Top 12 ways to increase height at 15

How to increase height at the age of 15 gives the best results? To improve height quickly and effectively in this period, what should be noted? Let’s learn about methods to increase height at the age of 15 through the following article of

Applying the following ways to increase height at 15 gives the best results, you will quickly improve your limited height and be more confident in life.

Provides complete nutrition

Nutrition greatly affects the growth process of height. This is even considered the biggest factor affecting a person’s height, accounting for 32%. Therefore, if you want to increase height quickly at the age of 15 , you need to pay attention to supplementing with enough nutrients. In particular, during puberty (from 10-18 years old), if you maintain a scientific and varied diet , combined with a healthy lifestyle, your height will get outstanding growth. reaching 8-12cm/year (in 1-2 years).

The role of nutrition with height

In order to increase height quickly, the body needs to provide enough materials for the process of bone formation to take place smoothly. These materials include: Calcium , Collagen type II, Phosphorus, Magnesium… these are the main components of bones. Without even 1 of these nutrients, bones cannot grow, meaning height will not increase.

Daily meals are the most important and effective source of materials to promote bone formation. If regularly eating is not guaranteed, lack of nutrients, health cannot be guaranteed because the body lacks nutrition and energy, the process of height development is also hindered. Therefore, to have a good height and the best physical foundation, you need to pay attention to eating enough and at the right time, with a variety of foods in each meal to have adequate nutrition, promote maximum height and growth. multi.

What should eat to increase height effectively?

To increase height effectively, you 15 years old should choose the following foods:

Crab : Crab is considered one of the most nutritious and delicious seafood. Because of that, the price of crabs is always quite high. In crabs contain many vitamins, iron, phosphorus, protein, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 … help bones grow quickly, height growth is good.

Shrimp : Shrimp provides the body with a lot of protein and calcium, which is good for health and height growth at the age of 15. You can use shrimp to process dishes: boiled, steamed, cooked soup, salad, soup …

Milk : Milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese all contain a lot of calcium, protein, vitamins A , B, D, E… good for health and height. This is a general food that helps to effectively supplement nutrition and improve height quickly.

Chicken : Chicken contains a lot of protein but low in fat, is considered a healthy food, good for height and health. Every day, you can add about 100g of chicken to your meals to help your height grow more smoothly.

Spinach : In spinach contains many vitamins, iron, fiber , calcium… These are all nutrients that support effective height growth. You can use this vegetable to cook soup, stir-fry, make mannequin all very delicious.

What should eat to increase height effectively?

Exercise regularly

Movement directly affects the physical foundation, endurance, strength and flexibility of bones and joints as well as height development. The choice of exercise, the time of movement each day can determine up to 20% of our height growth.

When participating in appropriate movement exercises, the skeletal system will be stimulated effectively, the mineralization process and the modeling of bones and joints will take place better. In addition, exercise also increases the accumulation of minerals in the bones. As a result, strong bones will be less susceptible to damage if an accident or collision occurs.

After exercise, the pituitary gland will also be stimulated effectively, secreting a larger amount of growth hormone than usual. In addition, people who exercise regularly will have more flexibility, sensitivity, and quick reflexes than those who are sedentary. This is also an outstanding advantage of movement in practical life. To help your height grow better, especially during puberty from 10-18 years old, you should increase exercise every day.

Sports to increase height effectively

Although exercise helps increase height effectively, not all sports help height growth well. If you want to increase height quickly, you should prioritize the following subjects:

Swimming : When swimming, most of the organs in the body have to be active, struggling or moving underwater will reduce the impact of weight on the spine, help the vertebrae expand better, open wide shoulders, chest and improve height significantly.

Badminton : Badminton requires hands and feet to move continuously, the practitioner also has to jump often to catch and hit the shuttlecock. This will stimulate the muscles and joints effectively, thereby improving the height better.

Basketball : Most basketball players have a great height of about 1m80. Regular practice of this subject is one of the factors that help them develop better height than the average person. When playing basketball, we have to jump, fight, throw the ball into the basket to stimulate muscle and bone development better, help height grow quickly.

Cycling : Cycling every day is also a very good suggestion if you are looking to increase your height quickly. An important tip is to adjust the saddle higher than your foot length, forcing your body to reach out to touch the pedals. This will contribute to stimulating the leg bones to grow faster, helping to increase height faster.

Single bar: Swinging bar is simple but very useful for the purpose of increasing height. Every time you hang a person swinging on the bar, the spine will be stretched, the vertebrae expand, no longer under the pressure of the body weight. You can combine swinging with barbells and wearing weights to achieve a better height increase effect.

Some exercises to increase height

Besides the sports that require physical strength and skills above, to be more gentle, you can choose the following simple height increasing exercises:

Shoulder Stand Exercise:

This is a technique in yoga that can overcome the hunchback caused by sitting or standing in the wrong position, thereby helping us to look taller and more charismatic.

How to exercise:

Lie on your back on the floor, legs closed, arms placed along the body, palms facing down.

Keeping your back, head, and neck on the mat, raise your legs to a 90-degree angle to the floor, toes pointed toward your head, knees straight, shoulders relaxed.

Continue to raise your legs, hips off the floor, legs bent over your forehead, hands on your waist.

Continue lifting your torso up until your legs are straight toward the ceiling, your chin is toward your chest, and your hands are supporting your waist.

Hold the pose for about 15-20 seconds, then slowly release your body. Repeat this pose 3-5 times/practice.

Cobra exercises:

This exercise helps the spine to be flexible, stronger, and stimulates blood circulation effectively. Besides, when the spine is stretched, it is also a solution to help the height grow smoothly.

How to exercise:

Lie face down on the floor, hands placed next to the chest, palms facing down.

Inhale deeply, use your arms to lift yourself off the floor, arch your back, lift your chest, and tilt your head back slightly, eyes looking straight up at the ceiling.

Hold the pose for about 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat the pose 3-5 times/practice session.

Bridge Pose Exercise:

This exercise affects the pelvis and spine, helps relieve stress and fatigue, and also supports effective height development.


Lie on your back, knees bent, feet hip-width apart. 2 arms along the body, palms facing down.

Push your feet into the floor to lift your hips, then your back off the floor, as high as you can. Keep your feet just below the knees.

Hold the position, for 5-15 seconds, then release. Repeat 3-5 times/exercise.

Some exercises to increase height

Often go to bed early

Many 15-year-olds have the habit of staying up late to study, work or entertain without realizing the serious consequences that this has on health. This is also one of the factors that slow growth.

During sleep, the anterior pituitary gland secretes a hormone that stimulates the body’s growth, also known as growth hormone. The more this hormone secretes, the better the height will grow.

Although it is secreted continuously all day, in the time frame from 11 pm to 1 am is the time when the pituitary gland produces the most growth hormone. However, only when we sleep deeply can we reach the maximum hormone levels. During the day, growth hormone is secreted in very small amounts. Therefore, if you want to grow taller quickly, you need to go to bed early, sleep before 10pm because it takes more than 1 hour for the body to begin to sleep deeply.

Required sleep time for each age

At each certain age, the amount of sleep will be different. The younger you are, the more time you need to sleep:

  • Children 0-3 months: 14-17 hours
  • Children 4-11 months: 12-15 hours
  • Children 1-2 years old: 11-14 hours
  • Children 3-5 years old: 10-13 hours
  • Children 6-13 years old: 9-11 hours
  • Children 14-17 years old: 8-10 hours
  • People aged 18-25 years: 7-9 hours
  • People from 26-64 years old: 7-9 hours
  • People over 65 years old: 7-8 hours

At the age of 15, every day, you need to sleep at least 8 hours a day to ensure health and support maximum height growth.

Tips to improve sleep

To get a good and deep sleep, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

The bedroom is airy and quiet: A secretive bedroom with a lot of noise can make it difficult for us to sleep and wake up easily. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the arrangement of the bedroom, which is airy, with less natural noise, and the bed is comfortable and smooth to ensure a better and deeper sleep.

Do not eat too full at dinner: Eating too full makes the stomach in an uncomfortable state, the stomach has to work hard to digest food. Eating a lot also disrupts the biological clock because food will stimulate causes the body to release more sleep-regulating hormones that cause sleep problems. Therefore, at dinner, do not eat too much.

Low pillow : too high a pillow will put pressure on the cervical vertebrae and shoulder area, the neck is stretched, causing pain and even neck strain. Therefore, for better sleep and favorable height growth, you should use a low pillow or no pillow when sleeping to make your neck more comfortable.

Sleeping upright : Sleeping position greatly affects height growth. When you sleep, you should lie flat so that your body is relaxed and comfortable. In addition, the bones will also grow better in the supine position and straighten the limbs.

Tips to improve sleep

Exposure to the sun

The fresh, open air outside will also be better for your health than confining yourself to 4 walls and using air conditioning. In addition, sunlight is also an effective source of vitamin D for the body through the mechanism of stimulating vitamin D synthesis when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D plays an important role in the health and growth of height, stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the intestines, makes bones stronger. If we lack vitamin D, even though we add a lot of calcium, the body still has a case of calcium deficiency.

The suitable time to sunbathe is before 9am and after 4pm. Absolutely do not sunbathe in the time frame from 10am – 2pm because this is the time when the intensity of UV rays in the sun is the strongest, causing sunburn, skin burning and adverse health effects.

Limit eating too sweet

Eating too many sweets causes the body to produce a hormone that inhibits bone growth, thereby hindering height. On the other hand, the process of metabolizing and consuming sugar also causes the body to consume a large amount of minerals including: Zinc, sodium, calcium… If you regularly eat sweets, your body will be severely deficient in calcium. so that it cannot grow to its maximum. Therefore, you need to minimize the amount of sweets you eat every day.

Body weight control

Uncontrolled eating habits make many 15-year-olds fall into obesity and overweight. This not only causes loss of self-confidence but is also one of the reasons hindering the growth of height.

The reason is because obese people often have difficulty in exercising, get tired easily, thereby forming a habit of inactivity. At this time, height is also more difficult to grow. In addition, the bones of obese people, although large, are weaker than those of normal people, very easily broken. The fact that it has to carry a large body weight also increases the risk of injury in the event of a collision or accident. Therefore, for good height growth, healthy bones and joints, you should control your weight within the standard threshold according to BMI .

Nutritious breakfast

To be able to improve height effectively, it is very important to supplement the necessary nutrients in breakfast because breakfast not only helps provide energy for the body to function after a long night but also contribute to providing the necessary nutrients for the growth of the body. So, remember to eat breakfast full of nutrients such as calcium, protein, collagen type 2, vitamin d … to be able to support the body to increase height.

Limit eating too salty

Eating salty or light depends on the taste of each person. However, you need to know that if you eat too much salt, it will increase the excretion of minerals through the urinary tract, especially calcium. The more salt you eat, the greater the amount of calcium excreted. Therefore, to increase height quickly, you need to change your habit of eating too salty.

Limit eating too salty

Choose the right outfit

The way to choose clothes also helps us “cheat” our height effectively. Items: High-waisted pants, skirts, concealed tops, rolled-up pants, flared jeans, pointed shoes, high heels… are all divine items that help lengthen legs and increase height effectively. Therefore, add to your wardrobe with costumes that have the ability to effectively hack your figure to always be more confident when going out.

Limit prolonged stress

Puberty is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Psychological changes make us more sensitive to everything, know how to vibrate with the person we like or have a clear reaction to stories and events in life. However, you should learn how to effectively control your emotions, not letting yourself fall into a state of imbalance, stress or form negative thoughts.

Besides, stress is also a factor that hinders height. This makes us fall into a state of fatigue, insomnia, difficulty sleeping, inactivity, anorexia… thereby slowing growth in height. You need to arrange work, study, family, love in a reasonable way, take time for yourself to relax to get comfortable, and at the same time create favorable conditions for maximum growth. .

Improve body posture

To support the fastest and most effective height growth, you also need to pay attention to improve your body posture, avoid standing and stooping to help your body avoid diseases related to scoliosis. life, thereby helping to promote the fastest and most effective height growth. The improvement of body posture at an early age, especially during puberty.

Limit eating before sleeping

Sleep is very important to increase height, so you need to pay attention to avoid eating too close to bedtime so as not to disrupt the body’s production of growth hormone while sleeping. This is because if you eat too close to bedtime, your stomach will have to work to digest the food, which makes your sleep restless. So, if you are hungry, you should only have a snack 1-2 hours before going to bed.

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