The most effective ways to increase height at 20

We are well aware that after reaching puberty, especially from the age of 20 onwards, individuals do not experience rapid height growth as they did during their adolescent years. Consequently, to increase height at the age of 20, it is crucial to focus on various factors that aid in promoting height development. This article provides valuable insights into the key factors to concentrate on.

To begin with, it is essential to recognize that there are numerous factors influencing height growth, but three primary elements can be effectively influenced: nutrition, living environment, and exercise.

Typically, the period between 14 and 18 years old is considered the prime time for bone development and shaping, enabling the body to attain maximum height potential. However, by the age of 18 for girls and 20 for boys, many individuals believe that further growth is unattainable as their joints begin to solidify. Nevertheless, even in adulthood when bone growth has stabilized, it is still possible to increase height through the secretion of growth hormones. To stimulate the increased secretion of growth hormones, adjustments to diet, exercise, and lifestyle are necessary, in addition to seeking assistance from a professional healthcare provider specializing in growth-related issues.

20 years old still increase in height

  • In fact, increasing height after the age of 20 is not possible, even through diet, exercise or rest because the growth plate has stopped growing at this point.
  • Growth plates are present at the end of long bones. And the growth plates will proliferate to add cartilage, calcify , degenerate and be replaced by bone tissue to increase your height by a few centimeters.
  • However, there are still some cases that can still continue to grow in height after the age of 20. So, maybe you are one of those lucky people, right? If you want to improve your height at the age of 25, do not forget to apply solutions such as: Building a balanced diet, supplementing with essential nutrients to grow taller. Practice the habit of going to bed on time, and at the same time be active in sports with exercises to increase height and improve health effectively.


Some ways to increase height after the age of 20

Reasonable diet

  • It is necessary to build a rich diet, eat a lot so that the body has enough necessary nutrients, as well as enriches the nutrients in the body. In particular, it is necessary to eat an adequate amount of Protein and Calcium to stimulate optimal bone growth. Because these two substances play an extremely important role in helping bones and cartilage cells continue to grow, multiply and multiply. Thus, even if you have reached the age of 20, your body can still increase effectively.
  • Refer to more foods to eat at: 10 Best foods to increase height
  • You can supplement protein through foods such as: Lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, legumes, especially soybeans… Calcium-rich foods such as milk, whole-bone canned fish, braised small fish eat bones, shrimp, crabs, snails, green vegetables… In particular, you should maintain drinking milk every day because they contain a lot of easily absorbed calcium, a lot of protein, good for height development.
  • However, in fact, no matter how many nutritious foods we eat, it is still impossible to meet the nutritional needs for height growth. Therefore, adding TPBVSK to support height growth , will be an extremely smart choice because it fully adds essential nutrients, helps promote health and improves height better.

Appropriate diet

Normally, each day your diet is divided into 3 sessions: Morning, noon, and night, besides you can divide more snacks to enhance the ability to digest and absorb food better. . This amount of nutrients ensures better secretion of growth hormone, stimulates the body to grow quickly and helps you reach your ideal height.

  • Breakfast:  This is considered the main and most important meal of the day. A reasonable diet for breakfast should ensure adequate supply of powdered sugar (vermicelli, bread…), protein (meat, fish, milk, eggs…), fat (olive oil, butter, cheese, etc.) apricots…), vitamins and minerals (green vegetables and fruits). The most important thing is to add calcium, because this is a nutrient that helps strengthen bones and improve optimal height.
  • Lunch:  Lunch is the meal that provides the most energy for the body. Therefore, you need to provide enough starch, fiber, protein, and regularly add fish to your diet, because fish provides many good nutrients for the body. Vegetables are always indispensable.
  • Dinner:  You should not eat too much at dinner, should eat enough and eat on time. Eating too much dinner leads to increased pressure in the stomach, requiring the stomach to work too hard, making it impossible for you to fall asleep. This greatly affects the goal of height improvement.

Appropriate exercise and sports

  • At the age of 20, the way to increase height by exercise requires a high level of exercise intensity to effectively improve height. Therefore, in this age group, the intensity of exercise needs to last from 90-120 minutes/day. With such intensity, it is possible to increase the amount of growth hormone by 3 times, the whole body can grow, including height.
  • If you change to the appropriate intensity of training as above, combined with a scientific diet, you can improve 3-5cm in height if you are under 23 years old.
  • Exercises to help improve height effectively in your 20s are:
  1. Play basketball , volleyball: The jumps of these sports will stretch the bones in the back, hips and legs to help you reach your maximum height soon.

  2. Gym exercises on the bar: Will affect the cartilage in the spine, helping to lengthen the spine and increase the body’s natural height.

  3. Jumping rope: Helps enhance the growth of bones and cartilage, burns calories effectively, so it can effectively lose weight and burn belly fat.

  4. Swimming: Is a sport that increases the production of growth hormone significantly, improving the ability to increase human height. In which, nitric oxide and lactate are the 2 main factors of growth hormone secretion. When you practice intense training, the opportunity to increase the size from swimming is extremely useful.

Sunbathe every day

  • Sunbathing every day is extremely important in improving height. Because sunlight has the effect of bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and helps the body synthesize vitamin D3. As we all know, vitamin D3 is a nutrient that helps the body absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus, which are nutrients that make up bones, making them strong and supple.
  • Moreover, vitamin D also plays an important role in regulating calcium levels in the blood. If vitamin D deficiency, the intestines do not absorb calcium and phosphorus, reducing the amount of calcium in the blood, making the body weak, hindering the process of increasing height.

Go to bed on time and get enough sleep

  • Living habits also greatly affect the body’s ability to increase hormone secretion. And in that, sleep is a factor that directly affects your height development. This is also one of the factors that the way to increase height at the age of 20 needs to be focused on to develop.
  • In your 20s, you need to sleep 8 hours a day. Sleeping at night is best. At night, when the body rests, the muscles, cells and growth hormone still work strongly to help the body grow taller. Accordingly, you need to go to bed before 10pm to ensure the most effective production of growth hormone to help stimulate rapid height growth.
  • Most of the metabolism and cell regeneration takes place during sleep, so you should absolutely not stay up late. In addition, it is necessary to limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco because they will release the hormone serotonin that increases blood pressure, destroys bone cells, makes bones brittle, fragile and seriously affects the health of the body. height.

Avoid certain stimulants

  • Did you know that the use of stimulants will seriously affect the growth of height? Specifically, when smoking or constantly smelling tobacco smoke regularly affects the skeletal system.
  • Studies by medical experts show that nicotine and cadmium in cigarettes destroy bone cells very quickly, which makes bones brittle and easy to break.
  • On the other hand, smoking also reduces calcium absorption and limits vitamin D’s ability to function. Therefore, to help protect health and create opportunities for maximum growth, you should Say no to tobacco.


Build a healthy lifestyle

  • Daily lifestyle greatly affects the activity of growth hormone.
  • If you want to grow a few centimeters taller, you should build a healthy lifestyle.
  • By applying good habits every day and eliminating bad habits that affect height.

Choose the right outfit

When children unfortunately have a short height and are always self-conscious about their physique, they always think that they have no way to grow taller. If your child is having such thoughts, parents can help them get rid of this thought. Because we can help children grow up to remember the right way to coordinate. When choosing clothes that match the body shape, the child will grow taller in the eyes of the opposite person.

Limit prolonged stress

  • Children’s anxiety and sadness will cause insomnia, children don’t eat well … this will affect the process of increasing the height of children.
  • Psychological and mental factors greatly affect pituitary function, it can reduce the ability to produce growth hormone if you are often stressed and tired for a long time. Not only that, this phenomenon also leads to lack of sleep, causing the hormone system in the body to be unbalanced and fully developed.
  • Want to increase height and maintain good health, try to create a comfortable mind in the ways you like such as: Listening to music, practicing yoga, studying a favorite subject, reading books…

It is extremely difficult to increase height after the age of 20, the application of methods to increase height such as diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle… partly contributes to a healthy body and maintains bone density. suitable for the body to limit dwarfing. Besides, choosing the right clothes, avoiding stress and keeping your mind at ease also helps you to be more confident, helping you to look taller after the age of 20.

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