The most effective height increase sport

Regular practice with the fastest height increasing sports below, will help you promote the most effective production of growth hormones through stretching and stretching movements.

Movement is one of the factors that strongly affect the height development of children, an important decision for the bone-building response. Therefore, in order for their children to excel, not only do they need to take care of adding calcium-rich foods, but parents must also encourage their children to practice sports every day.

How does sport affect height gain?

Today, many children revolve around indoor activities, sitting for hours at a desk or focusing on computers, televisions and video games. The consequence of this is a long process of living and being inactive, making children more susceptible to obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. These are the factors that hinder the child’s height development process.

Furthermore, some recent studies have also shown that physical activity can reduce the risk of fractures by increasing mineral accumulation during bone growth. At the same time, exercise helps to increase bone strength, reduce the risk of fracture due to falls because it improves muscle strength, flexibility, coordination of limbs and balance of the body.

In particular, during puberty is an important period of bone development. Increase exercise and sports during this time, help bones grow fastest, increase bone density. In addition, playing sports will also help the body continuously move with different postures, causing the cartilage tissue in the bones to be stimulated, thereby promoting the optimal height increase for the baby.


Why sports help increase height?

Reasonable exercise helps promote general health, and recent studies show that this factor also has a great impact on brain development, especially endocrine regulation. Specifically, the pituitary gland and thyroid gland, thereby secreting growth hormones GH to help make full use of genetic potential, and at the same time stimulate the growth of bone cells, increase bone length, increase height. Optimal. Therefore, from an early age, parents need to promote motor skills for children.

But it is important, parents need to remember that sports activities must promote the full effect on the whole body, not simply focusing on the arms and legs. Thus, it is possible to develop comprehensively, including height.

The fastest sport to increase height

To be good for height development, children should participate in useful recreational activities, have team spirit at school or play center, park, or can participate in sports to increase height. fastest like:

Swimming increases height

Swimming has the effect of improving height by helping to stretch and stretch all muscles. Each movement in the water when swimming helps the muscles to be mobilized and relaxed to the maximum extent, promoting health, preventing diseases, reducing fat and toning the abdominal muscles, and creating the ideal conditions for improvement. height improvement for children.

However, not all swimming styles are good for height. Therefore, parents should choose a swimming style and then give specific advice to their children. Accordingly, the best swimming style to help children increase their height is breaststroke. Because this swimming style helps the muscles to be exercised to the maximum extent. Moreover, breaststroke requires the overall coordination of 2 legs and 2 arms, stretching the body. In particular, when the two arms are stretched forward, it will lengthen the spine, and at the same time stretch some other parts of the body, leading to a natural increase in height.

Techniques for swimming breaststroke

  • Body posture:  Flat, oblong posture, close to the water. Keep your body completely resting on your chest with your shoulders in a straight line across the water. Hold the head firmly, the water level at the hairline.
  • Footwork:  Both legs are fully extended. The feet are close together or close together, almost in the same row as the lower leg. The heels are 20cm below the water surface and slightly apart. The knees are slightly separated by shoulder distance. Then, the heel retracts as close as possible, the ankle relaxes, the foot rotates outward, followed by the foot flexed to kick the water.
  • Hand movements:  Both hands are fully extended, palms are about 10cm from the water surface, pointing straight to the bottom of the lake. Wrists relax slightly, then fan the hand upward by pressing both palm and forearm, sweeping inward and backward. Finally, the hand pushes forward into a flat and tapered position just under the water.
  • Breathing : Breathing is also an important movement while swimming, inhale at the end of the hand pull, head slightly back.

Finally, rhythmically combining hand, foot and breathing movements, to be able to swim on the water surface.

Smiling children in swimming pool

Pull up bar to increase height

The right way to pull up the bar will help the child stretch the whole body, the cartilage layers between the ends of the bones are released to the maximum and the height will be developed very quickly. However, there are many ways to pull up the bar, but to increase height effectively, you should follow the following instructions:

First, according to Howtogrowtaller shared, you should hang your body naturally on the bar, grip the bar with both hands and wider than shoulder width, can let your palms turn and your body or outward depending on your habits. Then slowly use the force from your hands to pull your body up until your chin is over the width of the bar, hold your body for two to three seconds and then slowly lower your body down until your arms are fully straight. Repeat the above movement until the end of the exercise.

Jump rope to increase height

Jumping rope creates conditions for the musculoskeletal muscles of the arms, legs, neck and spine to be active. The movement up and down of the legs, arms and combined with the bounce of the body in each skipping beat helps the spine to develop, the bones and vertebrae of the back are dilated to create flexibility, and at the same time stimulate the body. Like to elongate, the skeletal system develops and facilitates height growth.

Before jumping rope, you need to warm up your whole body thoroughly and especially in the joints of wrists, ankles, knees, and arms. These activities do within 5-10 minutes, the more thorough the better. When you have warmed up carefully, you need to combine jumping with two feet to the ground, jumping with one leg, alternating hopscotch, jumping to the knees or jumping heels to the buttocks, alternating changes will promote the development of the musculoskeletal system. comprehensive, while creating conditions to increase height safely and effectively. You should do 3-5 sessions/week, each session lasts 30 minutes

Cycling to increase height

Cycling helps the practitioner’s legs to be stretched when the saddle and collar are raised higher than normal. Every time you step down, your legs will have to straighten out to reach the pedals. Therefore, regular cycling can help long bones, increase height after a training process.

To start cycling, the body is slightly tilted forward, the arms are straight, the abdomen is tight, using the belly breathing method, the thighs are parallel to the crossbar of the bike, the knees and hips are always coordinated. The foot pedals down, the foot contracts and pulls up, then lifts the pedal and finally pushes down, thus completing a cycle of cycling, the skeletal muscles are operated in the right rhythm to help increase the effective height .

Note, in a cycling session lasting for 30 minutes, the first 10 minutes of pedaling at a speed of 20 – 25 km / h to warm up the body, 10 minutes after that, pedal as fast as possible. Instructions on how to run to increase height

Jogging to increase height

Running is a sport that helps you increase your height very effectively, and at the same time burns extremely good fat to help your body slimmer and taller. In running, sprinting will help you increase the best height, running at high speed will help produce a large amount of growth hormone that stimulates long bones.

However, when jogging you need to be careful, at first run at a normal speed to warm up, then gradually speed up and hit your arms harder, move your legs faster and lift your knees higher in front.

Hitting badminton to increase height

When playing badminton , it also requires the practitioner to have good reach and constant movement. Players must use all the muscles, limbs, joints and parts of the body to save the bridge continuously. These movements also contribute to stimulating cartilage layers to develop, increasing optimal height.

First, hold the racket properly, the hand holding the racquet has the index finger placed higher than the thumb. Then, hit the shuttlecock to be straight and in the center, not leaning to the side or back. The racquet surface is in direct contact with the new shuttlecock, promoting power and not deflecting the bridge line. At the same time, the foot on the same side as the racket handle always steps forward. Moving with the right technique, the feeling is light, the faster speed will reduce the loss of strength when competing.

Basketball increases height

One of the sports that help increase height cannot be ignored, for young people today is playing basketball. The movements of jumping, reaching will stretch the muscles to help stretch the bones and improve height effectively. This sport is being applied by many schools and included in extracurricular activities to raise the stature of Vietnamese youth. Playing basketball will make you grow taller. But, what sets this sport apart from others? Yes, it involves a lot of jumping. Not only will you help secrete more Growth Hormone if you play it because jumping sends a signal to the pituitary gland to release HGH because the soles of your feet are directly connected to it.

Volleyball increases height

The movements in volleyball are the perfect combination of muscle and bone movement. The muscles will be fully stretched combined with moments of sprinting and jumping high. Like basketball, volleyball is a sport that can help you increase your height as well as your ability to coordinate with teammates. Volleyball is usually played indoors or on the beach.

Football increases height

Running, sprinting and training your aerobic capacity will increase your chances of growing taller if you do it regularly. Playing soccer can have a positive effect on your lower body by stretching the muscles while you run, incorporating your knees and thighs. Football can also boost your growth because it involves a lot of jumping (every time you have to hit the ball with your head, for example), which affects your HGH release.

The relationship between sport and nutrition

Sports and nutrition not only have an impact on height, but also influence each other. In fact, regular exercise and sports in a scientific way help a lot in improving health and weight, making muscles stronger, stimulating appetite and supporting the body’s absorption. beneficial nutrients for the process of increasing height such as calcium, vitamin D, collagen type II …

Moreover, during exercise, the brain also feels more relaxed, promoting human body functions such as appetite, immune function, metabolism, food digestion, pain, sleep, memory, Therefore, if the child lacks exercise, the child will be sluggish, consume less energy, anorexia, directly affect the development of the body and especially the development of bones and height. . Therefore, any mother who wants to help her baby get rid of anorexia and aim for the desired weight and height, she also needs to pay attention to moderate activities for her baby and provide more nutritious meals.

Besides, nutrition is not only good for height but also has a great impact on sports training. When the body is provided with adequate nutrition, it will have energy to function, reduce stress, and regulate the activity of the endocrine system. Thanks to that, the endocrine system secretes the growth hormone GH which is good for the growth of bone cells, increasing the length of the bones.

Therefore, in the process of children’s movement, mothers need to add foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, especially calcium into the daily menu, to strengthen bones and increase height.

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