Can I grow taller at 18 years old?

The standard height reflects how much you care about yourself. In adulthood, height is also considered a mirror of future success. The height of each person only grows in a certain period of time. If you still haven’t reached the standard size, can you still increase your height at the age of 18?

After the age of 18, does height still grow?

After the age of 18, your height still has a chance to grow. However, there are two things you need to keep in mind: Not everyone can grow taller at the age of 18 and the growth rate after age 18 is very slow.

  • The growth rate after the age of 18 is very slow

Since puberty, the cartilage layers have mostly solidified into bones. Characteristically, the cartilage layers at the ends of the bones have gradually closed. The growth rate in height after the age of 18 that you achieve can be 1-2cm or less than that.

  • Not everyone can grow taller at the age of 18

In fact, most girls find it very difficult to increase their height after the age of 18. Meanwhile, the ability to increase height after 18 years of age for boys depends on the age at which puberty begins. To know exactly if you are still taller, you can refer to the X-ray method of meniscus.

What is the standard height at the age of 18?

The standard height at 18 years old for men is 176.1 cm and the standard height for women at 18 years old is 163.1 cm. This is the data given by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2017. If you have not reached this height standard, don’t be sad, start improving now!

At the age of 18, how many centimeters will increase in height?

At the age of 18, your height can increase by 1-2cm or less, until the cartilage is completely ossified. Although you can increase your height after the age of 18, it takes more effort to achieve satisfactory results.


Summary of 13 most effective ways to increase height at the age of 18

Surely you already know that nutrition is the most important factor for height growth. But other factors such as exercise, sleep and living habits also need to be taken into account. The most important thing is that you need to be persistent in doing it to be effective.

Follow a scientific diet

Most people do not reach the standard height by the age of 18 due to inadequate nutrition. Meanwhile, growth hormone can be triggered by a healthy diet.

Instead of just eating 3 main meals, add 2 snacks (between breakfast – lunch and snack). Meals not only fill you up, but also provide energy and nutrients for the body to function.

Your 18-year-old height increase menu needs to have a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. These foods will provide calcium, zinc, manganese, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and phosphorus.

Some foods that you should consider adding to your diet include: soybeans, nuts, chicken, salmon, beef, green vegetables (especially cruciferous vegetables), products from milk, eggs, fruits.

Drink enough water according to the formula Weight x 0.03

To improve height at the age of 18, you need to drink enough water every day. Water supports the body’s functions by promoting proteins and minerals. At the same time, it removes toxins from the body and aids digestion.

How much water should an 18-year-old drink per day? You can calculate the amount of water you need to drink based on your weight using the formula Water Amount = Weight x 0.03 (liters). For example, if you weigh 60kg, the amount of water you need to drink per day is 1.8 liters.

Filtered water is the ideal choice to meet the amount of fluid your body needs. In addition, you can also choose fruit juice (natural, no added sugar). Limit the use of soft drinks and carbonated drinks.

Start sleeping at 10 o’clock at night

Sleep plays an important role in overall growth and development. Growth hormone is secreted in large amounts during sleep and will be reduced if you sleep too little. The following 3 things will suggest you how to optimize sleep to increase height:

  • 23:00 to 1 am is the time when growth hormone production is at its highest
  • Deep sleep is a condition for effective hormone secretion
  • 30 minutes from the beginning of sleep, the body enters a deep sleep state

This also means, you should start sleeping at 10 hours every night. To sleep better, you can apply some ways such as soaking your feet in warm water, drinking warm milk, eating nuts, etc. A well-ventilated bedroom environment is also essential.

Keep your head, neck and back straight

Practicing good posture is also a way to increase height at the age of 18 that you can apply. The way you position your body while sitting, walking, sleeping, or standing all affects your height.

Our spine has a natural curvature. Crouching, bending often can change the curve, causing neck and back pain. If not fixed, in the long run can cause “loss” of height.

Some tips to help you maintain good posture while doing activities:

  • When walking: Keep your back straight, keep your head up, shoulder bones and open.
  • When sitting: Keep your back straight, legs parallel, feet touching the ground, do not cross.
  • When standing: Spread your weight evenly across your legs, straighten your back, and keep your shoulders open

Exercise to optimize height at the age of 18

Exercise is an important factor to help you increase your height after the age of 18. You should combine both types of exercise including playing sports and doing full body stretching exercises. It is important to practice the right technique and have a reasonable plan.

  • Participate in sports activities (swimming, football, basketball, etc.)

If you want to increase height after the age of 18 effectively, choose sports that have a strong impact. Football, basketball, swimming or badminton, volleyball, etc. are all ideal choices.

  • Do weight-bearing exercises (walking, running)

When you have time, do weight-bearing exercises like walking or running. This exercise strengthens the bones of the legs, hips and spine. If you have joint problems, try combining exercise with swimming, machine training, or cycling.

  • Do strengthening exercises (lifting weights)

Exercises with weights have the ability to stimulate growth hormone, improve blood flow. As a result, bones and muscles are strengthened. Remember to only practice strange weights that are just enough to lift and perform the right technique.

  • Do exercises to stretch the spine (yoga, stretching, swinging)

These exercises help correct posture, restore joints, reduce pain in the neck, head, back. Before/after sports or before bed are ideal times to do them.

Maintain ideal body weight

When you are overweight, growth is affected by the hormonal changes that accompany the condition. Excess body mass makes you not sleep well and eat a lot of unhealthy food.

Being overweight can also reduce height due to poor tissue quality, leading to reduced bone quality and health. Thereby reducing the growth rate and can cause complications affecting height.

The only way to maintain your ideal body weight is to lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

Avoid growth inhibitors

With the desire to be taller at the age of 18, many of you rush to follow instructions on the internet without finding out. Growth hormone is only effective by injection, using oral tablets will not be effective. Instead, you should have a scientific rest and exercise to optimize growth hormone levels.

Limit products that affect height

Tobacco, alcohol, beer or drugs are all products that adversely affect height that you need to avoid. Not only that, but it also affects your overall health and well-being in the long run.

  • Tobacco: Tobacco use or inhalation of secondhand smoke can both affect growth. Because this product contains harmful nicotine and cadmium.
  • Alcohol, beer: Alcohol can inhibit the generation of new bone cells, weakening tissues.
  • Drugs: Initially, this addictive substance causes hallucinations. Later on, they weaken the immune system, reducing the ability to absorb nutrients.

Supplement vitamin D from sunlight 10 minutes a day

Imagine your body as a sunflower. When you have loaded up enough nutrients from the soil, provided with enough water to grow, there is only a lack of sunlight. Exposure to the sun for 10 minutes a day, your body will receive a significant amount of vitamin D.

Vitamin D participates in the mineralization process and maintains bone strength, through the following effects:

  • Stimulates and enhances calcium absorption
  • Maintain Phosphorus levels in the blood
  • Recovery of Calcium that the kidneys excrete

Instead of lying in one place to sunbathe, you can combine doing body exercises. Don’t forget to protect your eyes and top of your head with sunglasses and a hat.


Use nutritional supplements

Natural foods are a rich source of the foods bones need. However, nutritional deficiencies cannot be avoided due to poor processing, storage or local absorption. Complementary products can help you fill this gap.

The US is one of the leading countries in the field of functional food production. Products must meet the requirements of raw materials, production and packaging. In particular, it must be certified by the US FDA to be circulated domestically.

You can refer to some popular American functional foods such as NuBest Tall, Doctor Taller, Doctor Plus, Grow Power, etc. It is important to use according to the manufacturer’s instructions. combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Change your eating habits

The way you eat also determines the amount of nutrients the body receives to increase height after the age of 18. Some eating habits you need to change include:

  • Eat 3 main meals and 3 extra snacks during the day
  • Limit products that contain a lot of fat like fast food
  • Reduce the use of foods high in sugar, sweets, and carbonated soft drinks
  • Foods high in salt should also be limited

Focus on mental health and living environment

Long-term stress causes negative effects on height. Poor mental health can affect nutrient absorption, sports performance as well as insomnia or poor sleep.

Exercising, meeting friends, participating in community activities, talking with family and staying on schedule are all ways to relieve or minimize stress.

Choose clothes that suit your body

Choosing clothes is also an important thing to help you improve your height. An outfit that’s too tight can affect your nutrition, exercise, and even sleep.

  • Clothes that are too tight require you to control your eating to control your weight. This can lead to undernutrition.
  • Tight clothes can be detrimental when walking or doing sports, so you are more afraid to move.
  • A pajamas that are too thick in the summer or too thin in the winter can both reduce the quality of sleep.

The right outfit is not only comfortable, but also helps you look taller than you really are. Many young people are exploiting this factor very well.

Ideal height opens up many career opportunities, advancement, love for you in the future. Increasing height after the age of 18 is difficult, but not impossible. Hopefully, the ways to increase height at the age of 18 suggested above will help you.

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