Does Weight Lifting make you grow taller?

Weight lifting has been found to boost the density of bone minerals, increase hormone production, increase muscle and improve posture

But, will lifting weights increase your height?

Weight lifting will not boost your height, as your height is affected by genetics. But lifting weights, along with other factors, can have a positive effects on your height, particularly during the adolescent years and later as you get older.

When you work out with heavy weights you boost the production of hormones and bone density. Both could help you build up muscles, possibly improve your posture, and also help to build and maintain stronger, denser and healthier bones.

Does lifting weights make you grow taller?

There is no research to demonstrate that lifting weights can increase your height since the majority of heights are determined according to your genetics.

Apart from the genetics of your family, nutrition, sleep and hormone production are also key elements that affect the normal growth of muscles and bones in the adolescent years, childhood, and later in adulthood.

Training can help increase your bone density as well as improve your posture and aid in avoiding some of the negative consequences of aging. This will help you to maintain or surpass your height limitations according to the genetics of your profile.


Factors that Influence Your Height

There is scant research that has shown that you can alter your height with exercise These factors influence height to some degree.

Your height, which is much of it determined by genetics, may be adversely affected by poor diet, sleep and posture. All of these when taken care of, particularly in the adolescent and early adulthood, can allow you to reach your maximum genetic potential.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the elements that affect your height and height potential


Genetics is the most important factor in the amount of height you have which makes altering your height with weights (or doing any other activity) impossible.

Certain factors, like the knees below, could affect your potential for growth (to reach your personal genetic potential) and the most significant period being teenage years and young adulthood (early 20s).


Nutrition is an essential element of optimal growth, and it being crucial to children during their developing years.

A balanced diet that provides adequate calories, vitamins proteins, minerals and calcium are essential for ensuring optimal growth throughout the adolescent years and into the early years of adulthood.


Sleep is among the main growth factors for children as well as adults.

When we sleep, our body makes hormones and repairs the body to relieve stress it experiences.

In addition, throughout adolescence and the early years of adulthood, hormone production is heavily dependent on sleeping, which makes sleep crucial to the development of bone and tissue.

Hormone Production

The most important hormones that are involved in bone and development are the Human growth hormone (HGH) and homones from sex (testosterone or estrogetn) and thyroid hormones.

All of them performed at optimum levels can trigger the growth of bone and the development of tissue (muscle as well as connective tissue) mostly during puberty as well as young adulthood.

Lifting weights and exercising can assist in keeping HGH as well as testosterone levels high throughout the life of young to middle-aged adult, if proper nutrition and rest are provided by the body.


The lifting of weights can aid in standing higher.

Doing corrective exercises and the practice of flexibility helps to improve the mobility.

For instance tight chest muscles, or poor posture during work can result in shoulders being rolled forward , and an unbalanced upper back.

In the same way, tight hips may cause your pelvis to be pulled in an anterior tilt which could cause lower back discomfort and inability to fully extend your hips.

Two examples of how inflexibility and posture could hinder your ability to fully realize your potential for height.

Bone Density

Numerous studies throughout the years have shown that aerobic and resistance training exercises can improve bone density and slow the loss of bone caused by the aging process.

A few studies have shown that weight training in the traditional sense could have a stronger impact upon bone strength as compared to exercising aerobically and weight lifting is an ideal form of exercise to boost bone growth and slow down the process of the loss of bone and muscle caused by aging as well as keep your body active as you grow older.

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How to stand taller by lifting weights

If you’re trying to increase your height by growing bone density, muscle development and posture, you should be sure that you include the use of posture exercises, compound exercises and stretching exercises in your training program.

Exercises that compound like back squats overhead presses and deadlifts can all boost spinal load, which can assist in increasing the density of bones and increase their growth. Furthermore, these exercises are often closely associated with more intense types of lifting that may increase muscle growth and hormone changes.

Techniques for improving posture can recover your body after hard training and help address typical posture problems that are common in modern day work and contexts. Make sure you take care of posture and joint issues of the lower back, hips the upper spine shoulders, neck, and upper back all of which can help you remain in good shape, train rigorously and make you stand taller.

Also, taking care to improve and/or maintain our flexibility will further enhance your posture and improve your performance as well as ensuring you are pain free.

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Final Thoughts

Your height is almost completely predetermined through your genetics However, there are a few aspects that could aid you in reaching your potential in height.

Be sure to lead an active lifestyle , which includes the exercise of weight (spinal loading) can aid in increasing bone density, boost hormone output and boost the growth of your muscles.

Also keeping healthy and sleeping enough can help you to maximize your potential.

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