Top 10 fastest ways to increase height at 13

How to increase height at the age of 13 to achieve the best effect? Let’s find out and immediately apply the following ways to increase height at the age of 13 shared by

The dream of a baby growing up with long legs or the stature of a basketball superstar will not be difficult. If today, parents know how to invest and take care of their children comprehensively in all aspects of nutrition, exercise, and reasonable living. So let’s immediately apply the ways to increase the height of 13 years old

Eat nutritious food

At the age of 13 children are entering puberty. During this period, children need to be cared for in all aspects, especially nutrition, for optimal growth.

In fact, human height depends on many factors, in which nutrition accounts for 32%. Therefore, the effective way to increase height at the age of 13 must always pay attention to nutrition. When the body is provided with adequate nutrients, the bones and joints of children can develop well.

Providing adequate nutrients for children at this time is essential to prevent stunting, weak resistance and cognitive retardation later on.


What nutrients help increase height effectively?

Surely many parents often think that just adding calcium to the body to help children develop maximum height is enough. However, this growth process takes place requiring the combination of many other nutrients.

The group of nutrients to increase height for children cannot lack protein:

The lack of protein, energy and micronutrients is the cause of children falling into malnutrition and stunting. Protein plays a major role in stimulating the production and regeneration of cells, muscles, bones, and is the main shaping factor that participates in most of the body’s components, stimulates the immune system, digestive function. Good movement should make a great contribution to supporting height throughout the child’s development journey. Foods rich in protein that are good for children’s height must be mentioned such as: Eggs, milk and dairy products, nuts, seafood, meat…

Group of nutrients vitamins and mineral salts

Although accounting for a small percentage in the body, vitamins and minerals participate in many important functions and greatly affect the growth of height. Therefore, if parents want their children to have outstanding height, do not forget to supplement with important vitamins and minerals.

If the child’s body does not provide the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, it will lead to poor health, even life-threatening. Especially when children lack this group of substances, they will have low red blood cells and slow growth in height.

Food group rich in calcium

In addition to improving health and preventing diabetes, calcium is also known to be an important component in bone structure . In order to have strong bones in young children, from now on, mothers cannot ignore providing calcium for children.

Calcium-rich foods that mothers can add to their children’s menu include milk, seafood, some vegetables (amaranth, spinach, …), salmon, sardines, almonds, kale, figs, seaweed, legumes, oatmeal,…

Table of food menu to help increase height quickly

First day





Noodle soup, plan

Rice + braised meat with quail eggs + five-color soup + longan

Rice + braised pork with sauerkraut + squash soup stuffed with minced meat + oranges


Chicken sticky rice, avocado smoothie

Rice + fish cake + pumpkin soup cooked with pork + mango

Rice + steamed squid with ginger + shrimp soup cooked with broccoli + grapes


Beef noodle soup, fresh milk

Rice + beans stuffed with tomato sauce + carrot soup cooked with minced meat + plum

Rice + grilled bait fish with guise leaves + rib soup cooked with crocodile + apple


Broken rice with pork ribs, orange juice

Rice + frozen braised meat + stewed pork ribs with lotus root + tangerine

Rice + mixed fried tiger shrimp + seaweed soup + jackfruit


Oats, apple juice

Rice + braised snakehead fish + pumpkin soup stuffed with fish cakes + bananas

Rice + braised chicken with ginger + rice noodle soup + papaya


Sausages mixed with spaghetti, fresh milk

Rice + salted squid + artichoke soup with meat + lychee

Rice + mackerel braised in sugarcane juice + zucchini soup cooked with chicken + banana


Salmon vermicelli, yogurt mixed with strawberries

Rice + steamed fish + chicken soup + papaya

Mixed hot pot + kiwi juice

The menu to increase height at the age of 13 is effective

Maintain the habit of playing sports

In addition to paying attention to nutrition, encouraging children to exercise regularly is also very important. Daily exercise not only helps bones work smoothly, but also helps the body to increase growth hormone secretion to help children improve height.

Sports that help children improve their height effectively are swimming, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, cycling, skipping rope… These sports help stimulate the production of cartilage, which will then ossification into bones to help children grow naturally.

Some effective sports support to increase height at the age of 13:


Swimming is an effective height-supporting sport, this is a sport that helps you increase height, stimulates the development and growth of bones, so that bones will be strong to help a taller body. For those who don’t know how to swim, you can take it slow and practice your swimming skills. Do it regularly, at least 3 times a week.


Basketball is a sport that promotes height growth very effectively because when playing this sport, you need to combine jumping and throwing movements as well as moving and moving continuously. This can stimulate bone growth. To increase height effectively, you can play this sport 3-5 times a week.


Cycling not only helps you to increase endurance but also helps to improve height quickly and effectively. This sport keeps your lower body active, increasing blood flow in the knees and thighs to stimulate growth. For best results, don’t forget to raise the saddle to help your legs straighten when pedaling.


To be able to increase height at the age of 13 quickly and effectively, maintaining the habit of jumping rope regularly is one of the effective methods to improve height that you should not miss. Not only helps to increase height, regular jumping rope also brings a lot of benefits to your health.

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Pay attention to go to bed early

A good night’s sleep will bring many advantages to growing height. Because when sleeping on time and enough sleep will create favorable conditions for the body to secrete growth hormone to help height grow strongly.

To facilitate height growth , experts recommend that children go to bed before 10 pm because when the body enters a deep sleep state between 11-12 pm, it will be the best time for growth hormone to secrete more. best.

Sun exposure

To maximize calcium absorption, mothers need to supplement vitamin D for children. Taking advantage of natural sunlight in the morning is the best way to supplement the body’s natural source of vitamin D.

When children are fully supplemented with vitamin D, they will avoid rickets, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, hypocalcemia, abnormal cartilage growth, and deformed bones. Every day, the mother can let the child sunbathe for about 15 to 10 minutes before 8 am, because at this time the light sun will not harm the child’s skin.

Limit eating sweets

Children who are addicted to sweets are often prone to obesity – this is the cause of their growth retardation. Because sweets contain too much sugar and fat. This is very bad for the health of the child because it will deplete the amount of vitamins and minerals, reduce saliva production and cause indigestion.

Moreover, when blood sugar is high, it will cause great stimulation to the central nervous system, making children excited, besides disturbing children’s sleep and reducing growth and intellectual development of children. Therefore, parents should limit their children to eating sweets so that the child’s height is maximized.


Body weight control

Malnutrition, stunting, obesity and overweight are the main causes of height restriction. Therefore, in order for children to develop a comprehensive height, parents should manage weight problems closely. If the child is underweight, it is necessary to plan a reasonable nutritional supplement, on the contrary, overweight children should learn how to lose weight at home so that the child can maintain a more stable weight.

Limit eating too salty

When children eat salty foods, children will be more thirsty, drinking water leads to more urination to excrete that amount of salt. Unfortunately, when it is excreted, not only salt but also other important ions, including calcium, also follow. Many studies have noted that the more salty children eat, the more short they are in height. Therefore, parents should feed their children with enough salt so as not to affect the child’s height development.

Choose the right outfit

Clothes, if chosen correctly, can also make you look taller. The combination of inappropriate clothes as well as wearing non-standard accessories can shorten your stature. You can choose simple but well-fitting outfits to deceive the eyes of the opposite person and make you taller.

Limit prolonged stress

If parents put a lot of pressure on their children’s homework, they will always be stressed and worried and face many negative emotions. This long-term situation will seriously affect the pituitary gland function, thereby reducing the amount of growth hormone secreted, and the child’s height will also slow down. Therefore, parents should create a comfortable environment for children to play and study, which is the best premise for the comprehensive development of children.

Use support products

In order to help children develop maximum height, in addition to the above ways to increase height, parents can let children use more products to increase height. If choosing the right product and using it correctly and scientifically, it will be a lever to help children reach the best height.

There are countless products on the market that are used to improve height, but to choose a reputable and quality product, users need to pay attention to the following 2 factors:

First : Priority should be given to products originating from the United States because this is the country that is always at the forefront of producing the best preparations, pharmaceuticals, and health care products today. In particular, with products that have been certified by the US FDA for free circulation throughout the US, users can rest assured to use without fear of side effects.

Second : With height-increasing products  with ingredients such as Nano Calcium, Hydrolyzed Collagen Type II, a group of precious herbs with 5-HTP and Ginkgo biloba, it is not only good for children’s height growth but also helps children grow taller. Improve brain, increase memory ability, help children eat better, sleep better.

Above is a share on how to increase height effectively at the age of 13 . If parents have any questions that need to be answered, please comment below this article to help answer them!

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