and finally the face. capacity. The superior height also offers a multitude of advantages that “dwarf mushrooms” cannot.

Apply to professions that are valued by society

Pilots, flight attendants, police officers, models… are all professions that are highly valued by society, with high income and working conditions with many attractive incentives.

However, to be able to pursue this job, before discussing professional competence, you must possess outstanding height. Depending on the characteristics of each job, the height requirements will be different.

To become a male model, the height must be 1m75 or more, female models must be over 1m65, female flight attendants must be over 1m58, male over 1m65… compare these height standards with According to the general height level of Vietnam, it is easy to realize that only a small part of the subjects can meet this requirement, then other professional skills can be considered.

Whether you have a good-looking face or an outstanding leaderboard, you will still be missed if you do not meet the minimum height standard.


Improve self-confidence

Possessing a modest height but having to compete with a superior tall person, our first feeling is often fear and anxiety. With this mentality, it is very difficult to show your skills, experience, and advantages, and the risk of failure is great. On the contrary, when we realize that we have an advantage in appearance compared to the opponent, we will confidently show all our strengths, the chance of winning will be higher.

Earn more money

A study in the UK has confirmed that taller people can earn more money, for every 1cm taller men will earn about 500 USD/year – equivalent to about 12 million VND. Tall people also have access to many high-paying jobs, so the higher income level is understandable.

Promoted to a management position

In prehistoric times, people of outstanding height would be seated as leaders because they were considered powerful, able to protect the community. This mindset is still continued to this day when the ideal leader is always someone with a tall appearance.

If two candidates have the same professional background and experience, the person with outstanding height will receive more attention and have the opportunity to be promoted to higher leadership positions.

Tall people are usually smarter

Scientist Riccardo Marioni told the Sunday Times : ‘We tested the genetic similarity of DNA between people with height and intelligence. As a result, we found an association between height and intelligence at a certain level.

Taller people tend to be smarter and more skillful.” Explaining this, many scientists believe that growth hormone and the brain are closely related. The high content of growth hormone secreted will stimulate the development of the central nervous system, helping us to grow taller, more agile and smarter.

How to own outstanding height?

Height growth depends on factors: Genetics, nutrition, exercise, sleep and living environment. In which, genetics accounts for about 23%, which cannot be changed, while other factors govern about 77% and completely depend on each person’s own health care consciousness.

Rest assured that, even though our parents are only of average height, if we properly pay attention to the factors that govern the growth of height, the chances of possessing the ideal stature are very large.

Building a scientific diet

Nutrition determines 32% of height, which is also the factor that accounts for the largest proportion. For maximum height growth, the body needs to be provided with enough nutrients: Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. In particular, special attention should be paid to supplementing with calcium , because this is the component that participates in the structure and is responsible for the health of the bones and joints.

The group of foods rich in Calcium must be mentioned

Fresh milk, yogurt, fish, shrimp, crab, squid, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes…. Every day, it is necessary to eat 3 main meals and from 2 to 3 snacks, pay attention to eat right meals, do not skip meals. In addition, you should stay away from foods containing harmful ingredients for bones such as: Beer, wine, coffee, carbonated soft drinks … because it can interfere with the absorption of calcium by bones, causing slow height. develope.

Exercise regularly

Exercising every day helps to increase metabolism effectively, supple joints, strong bones, stimulate growth hormone to secrete more, support maximum height growth.

Every day, we need to spend about 1 hour to exercise, practice sports that are beneficial for height such as swimming, volleyball, basketball, badminton, running…. It is recommended to exercise outdoors in the early morning or late afternoon to combine exercise and sunbathing, to help the body synthesize vitamin D, promote calcium absorption into the bones, and maximize height growth.

Go to bed early and get enough sleep

Sleep plays an important role in health and has great significance for the natural growth of height. Growth hormone – the factor that directly determines the height growth is secreted most at night between 11pm and 1am, when we sleep the most.

If you stay up late, skip this golden time, the amount of growth hormone is limited, the height will be underdeveloped. Besides, bones are mainly lengthened at night, when the body is completely resting, no longer under the pressure of weight, the bones have space to grow, helping to maximize height growth. You need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, including about 15-20 minutes for lunch.

The ideal time to go to bed is from 9 pm to 10 pm, the bedroom should be spacious, airy, no noise, little natural light. When sleeping, you should only use pillows of a moderate height, lying flat, limiting flexion of the limbs, which will hinder the development of bones and make the body tired after waking up.

Use products that support height increase

This is the right product line and enough nutrients needed to help bones grow well, height increase quickly. The content of each substance in the height increase support product has been carefully considered by the manufacturer, enough to affect the development of bones without harming health. This is the height improvement solution that many people trust and choose to use.

The market for height increasing support products is diverse but also relatively complex, there is no shortage of fake and imitation goods. If we buy these wrong products, not only can we not increase our height, but we will face many serious health risks.

Therefore, you need to learn carefully the information about the product: Manufacturer, formula, content, certificate… From there, consider and choose the right quality product, support height increase quickly without harmful to health.

Although height does not directly determine a person’s success or failure, if we only have a short height, we can lose a lot of valuable opportunities in life.

In addition, being tall or short is not determined by genetics as many people mistakenly believe, but in the way each person takes care of their health. If there is a method to take care and improve height scientifically, at the right time, we can completely conquer the ideal height and confidently conquer all challenges

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