Can I grow taller at 25 years old?

Reaching 25 years old but the height is only average, many people want to improve their height to be more confident in life. But can 25 years old still increase height when puberty has long ended. The following article will help you answer this question.

What is the age to stop growing in height?

Height develops right from the first months of pregnancy and dramatically increases during puberty. But at a certain point, which can be different for each person, the bones can no longer grow, the height will stop growing.

The time to stop elevation is usually no more than 20 years of age in both men and women. Normally, women will go through puberty about 1-3 years before men, so the height also stops growing. On the other hand, genetic factors, daily health care can also affect the process of height growth and the stopping age.


Track your height growth and notice that your height has not increased in the last 1 year, most likely you have stopped growing in height naturally. Any attempt to increase height naturally will no longer work.

Why does height stop growing at the age of 25?

Height increases due to elongation of bones. But after puberty, the factors that directly affect height are growth hormone and sex hormone decrease significantly. The cartilage growth layer at the ends of long bones also solidifies and fuses with the bone, no longer being produced continuously as before. Combining these factors, height stops growing around the age of 20.

If the growth cartilage has fused, the bone can no longer grow, the height will “stagnate”. The fastest way to check the condition of the growth plate is to have a leg X-ray. Because the cartilage is not contrasted, it will be shown as a thin line. If there is no gap on the radiograph, the cartilage has completed the fusion process.

By the age of 25, most people can no longer grow taller. Learning to accept your current height is what you should do instead of “trying to eat sticky rice” believing in word-of-mouth advertising and unscientific information on the internet.


How to improve height at the age of 25?

Increasing height naturally at the age of 25 is impossible. However, you can look a little taller if you apply the following tips:

Choose the right hairstyle

A suitable hairstyle can make us look more dynamic, young and individual. In addition, being observant in choosing a hairstyle also helps you to be taller. For women, short hair or tied up is the secret to cheating on the top. Men can make their hair swept up at the top of the head to make you look taller. You can use hair gel to create this side swept hairstyle.

Regarding hair color, should choose deep colors, balance with skin color, limit too bright colors that can make the hair and face different, lose the sense of harmony and reveal the shortcomings of limited height.

Wear padded shoes, high heels

The height of the shoes is the increase in your height. The higher the shoe, the more noticeable the change in stature. However, shoes that are too high make walking difficult, dangerous, and unbalanced. 25-year-old women can choose high-heeled shoes with a height of 5-12cm to help slim legs and effectively increase height . Men can choose sports shoes, leather shoes with padded soles, insoles to increase their height from 3-7cm to be more confident in communication and work. Depending on the style – color of the outfit and specific circumstances to choose the right type of padded shoe and shoe height.

Matching the right outfit

Tall – short, fat – thin can all be “transformed” at will if you choose and combine appropriate costumes. For people who are looking to increase height, they should pay attention to the following important factors that will bring significant height hacks:

  • Clothes that fit the body, avoid clothes that are too wide or too tight

  • Color has a link between top and bottom

  • High-waisted pants and crop tops help lengthen legs effectively

  • Vertical stripes help increase height effectively

  • V-neck pattern elongates the neck and makes the body taller

Adjust weight

Being overweight or obese can make you look shorter than your actual height. If you already have a modest stature, you should monitor and adjust your weight at a reasonable threshold, reaching the standard for your height. To get the desired weight, it is impossible to ignore a scientific diet, exercise regularly and maintain a reasonable rest regime.

For those of you who are too thin, combined with your short height can make others feel you are weak. Pay attention to health care, adjust eating habits to improve weight.

Bone lengthening surgery

Bone lengthening surgery is the only way to increase height after the age of 25 – when height has stopped growing. With this method, the doctor will separate the tibia and fibula, insert a metal rod into the canal to fix it while waiting for the fibula and tibia to heal completely. In theory, you can increase your height as much as you want. However, the doctor recommends that you should only increase your height below 16cm so that the body is not out of balance and optimal recovery time.

Although there is considerable promise of a chance to improve height at the age of 25, bone lengthening surgery is extremely dangerous, with a high rate of complications if not careful during the recovery process. On the other hand, people who have bone lengthening surgery must have great stamina to be able to withstand the pain caused by bone lengthening surgery.

In fact, some people who stretch their legs have experienced an uneven development of the bones of their legs, making their legs long and short after recovery. Many cases of infection at the surgical site, damage to the nervous system in the legs lead to disability. Large scars on the legs are inevitable with bone lengthening surgery. The cost for this way of increasing height is up to hundreds of millions of dong, beyond the ability of many people.

You should consider carefully before increasing height after the age of 25 by bone lengthening surgery.


Is taking pills to increase height at the age of 25 effective?

The market of nutritional supplements to help increase height (also known as height increasing drugs) for adults in Vietnam is currently extremely exciting. Attractive advertisements: Increase height for all subjects, height 3-5cm/month, increase height for 30-year-olds… are widespread on online advertising platforms.

However, before buying and using these height increasing products, you need to understand that height cannot be increased if the growth cartilage has fused with the bone. The age at which cartilage and bone fuse is no more than 20 years of age in most people. Meanwhile, the product to increase height contains Calcium and minerals necessary for bones, only works to help bones grow long and strong for those who are still growing in height, the best effect during puberty. .

If you have reached the end of your advanced age, even if you use this product or maintain a lifestyle that is beneficial to your height, it is already impossible to increase 1-2cm tall, increase 3-5cm/month or grow taller even though you are older. 30 years old is a fantasy.

The arbitrary use of this unscientific advertising height increase product is even harmful to health. Prestigious manufacturers and traders of height-enhancing drugs never mislead consumers, but always give customers accurate and scientific information.

Increasing height naturally at the age of 25 is almost impossible, bone lengthening surgery is too dangerous. Therefore, if you are at this age, you should accept your height and apply the secret to increasing height by dressing, changing hairstyles, adjusting your weight to be both more confident and secure. health insurance.

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