Top 10 best ways to increase height at 17

17 years old is the period of puberty with hormonal changes taking place inside the human body. This is good news, signaling that we have the ability to “break through” the optimal height if we know how to apply the following things:

Provides a variety of nutrients

Nutrition accounts for 32% of the ability to determine a person’s height. At the age of 17, organs and tissues need proper nutrition to function properly. If the body does not meet enough nutrition, the body is very susceptible to diseases, infections, and reduced productivity.


That shows that daily meals play a huge role in the health and development of children, especially those at puberty. Pay attention to the plan to fully supplement, with a variety of nutrients from: Starch, protein, fat, vitamins to minerals are guaranteed in each meal. In particular, should eat on time, with enough meals, avoid bad foods that adversely affect height such as sweets, fatty foods, carbonated soft drinks … and many other factors containing stimulants.

Essential nutrients for height growth

Some nutrients are necessary for the growth of height at the age of 17 that we should not ignore such as:

Protein: This nutrient plays an essential role in body structure. A study of 5,000 girls at Harvard University found that adult height is related to the amount of protein provided to the body. Therefore, add protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs, etc. to your daily menu.

Vitamin D : A deficiency of this nutrient can reduce bone density and, of course, if sufficient, helps bones grow and repair themselves. The best way to supplement vitamin D is exposure to sunlight in the early morning. In addition, you can also supplement vitamin D from daily foods such as tuna, egg yolks, salmon to have the most optimal height effect.

Vitamin C : Works to develop the skeletal system, restore and develop connective tissues, ligaments to help bones develop best. Some foods rich in vitamin C can be mentioned as: citrus fruits, green vegetables, bell peppers…


Beta carotene : According to the US National Library of Medicine , an adequate supply of this substance will help complete the skeletal system. So, adding these nutritious foods found in carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, green vegetables to your daily meals is a great way to increase height every day.

Calcium : Many studies have shown that children with adequate calcium intake are often higher than those with low calcium levels. An essential nutrient to maintain bone density, making bones strong like that, if not included in the menu to grow taller, it would be a pity.

List of foods that help increase height effectively

Seafood : In the structure of bones and teeth, calcium accounts for 99%. If you do not want this deficiency to limit the height of your body, you should supplement calcium from many food sources found in seafood such as shrimp, crab, fish, snail … to increase height effectively.

Yogurt : Eating yogurt every day is not only good for the digestive system but also extremely helpful for height. Because this food is very rich in vitamin D, calcium, which are essential ingredients for the growth of the body.

Carrots: We often whisper to each other that eating carrots is good for our eyes, but this food has more benefits than that, which is to promote protein synthesis, and effectively support height growth. With carrots, we have many ways to supplement such as: eating raw, preparing dishes, making juice…


Eggs : This food is rich in protein, which you also know is essential for the process of growing taller. To avoid boredom, you can eat eggs with many other forms such as boiled, fried, omelet or braised with meat…

Spinach (spinach) : You must have read the famous story about a sailor named Popeye who ate a lot of spinach to grow tall and strong. In fact, this is completely reasonable because the leaves of this vegetable contain a lot of iron and calcium – two nutrients that are essential for the growth of height that we should not ignore.

Fruit : Almost all fruits, especially those containing a lot of vitamin A such as peaches, mangoes or vitamin C in the citrus family, are very good for the development of the body. Do not ignore these fruits that both help us quench our thirst, are delicious and support this very good height increase.

Regular exercise

In the era of increasing technology, our entertainment trend on social networks is increasing more and more. Consequences leading to inactivity, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hindering the process of height growth. Meanwhile, exercise brings many benefits from protecting health, eating well and sleeping well and especially helps to increase mineral accumulation for bones, improve muscle strength, reduce the risk of bone fractures. due to falls.

Recent studies also show that exercise also has a great impact on brain development, such as regulating the endocrine system, stimulating the secretion of GH to help make full use of genetic potential, helping to increase length. bones should be extremely beneficial for height. Therefore, take advantage of the time when height has the ability to grow strongly like the age of 17 to play sports regularly.

What sports help increase height effectively?


It is easy to explain that swimming is effective in increasing height at age 17 . As you can see, when swimming, our body will always have to perform stretching, stretching, and water kicking movements, each of these stretching movements will help the body relax, firm, strengthen strength. healthy, creating ideal conditions to improve height for children.


To break out in height at the age of 17 best from swimming, we should prioritize the styles of swimming, breaststroke, and butterfly. The overall coordination of both hands and feet through these strokes will help lengthen the spine, stimulate cartilage growth, and help increase natural height.


A simple sport but with many benefits for height is jumping rope. Through this activity, the skeletal muscles in the arms, legs, and neck are active, promoting the expansion of bone and vertebrae tissues, thereby stimulating the bones to lengthen, creating favorable conditions for dimensional growth. high.

When jumping rope, you should warm up your whole body for 5-10 minutes, especially the joints in the wrists, ankles, arms, and knees. After the warm-up, you can combine jumping with 2 feet to the ground, alternating hopscotch, jumping to lift your knees or heels touching your butt together to promote comprehensive bone development, creating conditions for effective height increase . safe results.


When cycling, legs will often be stretched in and out, because of that, this sport also has the effect of stretching bones, helping to increase height effectively after exercise.


To cycle properly, when starting, the body leans slightly forward, straightens the arms, pulls the abdomen, the thighs are parallel to the crossbar, the knees and hips coordinate rhythmically, the feet pedal downwards, foot retracts pull up, lift pedal finally push down. During the cycling session, the first 10 minutes of pedaling at a slow pace, the last 10 minutes of pedaling quickly, and the last 10 minutes of slowing down so that the skeletal muscles are continuously working at the right rhythm, helping to increase height effectively.


This sport not only helps burn fat extremely well for a slim body but also helps to get taller very effectively. The process of running is similar to cycling, you should initially run at a normal speed to warm up, then gradually increase speed, hitting your arms harder to move your legs faster. You should jog at least 3 times a week to stimulate the body to release a large amount of hormone, helping the bones to grow faster.

Play badminton:

Badminton is an extremely easy sport to play, useful for health and helps to keep the spirit excited. In particular, with continuous stretching movements that will affect the muscles, limbs, joints and other parts of the body, it will contribute to stimulating cartilage growth, helping to increase optimal height.


To play badminton properly, you need to hold the racket so that the index finger is higher than the thumb, hit the shuttlecock with your hand straight, right in the middle, the racket face is perpendicular to the shuttlecock, the foot is on the same side as the handle. always step forward. The correct technique will help us hit badminton at a fast speed without too much effort.


Just like badminton, basketball requires a lot of jumping and reaching movements, so it will help stretch muscles and improve height effectively. Currently, this sport is being put into extracurricular activities by many schools to raise the height of Vietnamese youth. So if you miss it, it’s a pity.

The best workout schedule to increase height

When you have a workout plan, it’s easy to stick to it and not get discouraged. Depending on the sport you choose, schedule a workout with a suitable time as the following suggestions:

If you choose the barbell, bike ride, jump rope… practice at least 30 minutes/day, 5 days/week.

If you choose basketball, volleyball, badminton, jogging, swimming… practice at least 30 minutes/day, 3 days/week

If you choose gentle exercises at home such as: Yoga, you should practice every day.

Time to practice: It is recommended to practice before 8 am and after 4 pm to combine with sunbathing to help absorb vitamin D, increase and improve optimal height for the body.

Pay attention to go to bed early

You may not know, but many studies have proven, more than 90% of the height of growing children will increase at night in good sleep conditions.

Explaining this, many experts believe that sleep is the time when the body is relaxed, recovering energy after a long day of activities. Adequate sleep, on time will stimulate growth hormone to produce more, help stabilize the nervous system, good for the process of improving the muscular system and bone development.


Remember to go to bed before 10 pm and sleep for 8 hours a day to help improve height effectively.

Things to note to improve sleep

Do not expose to electronic devices before going to bed, because the blue light of these devices will interfere with melatonin – the hormone that stimulates sleep development.

You can read books, listen to soft music, massage to help the body relax and sleep better.

Keep the bedroom clean, cool, quiet.

Do not eat too full, drink a lot of water before going to bed to avoid affecting your sleep.

Some other health benefits of sleep

Live longer

In a 2010 study of women aged 50 to 79, the majority of those who died early got less than 6 hours of sleep per night. This shows that life expectancy also partly depends on sleep, if we ensure good sleep, we will have a better quality of life, life expectancy is also longer.

Control your anger

Do you know, anger will increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure … and most of the anger is often related to people with little sleep.

Improve memory and creativity

Research at Harvard University shows that people’s memory and creativity often work better if they get enough sleep.


Evidence is that a 2009 American study also showed that children under 10 who do not get 8-9 hours of sleep a day will become distracted and prone to violence. That being said, sleep is a very good source of energy for the brain that we need to pay attention to.

Reduce stress

Sleep will help reduce stress, stress, and it controls the amount of blood to the brain as well as the level of cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, if you are having health problems, fatigue, stress, a good night’s sleep will be a good “medicine” to help you solve this problem.

Beautiful skin

The metabolism of the skin is conducted from about 22 pm – 4 am. If you sleep well and deeply during this time, in addition to helping to dispel fatigue, the spirit of refreshment also helps our skin to be much more beautiful.

Sun exposure

Regular exposure to the sun is also an effective way to increase height because this is considered a rich source of vitamin D for the body. Ensuring this amount of nutrients will help calcium be optimally absorbed into the bones, allowing bones to grow in both length and thickness.

Take time about 10-15 minutes and early morning and evening to expose to the sun for the best effect.


Limit eating sweets

Sweet confectionery is a favorite food of many people, especially young people. However, consuming too much of this type of food will not be good, because too much sugar will stimulate the metabolism of body fat, reduce the ability to absorb vitamins and other minerals due to metabolism and metabolism. sugar consumption. Therefore, in order to grow optimally, you should only consume sweets with a sufficient amount.

Body weight control

This also has a significant impact on height growth. Because if you are too thin, it will show that the body is poorly absorbed, easily leading to malnutrition and stunting. And if you are too fat, it will compress and inhibit the growth of bones, causing the height to grow more slowly than people with a balanced physique. In addition, being too fat will also lead to inactivity, stimulate eating more, increase the risk of obesity and of course, height is also difficult to grow. To increase height effectively, you need to pay attention to this issue.

Limit eating too salty

The habit of eating salty foods occurs in most Vietnamese families, especially in rural areas, and dishes such as fish sauce, eggplant, and pickles are almost indispensable in daily meals. On average, the amount of salt we consume is three times higher than recommended by the World Health Organization. This is an alarming thing that we need to change to protect our health as well as increase good height, because if we eat too much, the body will excrete a lot of calcium.


When calcium is lost a lot, it will easily lead to weak bones, osteoporosis, and slow growth. Knowing that salt also plays an important role in the body, but please add the right dose to not have the opposite effect.

Choose the right outfit

The way we eat does not help us grow taller, but it does contribute to creating the “illusion” for the opposite person to see us as taller than usual. This is quite mentally beneficial. Therefore, in the process of increasing height, you can also apply this method so that you can be confident in front of the opposite person. To choose clothes that make us taller, you should choose simple, well-fitting clothes, avoid choosing clothes with cumbersome patterns and textures.

Limit prolonged stress

During puberty, it will be difficult to avoid frequently changing emotions, the “I” of this age is also very high, so when you encounter something, you will easily get stressed, or aggravate the problem and think differently. negative direction. Get rid of these pessimistic thoughts right away.

Because it doesn’t make you any better. Instead, you should learn to see difficulties, have faith in yourself, set goals and persevere. Thus you will find life much more beautiful and the height from there will also easily grow optimally.

Use supporting products

When many modern families no longer have much time to take care of each meal in a scientific and reasonable manner, using supporting products is considered the best way. The reason is because the supporting products are usually in the form of capsules, which can be easily carried around anywhere. In order to meet the increasing demand for supporting products, there are many different height increasing products on the market from many different countries.

At this time, we need to be more vigilant to choose the right reputable, quality product that fully meets the content and nutrients for the body, without causing side effects. To do that, when choosing products to increase height, you need to pay attention to 2 important factors: origin and product composition.

Priority should be given to products originating from the US. Because this country has the most advanced functional food production technology in the world. Please note that this product needs to be certified by the US FDA and contains ingredients that are good for the joint system, carefully calculated with moderate levels such as: Nano Calcium, Collagen Type II and many rare herbs. so that their use, not only helps to improve your height effectively, but also is safe for health when used for a long time.

Although the age of 17 is puberty, we do not have much time to improve our height, because after 20, the synaptic cartilage closes, it will be difficult to increase the height naturally no matter what measures are applied. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, work hard to do the above ways to improve your height right now.

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