How to increase height quickly every day

If you are seeking ways to enhance your height and improve your stature, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online. However, it’s important to note that height is primarily determined by genetics and factors such as age and lifestyle play a limited role in height increase. While there is no guaranteed method to significantly increase height, adopting certain practices may contribute to maximizing your potential height if you are still in the growing stage.

Factors that affect height

Height is influenced by many factors, typically:


Many people believe that genes are the main factor that determines how a person’s height growth takes place. However, it affects only about 20%. There are about 700 different gene variants that regulate height, some controlling the growth plate, others regulating the production of growth hormone. Some congenital diseases can adversely affect height, including: Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, Marfan syndrome…

Hormones (Hormones)

The human body produces many hormones that directly affect the growth plates that create new bone, including:

Growth Hormone : Produced by the pituitary gland, is the most important hormone in the natural process of physical development. Certain health conditions or lifestyle habits can limit growth hormone production. This affects the height. In rare cases, a rare genetic condition that causes a congenital deficiency of growth hormone, makes the height less developed than the average person.

Thyroid hormone: The thyroid gland is also an endocrine gland of the human body. It produces a number of hormones that affect physical development.

Sex Hormones: The male hormone Testosterone and the female hormone Estrogen are important for the growth of height during puberty.


The daily diet menu is a source of “raw materials” for the process of creating new bones, and at the same time strengthening old and strong bones. People with healthy eating habits, providing a variety of nutrients, especially ingredients: Calcium, collagen type 2, vitamin D, magnesium, potassium… may have better stature than those who eat poorly.


Usually, by adulthood, men are taller than women. This happens because men usually go through puberty later than women. Men have more testosterone than women. This hormone triggers the growth of cells in the body, including bone cells. It also increases the amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells. High hemoglobin levels help the cells deliver more oxygen to the muscles, stimulating the body to grow stronger.


A clean living environment is very beneficial for health as well as physical growth, reducing the risk of disease. People born and raised in an environment without pollution of water, dust, noise, happy and comfortable living conditions will have the opportunity to have a more prominent height than those who have to grow up in an polluted environment. infections and complex living conditions.


Regular and correct physical activity stimulates the process of mineralization and modeling of bones and joints, increases bone density, promotes height growth. Besides, exercise is also very beneficial for health through the following benefits: Strengthening resistance, improving body flexibility, supporting metabolism, eliminating toxins…

The fastest growing age

The development of height varies at each stage of life. Grasping the golden stages of well-developed height makes it easy for us to possess the outstanding height as expected.

Childhood (birth to 8 years old)

Height begins to grow right from the womb. Good nutrition and care during pregnancy will help the baby to be born with a height of 50cm. During the first year, the growth rate is strong, up to 25cm. In the next 2 years, the height is still increasing rapidly but not equal to the first year, stopping at 10cm/year. From 3 to 8 years old, the average height of children is about 5cm/year, bone density also increases about 1%/year.

Adolescent (8-12 years old)

This period is considered pre-puberty, the height grows slowly and steadily, ready for a strong breakthrough at puberty. We need to build and maintain healthy habits in terms of nutrition, exercise, and sleep for a good height breakthrough during puberty.

Puberty (12-18 years old)

This is the final golden stage in human physical growth. Growth rates vary from person to person. With proper care, height can increase by 8-12cm/year in 1-2 years of puberty. This makes it easy for us to improve our short stature and have a standard height when we grow up.

Is it possible to increase height after 18 years old?

After the age of 18, the opportunity to grow taller is still there, but the increase in height is not significant. When puberty ends, growth hormone and sex hormone decline, the growth cartilage at the ends of long bones also gradually ossifies. The height accordingly slows down and officially “stagnates”. Around the age of 20, most of us can’t get any taller.

So, how to improve height before the physical growth stops. Check out the tips below!

The best way to increase height every day

In order for height to develop to its full potential, we need to pay attention to factors that directly affect height growth such as nutrition, exercise, living habits.

Eat the right foods to increase height

Nutrition affects 32% of the natural height growth, and is also the most influential factor. If you want to grow taller, first and foremost, invest in nutrition, do not ignore the following important food groups:

Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Protein, also known as protein, plays a structural role in maintaining and promoting growth, forming many basic substances to serve life activities. Protein synthesis is associated with muscle formation, growth, or cell division. Therefore, in order to grow taller, it is necessary to supplement with the necessary amount of protein. Recommended protein content / day is from 45-55g. To provide protein for the body, you can use the following foods: Beef, lean pork, shrimp, squid, salmon, eggs, soybeans, cereals…

Eat calcium supplements

Referring to bones and height, calcium cannot be ignored. It is the main component of bone structure. In addition, the mineral Calcium is also involved in the functioning of the heart muscle, nervous system, and immune system. Calcium deficiency is the leading cause of rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly. The average calcium requirement/day is 1000mg. Foods with high calcium content: Shrimp, crab, fish, milk, spinach, broccoli, nuts…

Eat foods containing vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed to ensure the normal development of bones and teeth. The daily requirement of vitamin A is 4000 – 5000 IU of vitamin A. To ensure that the body does not have a vitamin A deficiency that adversely affects height growth, you should use a lot of vitamin A-rich foods as follows. Here: Animal liver, sweet potato, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, spinach…

Eat foods rich in vitamin D

Among vitamins, vitamin D plays the most important role in bone health and height. This nutrient helps bones absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus effectively, ensuring strong bones and good growth. It is also involved in the functioning of the immune system. There are two ways to provide vitamin D for the body, which is sunbathing and vitamin D-rich foods. Just let the skin be exposed to the sun for 10-15 minutes/day, the body has received enough vitamin. D needed every day. To load vitamin D for the body, you should eat a lot: Cod liver oil, fish, fish eggs, soybeans, milk, mushrooms …

Use Carbohydrates sensibly

Carbohydrates, also known as Carbs – starches are required in the daily meal structure to provide energy for physical and mental activities. However, eating too much starch can make us face obesity. Meanwhile, obesity is one of the causes of short stature. For good height growth, you should prioritize the use of healthy starches such as wheat, cereals, limit the use of refined starchy foods such as pizza, white bread, burgers …

Food to avoid

In addition to providing enough nutrients that are beneficial for height, you should also limit the use of foods that can harm the bone system and height growth such as: Sweets, sweets, soft drinks with high density. gas, fried foods… These foods increase the risk of obesity and reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Practicing sports exercises to increase height

Spending 45-60 minutes daily for exercise is a very good habit for health and natural height growth. The height increase effect of each sport will be different. Refer to the sports and exercises that are beneficial for height development below.

Which sport helps to increase height fastest?

Swimming: Rated as one of the fastest height increasing sports today. Swimming requires all organs in the body to work, especially arms and legs. In order for the body to move underwater, the arms tend to stretch forward in combination with pedaling. This process has a positive effect on bone growth.

Basketball: When playing basketball, players must often jump to catch, win the ball or put the ball into the basket. The joints are stimulated to stretch better, the production of growth hormone is also more effective. Thanks to this, the height grows rapidly.

Pull-ups: This subject does not require too much technique, but it brings a height increase that cannot be underestimated. When swinging on the bar, the vertebrae are straightened. In particular, they are no longer under pressure from body weight, so they are released and relaxed. Take advantage of swinging the pull-up bar whenever you are free, after a short time, you will be surprised with the change in your height.

Jumping rope: During skipping rope, the spine and bones tend to stretch and straighten, which is very beneficial for height. This subject is also very simple in training or preparing support equipment.

Yoga exercises to increase height effectively

Yoga originated in India with a time of appearance and development spanning thousands of years. Many exercises in yoga help stretch bones and stimulate the production of growth hormone, supporting a rapid increase in height. You can choose one of the following yoga exercises to increase height :

Forward bending pose: Practicing this pose brings the benefits of strengthening the body’s flexibility, stretching the spine, and increasing blood circulation. Practicing the forward bend in the morning or evening will bring the best results.

Shoulder Stand: This is a somewhat difficult exercise to do if you are new to yoga. However, it helps blood to the thyroid gland more smoothly, stretches the spine and stimulates height growth, especially during puberty.

Tree Pose: The practice of tree pose is somewhat simpler than the first two exercises, but it is also very effective in stretching joint muscles and increasing muscle strength.

Cobra pose: The cobra exercise helps stretch the spine and lower back muscle groups, strengthens the flexibility of the vertebrae and helps our mind to focus and be more comfortable.

Some notes when exercising to increase height

For good height growth during movement, do not ignore the following important notes:

  • Warm up well before exercising

  • Eat a snack before each workout to recharge your body

  • Choose comfortable and neat clothes for highly effective exercise

  • Drink enough water before, during and after exercise

  • Moderate exercise, appropriate frequency, avoid excessive exercise that will damage bones and muscles

Increase height with healthy scientific lifestyle

Building good habits brings many practical benefits to health as well as the process of growing taller. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the following habits:

Get enough sleep (8 hours per night)

8 hours a night is the time for the body to rest, relax, and restore energy after a day of work, study, and play. You should try to sleep early before 10pm, get enough sleep for 8-10 hours continuously every night. Night is also the time when the pituitary gland produces growth hormone . The more growth hormone secreted, the better the height will be.

Drink enough water (at least 2 liters per day)

Water accounts for a large proportion of the human body and is responsible for many important tasks: dissolving nutrients, transporting nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, eliminating harmful toxins, creating cushions for joints, and lubricating activity of joints, body temperature regulation… Only when these factors are ensured, height can be developed well. Every day, you should provide enough 2 liters of water, prioritize filtered water and fruit juices, and limit the use of bottled soft drinks.

Maintain a healthy weight

Too low or too high weight can become a hindrance to height growth. If the weight is lower than the standard, this is a sign that the nutritional supplements and living habits are not scientific or your body is experiencing poor absorption. Excess weight, obesity is the cause of poor growth in height. Depending on your age and current height, you should find out what the standard weight you need to achieve is, adjust your weight within the standard threshold for good height growth.

Adjusting your daily exercise posture to support height growth:

Your daily posture plays a significant role in the process of physical growth and bone development. Maintaining proper posture helps minimize stress on muscles, bones, and the nervous system, allowing for optimal height growth.

Correct posture has several benefits:

1. Minimizes wear and tear on muscles and joints, reducing the risk of degenerative arthritis and joint pain.
2. Reduces stress on joints and ligaments, decreasing the likelihood of injuries during movement.
3. Supports the efficient functioning of the muscle and skeletal systems, preventing muscle fatigue and conserving energy during exercise.
4. Relieves muscle tension, backaches, and muscle pain.

Here are some recommendations for maintaining correct posture while sitting, standing, and lying down, which will help protect your musculoskeletal system and promote effective height development:

Sitting Posture:

– Keep your head, neck, and back aligned in a straight line.
– Relax your shoulders.
– Lower your knees and keep your thighs perpendicular to the ground.
– Avoid crossing your legs and try not to stay in one position for too long. Aim to switch positions at least once every 60 minutes.

Standing Posture:

– Look straight ahead with your eyes.
– Keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed.
– Bend your knees slightly to reduce pressure on your hips.
– Distribute your weight evenly on both feet and avoid leaning on one leg.

Lying Posture:

– When lying on your back or side, keep your body straight and avoid bending your arms and legs, as this may hinder bone growth.
– If lying on your side, consider placing an additional pillow between your legs and one on your chest for added support.
– Choose a pillow of moderate height, and if possible, develop a habit of sleeping without a pillow.
– Opt for a soft mattress that provides comfort while sleeping.

By maintaining correct posture throughout your daily activities and exercises, you can create a supportive environment for height growth and ensure the well-being of your musculoskeletal system.

Leg lengthening surgery for height increase:

In recent times, leg lengthening surgery has gained popularity as a method to increase height. While it offers the possibility of height gain, it is important to be aware of the associated risks.

Leg lengthening surgery involves a mechanical height increase technique. The surgeon separates the tibia and fibula in both legs and secures them with a specialized device, allowing new bone to grow and increase height. The device is adjusted daily to create space for bone growth at a rate of approximately 1mm per day. It is estimated that leg lengthening surgery can result in a height increase of 8-10cm, which is quite appealing to individuals with height limitations.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand the potential risks associated with leg lengthening surgery:

  • 1. Unsightly and challenging-to-fix scars on both sides of the legs due to the surgical process of bone cutting and the installation of bone lengthening devices.
  • 2. Complications such as one leg being longer or shorter than the other due to uneven bone development on both sides of the legs.
  • 3. Disability caused by incision infections, as the presence of the bone lengthening device impedes full mobility restoration.
  • 4. Pain and discomfort during the bone growth period, necessitating continuous use of pain relievers.
  • 5. Inability to walk for an extended period while waiting for bone growth, requiring physical therapy for 6 months to 1 year.
  • 6. Dependence on assistance and support for daily activities such as eating, cleaning, and engaging in physical therapy exercises.
  • 7. The surgery cost can reach hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention the expenses incurred during the recovery period.

It is worth noting that leg lengthening surgery is only suitable for individuals between the ages of 20 and 35, with a stable bone structure. Rather than enduring the pain associated with leg lengthening surgery, it is advisable to maximize the period when natural height growth occurs and explore safe ways to increase height quickly.

Increasing height with clothing techniques (Optical illusions)

While waiting for your height to reach the desired level, you can utilize clothing tricks to create the illusion of increased height, boosting your confidence when appearing in public settings.

Shoe selection:

Opt for padded shoes or high heels to add 5-10cm to your height instantly. However, ensure that the chosen shoe design and color complement your outfit and the occasion, while also prioritizing comfort during movement.

Clothing selection:

Choosing well-fitted clothing and utilizing color coordination can help create the illusion of height.

For men, prioritize V-neck t-shirts, dark-colored khaki pants, fitted shirts, and combinations such as a black shirt with black pants to enhance your height visually. For women, consider wearing body-hugging skirts, form-fitting dresses, or combining crop tops with flared pants, as these can be essential items in your wardrobe for height enhancement.

By strategically selecting your shoes and clothing, you can employ visual tricks to appear taller and feel more confident in public.

Stay away from stimulants that hinder height

Alcohol, tobacco, coffee, energy drinks are products containing stimulants that can adversely affect the natural height growth process as well as your health.

It reduces calcium absorption, reduces calcium levels in bones and negatively affects the functioning of many organ systems in the body. Therefore, staying away from these stimulants is important if you are in the process of achieving your ideal height.

Summary of 7 most effective ways to increase height

  • Adjust your diet: Ensure a diverse and nutrient-rich diet, with a focus on minerals and proteins that contribute to bone structure. Limit the consumption of fast food, carbonated drinks, and stimulant-containing products. Nutritional supplements may be considered under parental guidance.
  • Engage in regular exercise: Choose appropriate sports activities such as swimming, basketball, jumping rope, or volleyball that can aid in increasing height. Pay attention to maintaining good posture during exercise and in daily life.
  • Prioritize sleep: Aim to go to bed before 10 p.m. to allow the body to fully rest and take advantage of the peak growth hormone production window, which typically occurs from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

These recommendations emphasize the role of nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep in supporting optimal growth and height increase. While height is influenced by various factors, following these practices may help maximize growth potential.

Thank you for reading our article, and we hope you have gained valuable knowledge to pursue your desired height in the future.

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