Vegetables that help children from 3 to 10 years old increase their height naturally

In vegetables there is a certain amount of calcium to support the baby’s height development in a dark way during the golden growth period. If the mother knows how to invest in nutrition for her child, the height of the baby will be significantly improved.
Before starting to improve your baby’s meals, you need to know more about the stages of your baby’s height growth. There are 3 stages of body growth in height: Fetal phase: In 9 months of pregnancy, if the mother is eating enough, the fetus will increase from 4-5 kg ​​and 50 cm long at birth. From birth to 3 years old.

In the first 3 months of life, the baby’s height increases by 3-4 cm/month, specifically:

From 3 to 6 months: 2.5 cm/month

From 6 to 9 months: 1.5 – 2cm/month

From 9 to 12 months: 1 – 1.5cm/month; In the first 12 months, the child grows by 25 cm and in the next 2 years each year, the child will increase by 8 – 10 cm if well nourished.

  • Thus, after 1 year, the child’s height will reach 75-78 cm. For boys, the average height is about 75.7 cm, and for girls, about 74 cm.

At the age of 3 – 10, children only grow from 6-7 cm/year. Therefore, to develop the optimal height for the baby, mothers need to focus on nutrition in these 3 important stages. And here are 5 types of calcium-rich vegetables that are very good for children to grow in height, remember to give them enough food such as:


Spinach provides calcium for babies more than 1 glass of milk, a cup of spinach provides up to 24.8 mg of calcium, making up 24.5% of calcium needed per day. In addition, like kale, spinach is rich in manganese, so it is essential for normal bone growth and general development. Just 1 bowl of spinach is enough to provide 84% of the daily need for manganese.

Sesame seeds:

Sesame seeds are very beneficial for the growth of children, one cup of sesame seeds contains about 351 mg of calcium. You can give your baby sesame tea, or sesame seed tea sprinkle a little more sesame on kale salad or make a sauce and serve with whole grain toast to make it easier for your baby to eat.

Cabbage vegetables:

Spinach has the effect of maintaining bone structure. Every day, the mother gives her baby 2 glasses of juice or 1 bowl of collard greens soup will provide about 452.2 mg of calcium, equivalent to 90% of the calcium needed per day.

In addition, collard greens are rich in vitamin B6 and folic acid, which have the ability to reduce levels of homocysteine, a non-protein acid that has been shown to damage bone structure in children. If your baby can’t drink collard greens, you can steam the vegetables and mix them with a sauce of honey, lemon, dill and less salt to make it easier for your baby to eat!


Kale contains a lot of calcium, a cup of kale smoothie can provide your baby with about 90 mg of calcium. A plate of kale salad can provide 315 mg of calcium for babies, more than 1 glass of milk. In addition, kale is also rich in vitamins, contains quite a lot of manganese and phosphorus, so they all play an important role in maintaining strong bones.

According to Supplementchoices shared: “Nutrition is an important factor determining the height development of children, so parents should balance a rich and scientific menu for their children. Besides, it should be kept away. sweet candies, carbonated water because it will lose calcium, making children grow taller.”

In order for children to have a standard height, they should use TPBVSK to help increase their height, containing ingredients Nano Calcium, Hydrolysed Collagen Type II, this is a duo of nutrients that help optimize calcium absorption into bones, thereby helping Children’s bones are strong, supporting maximum height development.

Besides, parents should encourage children to be active in sports by stimulating their children to bounce, stretch their legs, stand up or sit down… with seemingly simple movements that bring positive effects in their children. The stimulation of the child’s skeleton to be elastic, elastic and healthy.

Paying attention to your sleep is equally important, research shows that, when children fall into a deep sleep state, their body will secrete growth hormone 5 times more than during the day. During sleep, the child’s body is almost relaxed, which is very beneficial for the expansion of joints and bones, and at the same time, good height development.

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