Does playing badminton help increase height?

Badminton is a simple and easy sport to play. This sport not only brings mental refreshment, supple health but also brings a lot of benefits to health. So does playing badminton help increase height? If you are also interested in this issue, please refer to the following article of

Research shows that we grow taller thanks to the development of the synovial cartilage layer in the body. When this layer of cartilage grows continuously, it will promote the length of the bones. In order for this area of ​​cartilage, especially the cartilage near the knee to thrive, mechanical stimulation is required, which means increased running, jumping and movement. That’s why to grow taller, you need to choose sports that are more about bounce, badminton is one of them.

Does playing badminton help increase height ?

Badminton is a team sport that is easy to play. Many people choose to play badminton to relieve stress, maintain health and flexibility for the body. However, there is another less mentioned benefit of badminton that is increasing height.

Just like basketball, volleyball… badminton is in the group of sports with very good reach. When playing badminton requires almost all the limbs, joints, and parts of the body to work, it is necessary to use movements with hands up high and legs running around the court continuously. Besides, the circulatory, respiratory, excretory, cardiovascular systems… are actively involved. Thanks to that, this sport helps to increase heart rate, increase body’s endurance; Improve eye function and increase brain reflexes.

So, answering the question of does badminton help increase height ? The answer is yes. The advantage of this sport is that it is less expensive and can be played at home. You just need to buy a set of badminton rackets and find an ideal partner to practice together every day. In particular, this can also be a family sport, helping to increase height for many ages, from babies to teenagers.

The best time to play badminton is in the morning or afternoon. You should maintain regular exercise, spend from 30 -60 minutes a day to play badminton. This exercise process will help the skeletal muscles expand, which is beneficial for height growth, and the whole body movement also helps to strengthen the body. Like many other sports, playing badminton requires you to practice the right technique to be able to promote all the advantages that this sport brings to your health as well as to increase your height.


How many times a week should I play badminton to increase height?

To help increase height effectively, you only need to spend 45 – 60 minutes a day playing badminton, which can promote the body to produce more growth hormone, thereby helping your height to grow and grow. effective development. One thing you need to keep in mind when playing badminton to increase height is that you should maintain regular exercise at least 4 times a week and avoid overtraining to promote effective height growth.

Necessary nutrition to increase height with badminton

Although badminton is a very good sport for your height growth, to be able to help your height grow fastest, you need to combine other factors including nutrition and sleep. Regarding the diet, you need to pay attention to supplementing calcium-rich foods, type 2 collagen to support the fastest bone growth, thereby helping to promote rapid growth in height.

How to play badminton for the best height growth?

Playing badminton or other sports has the effect of lengthening the spine, contributing to increasing height, but to achieve the desired effect, you need to combine it with proper nutrition.

Whether playing badminton helps to increase height depends on whether you have adequate nutrition to avoid losing strength and consuming too much energy when practicing.

It is necessary to ensure a diet rich in protein and calcium necessary for bone development. Foods such as: Lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, shrimp, crabs, snails, beans… are rich in these substances.

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