The most accurate way to measure height

To know exactly what your height is, the only way is to measure your height. Using a tape measure is a quick and accurate way to measure height. However, if a tape measure is not available, is there any other accurate way to measure height? Let’s find out more details through the following article of Growtallerstrategy

Why is it important to regularly measure height?

In addition to weight, height is also an indicator of the healthy development of the body. So regularly measuring your height is also a way for you to monitor your health status.

By measuring the height regularly, we can notice the height change at the present time compared to the previous one. The results received partly reflect whether the height increase plan is effective or not. From there, adjust the diet, exercise and rest time more appropriately.

Regular height measurement is a way for you to monitor your health

In addition, regular height monitoring also indirectly helps us monitor health status. For example, a slower increase in height than before may signal that the bones are deficient in Calcium, Phosphorus, even the growth cartilage is showing signs of ossification.

Steps to prepare when measuring height

To measure the most accurate height, the first item to prepare is a ruler. The tape measure is the ideal choice, then the vertical ruler. If these devices are not available, you can “make your own” height increaser from items such as shoes, paper according to size, umbrella rope, …

Next, don’t forget to find a really flat place to put the ruler. In addition to the floor, don’t forget to choose a flat wall as a reflection point. This is an important preparation step so that you can measure your height accurately.

Finally, getting ready is also an important part of helping you measure your height correctly. When measuring your height, stand with your back straight, feet forming a V shape, eyes facing straight ahead.

How to know if the height is standard or not?

The height-weight-for-age table released by the World Health Organization (WHO) is considered a standard for the development of children and adolescents. Therefore, after measuring your exact height, you can rely on this Standard Height and Weight Table to know if your height is up to the standard or not.

The most accurate ways to measure height today

You can apply many different ways to know what height is. Here are the 3 most accurate height measurements you can make.

Measure height with a ruler

Among the types of rulers used to measure height, the vertical ruler is considered to give the most accurate results. The feature of this ruler is the vertical height divider and the horizontal slider on the top, which is both convenient for use and helps you measure the most accurate height.

different types of medicine
Types of vertical rulers used in clinics or gyms

When measuring height with a ruler, you can follow these steps:

  • Place the ruler in a flat position, return the slider to the starting point
  • Stand with your body against the ruler, adjust your neck, back, and heels to lie in a straight line, eyes facing forward
  • Adjust the slider to lightly touch the top of the head and stay still
  • Fix the slider in the measured position and then step away from the ruler

If you use a regular ruler, the distance from the ground to the slider is your height. If you use an electronic vertical ruler, the height will be displayed on the small screen in front of the face.

In addition, you can also refer to and choose the built-in vertical ruler. Not only helps to accurately measure height, but also can determine body weight.

Measure height with a tape measure

If your home has a set of tape measure, measuring the height is extremely simple. For more convenience, you should choose a flat floor position, preferably next to the door or in the corner.

A tape measure is also a popular tool used to measure height

The measurement steps are as follows:

  • Stand against the wall, clamp the tape measure at 0 below the left toe
  • Slowly adjust your posture and straighten your body, moving the tape measure along
  • Drag the ruler to the top of the head and use two fingers to grip the ruler at the point of contact
  • The measurement obtained at the position of two fingers clasped together is also your height

Measuring your own height with a tape measure is simple, but there may be slight errors. If you want to get the most accurate results, ask another person for help. The steps are as follows:

  • Stand with your body against the wall and adjust your posture such as eyes looking straight, chin down
  • Use a small box or ruler placed lightly on top of your head and perpendicular to the wall
  • Use a pencil to mark the contact points on the wall surface
  • Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the floor to the marked position, which is also your height

Measure your height with a ruler

In case, there is no vertical ruler or tape measure in the house, you can measure the height with a makeshift ruler. Although it takes a bit of time, you can completely trust its accuracy.

You can use many different items to make a temporary ruler, such as shoes, money, printed paper, etc. In addition, you also need a ballpoint pen or marker, and a small rope. The next content in the article will show you how to make a temporary ruler according to shoe size. The steps to make a temporary ruler are performed as follows:

  • Straighten the rope on the floor and then place the shoe on the string
  • Use a marker to mark the length of the shoe on the laces
  • Repeat this operation until a ruler length of 1m80 . ​​is reached
  • Straighten and stick the rope to the wall with masking tape
The shoe size conversion table in cm is used as a temporary measure

How to measure height with a temporary ruler?

  • Stand against a wall, on top of a ruler or next to a ruler
  • Adjust your back straight, heels forming a V shape and pressing against the wall
  • Use a ruler to determine the point of contact between the top of your head and the wall, which is also your height.

Tips to measure your height without using a tape measure

If you do not have a tape measure available, you can refer to and apply some suggested height measurement tips right below:

Measure your height with a ruler

This can be a bit time consuming, but it is also the most accurate way to measure height without using a tape measure. Use a ruler to measure from foot to head, mark where you measure and record there. Finally, add the numbers together and that’s your own height.

Print the height gauge on paper

You can search online for pictures of various height gauges, then download and print them out. However, do not ignore the ratio of the print to the actual to calculate the most accurate number.

Measure height by phone app

The strong development of science and technology has created conditions for height measurement applications on phones to be born. This way of measuring height is considered to be quite fast and accurate. After downloading the application, turn on the camera and return to your image, the software will automatically calculate and display the height.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can also use a height chart. This product is usually fixed to the wall with glue. You can find a height chart at a bookstore or stationery store.

You can refer to some height measurement apps on your phone

Things to keep in mind when measuring height for the most accuracy

To accurately measure your height, you need to note the following:

  • You should only measure your height in the morning when you wake up because the bones and discs are in a normal state at this time, the height is at the most accurate level.
  • The measured height cannot be accurate if you are standing with your back arched, legs slack. Instead, remember to adjust your body posture, the middle of the body is straight for the most accurate results.
  • Take off accessories that can affect actual height such as hats, hats, shoes. If your hair is tied up high, you should also let it down.

Hopefully the information in this article will help you more conveniently in determining your height. Finally, do not forget to eat healthy, exercise, get enough sleep and do healthy activities to improve height every day.

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